Sunday, July 06, 2014

Chris Alexander and the Monstrous Cruelty of the Harper Regime

As I have mentioned before, the story of Chris Alexander reminds me in some ways of the Oscar Wilde story The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Where the portrait of the bright, boyishly handsome diplomat, morphs into something monstrous. 

After he sells his soul to the devil, or in his case Stephen Harper.

And sure enough, in the latest chapter of Chrissy's descent into darkness, the picture grows even uglier. 

The federal government will appeal a court decision overturning its cuts to refugee health-care funding, Immigration Minister Chris Alexander said today.

Alexander told reporters at a news conference the government "vigorously defends the interests of Canadian taxpayers" and said he wants to emphasize "genuine refugees."

Because after turning into a yapping Con pit bull, and accusing his opponents of being terrorists and/or communists.

To please his morally depraved master...

Who would debase all who work for him as much as he has debased himself.

The scummy little stooge is now appealing a court ruling ordering the Con regime to stop treating sick refugees in a "cruel and unusual manner."

Even though the need is so great, and in some cases life threatening.

Ayubi is a case in point. He can’t afford the insulin that keeps him alive. He can’t afford health insurance. He relies on a pharmaceutical company that provides free insulin to his clinic. But he has no way of knowing whether that will continue. He can’t afford drugs for hypertension, kidney problems and other issues. He can’t even get enough diabetes test strips to routinely check his blood sugar levels. He lives on a razor’s edge.

And even though as Justice Anne Mactavish wrote, children are at greatest risk.

The cutbacks “potentially jeopardize the health, and indeed the very lives, of these innocent and vulnerable children in a manner that shocks the conscience and outrages our standards of decency,” she ruled.

Still Alexander would dare appeal that judgment, and tell health care workers they can't treat them...

Which is just about as low as you can go. In fact, I can't think of anything lower eh?

And what makes all of this even more disgusting is the motive for those cutbacks. Which are mostly designed to reassure their rabid racist base that the Cons are tough on immigrants. Even as they bring in record numbers of them to hopefully vote for them, and flood the country with foreign workers.

Which tells me all I need to know about the moral corruption of Chris Alexander. And has others like Don Martin, wondering where has that bright young diplomat gone?

After winning a Conservative seat in 2011, he quickly garnered a reputation for abrasive partisanship. The rookie MP was rewarded with the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration job, duties he has embraced with a rabid disdain for all opposing his leader’s legislative will. 

And drawing the obvious conclusions:

Alexander is not alone as a wasted talent in a cabinet where leader loyalty displaces all other considerations for advancement. But the day will come when this quality individual will look back with regret at sacrificing his first-class reputation on the altar of PMO toadyism.

Which I believe should just about complete the monstrous portrait of Chris Alexander...

And seals that toady's shameful legacy.

He betrayed the values of this country.

He sold his soul to Stephen Harper.

And on the Day of Judgement, or the day of the next election.

He WILL go down with him...

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bcwaterboy said...

We know our country has sunk lower in the depths of the harper stranglehold when a minister has the power to determine who in this country gets health care and who doesn't. Refugee or not, when people are sick they need help and to refuse it, is criminal. Good reputation or not, I would hope Trudeau and Mulcair demand this dude's resignation immediately as this appeal cannot be allowed to proceed. What's next, refusing health care to people in prison? I'm sure the knuckle dragging base would love that.

the salamander said...

.. well said, Simon.. well said

In these dark days.. its always good to see a shining light like you ..

Sadly, I have heard that SaskBoy is in hospital.. very ill.. and I hope to hear he will recover
He has been a consistent clear Canadian voice for honesty, democracy & accountability

On a more positive note.. Emily Dee is back.. ! Another shining light Canadian ..

I believe that like Mound, yourself, Politics & Discontents, Northern Reflections
Steven Lautens, Galloping Beav, Laila, Alison, Trapped in a Whirlpool
Raif Maier, Thwap, Alexandra Morton, Franke James
and all the usual suspects, Emily is a Canadian exemplar.. and resonant voice..

Keep kicking at the darkness Simon .. its working ... !!! !!!!!

the salamanders have spoken ..

Anonymous said...

You do Canadians, a very good service Simon. This is very much appreciated. You are our bright light, in a very dark corner in our lives.

Canadians are living in very evil times and this is because of Harper, the fascist dictator and control freak. Harper has even destroyed books, just as another dictator did. Harper will likely rewrite the history of Canada. No doubt, about his own power and glory. Harper's cabal of henchmen are no better than he is, no self respect nor honor among the lot of them. I call Harper's henchmen, of Harper's Borg. They have all been assimilated by Harper and cowed by him.

However my chuckle is? Harper is now so paranoid, his security bill has doubled. Harper will have to watch his back, for the rest of his life. Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini were all dictators and paranoid control freaks, and in fear for their lives. We know how that turned out, for those certain dictators.

I am so sorry to hear about SaskBoy, his site is one of my favorites too. He too, is a wonderful true Canadian.

Simon said...

hi I said in my post, I can't imagine sinking any lower than denying people the health care they need. I am willing to give a little on other issues but I am completely inflexible on that one. And I should say so are a lot of doctors, and I am extremely proud of them for speaking up for those who have no voices.
Even the stodgy Canadian Medical Association has been excellent in that regard. Chris Alexander has shamed himself beyond repair in my book, and if he had any decency he should resign,,,

Simon said...

hi salamander...thanks for your encouraging comment. My little light is only a few watts but it does keep shining in the darkness. And with all the others out there, including your own, will hopefully expose the Cons for what they are, and help drive them from power. And yes I was very sorry to see that Saskboy was in hospital, but relieved that he seems to be doing better, because he is a very loved member of our Canadian blogging family. Emily Dee is another outstanding blogger, so it's great to see her back too. And all the others you mention have been my heroes for a long time. They maker me very proud to be a progressive and I look forward to the day when we are all celebrating the downfall of that filthy and totally un-Canadian Con regime...

Simon said...

hi anon... thanks for your kind comment. But as I told salamander I am just a tiny light in the darkness, and there are so many others better than me. But I am proud of my tiny candle, and when we all hold our candles up the Cons will be exposed to the lift of day, and I'm hoping that like cockroaches they will be driven back to the dark places they came from....

David said...

I wonder how many of those on the political right will Jesus put on his left?