Saturday, July 12, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Losing Battle for Quebec

Well as you know, and as I mentioned the other day, Stephen Harper has set out to try to woo the province of Quebec. 

Or at least the people in the relatively small region in and around Quebec City, where he is planning to hold a special cabinet meeting. 

The rare cabinet meeting to be held outside Ottawa, which is in preparation for early September, will allow Mr. Harper to promote the role of Conservative Fathers of Confederation in protecting the rights of the provinces when Canada was founded in 1867.

Because in the rest of the province his amatory advances wouldn't stand a chance...

But so deranged and desperate is Great Leader, that he has started comparing himself to George-Étienne Cartier.

And claiming credit for vanquishing the SEPARATISTS !!!!

“The gradual decline in Quebec separatist sentiment throughout the stewardship of our government – a government which has honoured Cartier’s principles – is something we should take pride in,” Mr. Harper told supporters in Calgary.

And to make matters worse, Paul Wells is once again encouraging Lord Harp's wild fantasies.

If the Parti Québécois had won a record-high vote in the spring election and the Bloc had moved from four seats in 2004 to 54 today, Harper would come in for his share of the blame. The opposite has happened; should he get no credit?

I kind of liked it the old way, when “strong federal leaders” were forever “standing up for Canada” in near-constant confrontations with Quebec premiers, both Péquiste and Liberal. Those were the days when a letter from Stéphane Dion to some PQ personality could brighten the entire press gallery’s day. Harper’s way is more boring. But there is all kinds of evidence that he’s robbed the separatist fire of oxygen.

Because let's be clear eh? While it's true that Harper managed to avoid a clash with Pauline Marois' ghastly PQ regime, it's only because she wasn't in power long enough.

And he has had absolutely NOTHING to do with the decline of the sovereignty movement.

It was brought down by self inflicted wounds, and generational change. 

By among other things the children of Bill 101, who being more confident about the Quebec Nation's chances of survival than their parents...

Don't need the separatist threat to protect them, and are more open to the world, including Canada.

And Marois was defeated because she refused to acknowledge that reality, and insisted on threatening Quebecers with another referendum. 

Even though the vast majority of them didn't want one... 

So Harper has nothing to brag about. Not only was he a mere onlooker to events beyond his control.

His grotesque right-wing policies have united Quebecers against him, while alienating more and more of them from what is going on in Con Canada, which to many of them might as well be another planet.

He has driven us apart on a psychological level, not brought us together. And the way he used Quebec's Fete Nationale recently for cheap partisan purposes, was both shabby and shameful. 

In engaging in such partisanship, the prime minister missed a good opportunity to deliver a more inclusive message and help shape a vision for the future in this province where political attitudes are becoming more fluid. By using the holiday for political gain, however, the prime minister showed a tin political ear. 

Despite the first Conservative government under Harper in 2006 having pushed through a resolution in Parliament recognizing “les Québécois” as a nation, Harper has failed to connect with Quebecers in a meaningful way. His party has lost much of the support it had in 2006, and Harper failed Tuesday to generate any new momentum.

So much for his chances of winning any new seats.

So much for Great Father of Confederation Leader. 

So much for the slayer of the separatist menace...

And the best news? Quebecers may be incredibly alienated from the federal political scene, but their hatred for Stephen Harper and his foul alien Con regime remains intact. 

And they will turn out in droves in the next election to support whoever they think has the best chance to defeat them.

Just like they did in the last election when they saw the Liberals were faltering, and they switched their votes from the Bloc Québécois to Jack Layton's NDP, in a desperate attempt to stop the Cons from winning another mandate.

Yup. Take it from me eh? Who understands the great French Nation in Canada, and loves it so much I even live with one of its members. Tabarnac !#@!!!

When the time comes. 

When the fate of the country hangs in the balance.

Quebecers will be there to help us save it...

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Anonymous said...

True and loyal Canadians in the RoC (excluding Quebec) will NEVER vote for another prime minister from the corrupt greedy anti-English anti-Canada separatist nation of Quebec!

PET, Mulroney, Chretien, Martin... all RC lawyers from Quebec.... enough is enough!!!

Harper didn't need the Quebec vote in the 2011 election and won his majority government in the RoC, and he will do the same in 2015... croyez-le!

In 2011 election, Conservatives got 39% of the vote, but if you back out the Quebec vote Harper won 47% of the vote in the RoC. Any Quebec MP is just icing on the Conservative cake.

e.a.f. said...

right wingers like harper and his herd don't do well in Quebec. It contributed to Marois defeat. She brought in a 1%er to join them as a "star" candidate. Yes, the thoughts of a referendum didn't help, but he was just not what Quebecers wanted. harper and his herd want to dismantle as much of our social system as possible. that isn't going to work in Quebec. He defended women's groups. that wasn't a good one in Quebec either. his treatment of Veterans isn't doing well in Quebec either. They have their own French speaking regiment. How are their vets treated? What Harper has done to all of Canada, has been worse for those in Quebec because they have always been a tad out front with social change. Harper isn't into that, he's about yesterday and things which didn't happen. It will be his undoing in Quebec. they may dump the NDP because they now see a chance for a change with trudeau. We shall see soon enough. Prior to Mulroney being elected, one Christmas eve, in the Cathederal, for Christmas eve services, it was noted he was seated "above the salt". Some noted it was the signal Quebec saw the change coming. Who knows perhaps they see it once again.

Anonymous said...

You got that right! Quebec sucks $8 Billion annually out of the ROC on equalization payments for the foreseeable future. If Hydro Quebec revenue was included in the flawed equalization formula, Quebec would not be a have-not province and would finally be contributing to the ROC.

However, if the equalization formula was changed to include Hydro Quebec, Quebec would instantly dump Canada and become an independent nation. $8 Billion annually is the price the ROC must pay to Quebec for the honour of keeping them in Canada!

Now, can you imagine another PM from Quebec, like Quebec supremacist Trudeau or Quebec corrupted lawyer Mulcair? They would suck even more Billion$$$ from the ROC into their cher Quebec nation. The Conservatives will play their "Quebec card" in their ROC attack ads pointing out that both Justin and Mulcair are garçons quebecois, and hopefully besotted Canadian women will not vote for their heartthrob Justin. If they do, the ROC gets screwed!

Anonymous said...

So what you are saying is that Canadians have a choice between cost-cutting, tax-saving Harper Conservatives and Quebec social activists who pig out on the $8 Billion equalization payments from the ROC! Or, socialist Quebec versus conservative ROC!

Scotian said...

Ah, here we have the anti-Quebec voices of Harper supporters bravely anonymously defaming Quebec and any political leader that comes from there. Making declarations for the ROC that they believe must be true because...oh yes, they have it on faith because there is no hard evidence offered up to support it because outside of the hard core CPC/Harper base no one believes this drivel.

Yes, Harper managed to put together a small majority government without Quebec, however he did so thanks to a level of support from Ontario he clearly is not going to be getting the next time out, so that argument falls flat on its face.

To dismiss Quebec as a factor as I see the defenders of Harper do here and elsewhere only underscore why this government and those who support it are inherently anti-Canadian, because it is having to deal with the presence of Quebec in our society since Confederation that was such a major reason we followed a path different than the USA, the community of communities approach instead of the melting pot approach. To be this contemptuous is bad enough, but for Harper to take such credit for the defeat of the nationalist movement despite doing nothing that can be pointed to to explain how he did it aside from being the PM at the time it collapsed from internal and generational issues is truly disgusting beyond words.

It is clear to this Bluenoser who has lived his life watching this movement because of the repercussions for his home if they ever succeeded that it was not Harper who "defeated" them, it was everyone that came before who actively fought them, showed why it was better to remain in Canada, and lasted long enough for major generational change to happen, namely that the nationalists were unable to seriously recruit new youth into its ranks on the order that it did at its birth, and the world changing so much that it became clear to younger people that founding a new nation was not necessary to protect the French language and culture anymore. If anything this happened DESPITE Harper's presence in the PMO, not because of it, but it is par for the course for him and those who still see him as some sort of political wunderkund (yes, I mean you Wells) to try and credit him for what he had little to nothing to do with.

This is yet another example of Harper/CPC empty spin in action, and watching these anonymous voices here make such nasty xenophobic comments with such candor only underscores the true nature of the CPC base.

It was the true Canadian spirit and federalism and those who believe in the Canada that Harper so hates and is doing his best to destroy that defeated the nationalist movement in Quebec. It really is that simple, and Harper deserves no credit for any of it because if anything his actions would have in an earlier time been a massive aid to the nationalist movement in giving them the example they so desperately needed to justify their vision. We are exceptionally lucky this did not happen and that the generational collapse from within happened as the movement became more radicalized/extreme in its vision of Quebec as opposed to the wider Quebecois electorate.

I give credit where it is due even to those I despise, but only when it is actually due, and it is clearly not in this case.

UU4077 said...

"Tax saving Harper Conservatives"? I call bullsh!t! As for "cost cutting" the Harper Conservatives are destroying Canada from the inside out. Most Canadians have no idea because the corporate media is not doing its job. For example, the CBC has been emasculated. (I do not mind paying my $29. per year for the CBC. Too bad it's not available over the air in southwestern Ontario anymore since broadcast transmissions went digital.) At universities, research grants have dried up, etc., etc.

Why are Canadians putting up with the politics of confrontation instead of the politics of compromise (as it used to be for decades before Harper)?

Anonymous said...

Hey, UU... what's this crap about "$29 per year for the CBC"?! That $29 is a per capita cost for every man, woman and child to give your beloved CBC their $1 Billion each and every year. So let's average out that Billion$$$ subsidy in a fairer manner:

Averaging out the Billion$$$ over the 7,500 CBC employees, that comes out to ~$133,000 subsidy per CBC job.

Averaging out the Billion$$$ over the small number of CBC users, that comes out to somewhere in the region of $1,500 subsidy per CBC user. How about you volunteering to contribute $1,500 annual fee for your beloved CBC instead of your generous $29 or 500% more to pay for what you use!

Hmmm... I suppose you prefer robbing every man, woman and child of $29 to keep your CBC leftist propaganda organ.

Anonymous said...

So you hate Harper so intensely that you would sell out the ROC to Quebec interests, like a quisling!

How about this logic.... Quebec can have another PM of all of Canada once they extricate themselves from their perpetual have-not economic status and start contributing positively to the Canadian economy.... instead of robbing taxpayers in the ROC of $8 Billion annually and then offering us Trudeau and Mulcair, both of whom if elected PM would suck the soul out of the Canadian Treasury and deposit it in Caisse Populaire and infrastructure projects in Quebec costing even more Billion$$$$.

You call yourself a "Bluenoser", but I call you a capitulating fishhead..!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Harper Haters©.... put this in yer bongs and toke it!

Your PM Trudeau legalizes marijuana and makes it available through convenience stores to collect taxes from potheads and hopefully eliminate the criminal element too.

Ask Justin this question now: "Justin, after you legalize marijuana so all Canadians can partake of the pleasure, would you encourage your children when grown up to use cannabis to zonk out, just like you did when an MP?"

I hope that Justin is not so naive as to assume that teens and preteens will not gain access to weed even though it might be only allowed by law for those over 18 or 21. The illegal pot trade will flourish amongst these youth and the police will ignore it because it's semi-legal now.

Hey, Justin... feed weed to your own kids....!!!!

Scotian said...

Anon 8:23 PM

Ah, and so you declare your bigotry for all to see. BTW, I call myself a Bluenoser because I am one, comes from being born here and living here, and as for being called a quisling, well considering the source and the ugliness being shown by you if anything I take it as a compliment of the highest order. Unlike you my Canada includes Quebec and the rights of Quebecois to run for office as much as any other resident of any other Province. Indeed, the greatest traitor to Canada ever to sit in the PMO came from Alberta, and he is there at this time. Him I opposed all along, so I have a clear conscience when it comes to my love and support of this nation.

Incidentally, I hate what Harper does, not the man himself, my problem with Harper comes to his actions and deeds, his naked dishonesty all along in what he would do once in office, especially as a majority PM, and the wholesale institutional destruction he has been committing to Canadian federal institutions since becoming PM. I oppose Harper on policy and substantive institutional respect concerns, not because of his personality or where he is from. You might try that sometime, it is a far more honest way to approach politics, but then it is clear from your words that honesty and integrity are at most empty word to you, else you would not have written such bilious garbage.

If any PM has sold out Canadian interests to the interests of a Province, it is arguably Harper who has done so. Even there his talent for destruction is turning out to be greater than anything else. So I love your sense of projection going on there, but you represent not the best side of Canada but the worst with your ugly hatred, bigotry and willingness to smear without hesitation anyone that you see as not being on your side. Congratulations, you have proven yourself to be an extremist of the same caliber as any other fanatic/terrorist in the world, and deserve as much respect and consideration.

Good bye.


Childish insults like capitulating fishhead really shows the mindset of your true nature, and I stopped finding that level of insult worth taking offence to before I left Elementary school many decades back. Just so lame of you, really.

Simon said...

hi anon....I don't know where you get those paranoid delusions from, or for that matter your hatred for Quebec, but both are equally disgusting. And in case you haven't noticed their is no government more corrupt than your hideous Cons, your Great Leader is wooing Quebec on his knees, and his days are numbered...

Simon said...

hi anon 8:17pm...your "facts" on the CBC are both wrong and absurd. The money the CBC receives isn't just for salaries, it's used to keep two television networks on the air with radio and television service to all parts of this very large country. And the CBC receives the second lowest public broadcasting subsidy in the developed world, only the Americans pay less than we do. And as for your hatred for the CBC it's just as crazy as well. If you want to be an American move there, and leave Canada and its institutions alone...

Simon said...

Hi Scotian...I don't know why I bother to answer any of those anti-Quebec bigots. If they can't see how much Quebec contributes to the whole notion of this country, they must be blind, and they will end up destroying Canada. My Canad includes Quebec and all the other provinces. Period....

Simon said...

hi anon...thanks for reciting your Con talking points on the marijuana issue. I had forgotten how backward and reactionary they are. For the record, reforming our laws would take the business out of the hands of criminals, provide the government with badly needed revenue, and help keep drugs out of the hands of children, better than the failed war on drugs has ever done before...

Noah Patterson said...

On the point of "So Harper has nothing to brag about. Not only was he a mere onlooker to events beyond his control" - This is pretty typical Harper behaviour, taking credit for the successes of others, trying to paint himself as responsible for good things he didn't do, while deflecting and denying is responsibility for things he did do but are failed, unpopular, or outright loathed.

He took credit for Canada weathering the recent recession better than most countries. That success was because of the former Liberal government and their strict impositions of regulations on the banks, regulations Harper fiercely wanted to remove. But then they worked, Canada didn't suffer as poorly, so he gets up there and says he's a great economist that saved Canada.

Harper is a bottom feeder and a parasite.

Anonymous said...

On, Simon.... why do you fall back on labeling posters just because they may disagree with you? Perhaps it's pro-potters who are backward and reactionary, and they know legalizing pot will fail miserably. Prefacing your position with labels only weakens your position.

You are deluding when you claim legalizing marijuana would "take the business out of the hands of criminals". What will happen is those who can legally buy it will peddle it to children for profit. The law will not keep pot out of the hands of children as you claim, and illegal marijuana will still be sold even at reduced prices. The police will ignore all pot use just like they ignore the sale of black market cigarettes smuggled in from the US by you know who.

The war on drugs has failed but if pot is legalized the failure will be even greater... even though the Liberal government will extract tax revenue from adult potheads addicted completely.

Anonymous said...

@ Scotian & Simon .... I have a great mistrust of Quebec because of their past separatist record and their hatred of the English language and culture. Quebec has separated itself from Canada linguistically and culturally, and the only reason they stay in Canada is the $8 Billion they get annually to fund their social programs. This is undeniable.

Both of you know that the Conservatives don't need the Quebec vote to form another majority government in 2015, and they will most certainly play their anti-Quebec card to ensure that true and loyal Canadians in the ROC do not vote quebecois Liberal or quebecois NDP... plain and simple.

Trudeau and Mulcair, both from Quebec, will suffer in the ROC once thinking Canadians realize they will be putting their economic and cultural welfare into the hands leaders from anti-English anti-Canada garçons quebecois. The ROC will separate itself from the nation of Quebec and then we will see how they squeal.

Anonymous said...

Simon... I didn't say the Billion$$$ subsidy was for CBC salaries; I said it averaged out to $133,000 per CBC job. This same job averaging was applied to the grants given to GM and Chrysler in the last global recession... the difference being that the subsidy was given only once, while the CBC subsidy is annually perpetual.

Based on very low market share, the CBC users are subsidized to about $1,500 annually, and that's something you can't deny. The CBC provides services of little to no value for most of the Canadian taxpayers, and you can't deny that too.

Anonymous said...

... and Trudeau is a Quebec French supremacist who now calls himself a "Son of Quebec" thus disavowing his Ottawa, Ontario, Canada birth...... and Mulcair is a Quebec corrupted lawyer who offered to join the Conservatives if Harper would guarantee him a cabinet position... but Harper was too principled to give in to this opportunistic slimeball so Mulcair joined the unprincipled NDP.

Better a bottom feeder and parasite than a couple of garçons quebecois who would rape the ROC just for the money.

Anonymous said...

I predict that in the 10/15 election, the Harper Conservatives will again win a majority government in the ROC, and pick up 10 Quebec MPs for icing sur le gateau. The NDP and Liberals will split the rest of the Quebec ridings, however the Trudeau Liberals will slightly surpass the Mulcair NDP for OOP status in the HoCs! Justin will emerge as the next Leader of the OOP, and will royally shit between the bedsheets standing up in QP and trying to act out and read his scripted questions concocted in the brains of Gerald Butts.

IOW... Justin Puppet... Butts Puppeteer ....LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh, Simon... it's les quebecois who are "bigots" trying to wipe out the last vestiges of English culture in Quebec. And Quebec contributes negatively to Canada, both culturally and economically.

It's les quebecois who threaten to destroy Canada either through separation or cultural genocide of the English. How can you be so blind to the reality of the danger of stupid people in the ROC stupidly electing another PM from Quebec in 10/15 ??!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Simon... ya old puff... ;)