Thursday, July 03, 2014

Rob Ford and the Magnificent Example of Joe Killoran

Well I knew the shirtless jogger Joe Killoran had won his confrontation with Rob Ford yesterday from the moment it was over.

Because after that, as you can see in the photo, not even a gallon of horse tranquilizer could keep Robbie from peering nervously over his shoulder.

No doubt trying to remember what Boss Harper had told him to do when confronted by an ordinary citizen angrily demanding answers. Apart from having them arrested, or in Ford's case jumping on them.

But it was all in vain, the internet was unanimous, Joe was the winner.

He's the shirtless hero Toronto needs right now. On Tuesday, a jogger in East York became something of a legend (at least online) after he stopped to shout at Rob Ford as the mayor took part in a Canada Day parade.

For demanding what every decent person in Toronto should be demanding:

“Answer the questions. People have a million questions about your lying, your corruption. You’re a corrupt, lying, racist homophobe. Answer the people’s questions!” Killoran yelled.

Because this isn't good enough. 

Mayor Rob Ford says he uttered racist and homophobic slurs because he suffers from the disease of alcoholism. And he still has no plans to talk to the police.

And this is BULLSHIT.

“When you have this disease, you say things, you do things, that aren’t you,” he told CBC. He added: “I think that goes along with having this disease.”

Alcohol doesn't make people bigots, it just reveals them for what they are.

Ford IS a racist, a homophobe, and a LIAR...

And Joe Killoran, the teacher, was acting for the most noble of motives.

Mr. Killoran said he felt Mr. Ford has devalued politics and public debate in a way that ran counter to what he teaches his charges. “Students are getting the idea that politics is just another reality show. I like, when my students learn about politics, I like to watch them develop various views.

“He [Mr. Ford] has degraded that. It’s just anti-intellectual sloganeering, clich├ęs, lies, it’s just like another reality show. That’s the greatest harm he’s done.”

Because that's the best part about his confrontation with Ford. It wasn't just a special moment in the life of this city.

It was also such a good example...

Because Canadians are such a polite or passive people, or just shy like I am.

So it's really good to see one of us dare to shout out truth to power. And challenge us to do the same.

Which gave me an idea eh?

Since Stephen Harper has degraded Canada to the same degree Rob Ford has degraded Toronto.

Do you think Killoran could also show us how to deal with our OTHER problem?

Yup. Joe is my hero.

The people are aroused.

And those ghastly Cons have got it coming...

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  1. maybe joe k and marge delahunty can run after the chickens and get them clucking.

  2. This is Sparta! (then kicks Ford down the well)

  3. Maybe Joe could come to BC and give Christy Clark a once over as well, so far she's gotten away with the never ending cliches, slogans and anti-intellectual everything.

    1. As a BCer too, all I can say is our own voters should have been smart enough to turf her ass..apparently, they aren't...and whether we like it or not, Rob Ford's supporters are the same knuckle- draggers who elected him last time..what few bother to show up and vote never seem to be the one's who do any sort of critical thinking...

  4. hi deb...Judging by the war Ford reacted when he was visited by Marg Delahunty, if the two of them came after him he would either shit his pants, or have a cardiac arrest...

  5. hi Steve...yes there have been quite a few people on the internet who have been describing Killoran's encounter with Ford as a Sparta moment. I think he reflects the anger out there, and it doesn't look good for the Fordzilla....

  6. hi bcwaterboy...I'm sorry you can't have Joe, he's got too much work to do here. But hopefully he will inspire Canadians all over the country not to be so passive, and Christy Clark certainly deserves similar treatment...

  7. hi mizdarlin....I think what happened in Alberta could very well happen in Toronto. Many in the Ford Nation might decide to stay at home. But you're right, the most important thing progressives must do is get out the vote. For if we do we will win, and if we don't we could still lose...

  8. Noah Patterson8:34 PM

    Killoran is asking Ford what all Canadians should be asking their government. It's not just about Ford, it's about any ruling power, and such power should always be questioned and kept on their toes. We should all be collectively asking Harper the same questions, and as loudly and aggressively.

  9. I wonder if Ford and Harper plan to go fishing (again) this summer. 8-)

    Justin Trudeau calls Stephen Harper ‘Rob Ford’s fishing buddy’ during exchange in Commons
    Canadian Press | November 19, 2013