Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Rob Ford's Hideous and Hollow Apology

It was of course a monstrous sight. Rob Ford telling the world, and I mean the world, I'm so sorry I've acted like a brutish bully, and I'm even more sorry I hurt myself. 

"When I look back on some of the things I have said and some of the things I did when I was using, I am ashamed, embarrassed and humiliated," Ford told reporters at an invitation-only news conference Monday, when he returned to city hall after a two-month absence.

Rehab was HELL. 

But I'm cured now and I STILL want to cling to power !!!! 

Near the end of his remarks, Ford talked about his resolve to win back the trust of Torontonians and to continue his work at city hall.

"I look forward to serving you for many, many more years," said Ford, also defending his record over the past four years.

Only to walk slowly out of the room without taking questions from the few reporters he had allowed to witness that pathetic scripted performance.

Even though there are so many questions he STILL hasn't answered. 

In March, you were caught on tape saying: “I’m the most racist guy around. I’m the mayor of Toronto.” Do you think it is acceptable for Toronto to have a racist mayor?

Like does he REALLY believe that one of the most diverse cities on earth should have a racist mayor? 

Why does he treat women like dirt? And why is he such a disgusting anti-gay bigot? 

You were caught on a different tape saying you had stopped supporting Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak because he supported “all the gays.” In the first video that appears to show you smoking crack cocaine, you refer to Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau as a “f-g.” Do you have a problem with gay people?

Does this look like HIS city?

Do people become bigots when they get looped, or do they just reveal who they really are?

And does THIS city deserve him?

And of course the answer is NO. That city is too big and too good for him.

But the depressing part is that because so many Canadians hate Toronto, Rob Ford has so many enablers all over the country. 

You can see it in that chart. You can read it the comments of every Canadian newspaper.

Because even though Toronto, like every other city in Canada, is part of our common heritage, putting our accomplishments down, or hating each other, is so tragically Canadian.

And that even though Rob Ford isn't just shaming Toronto, he's degrading us ALL in the eyes of the world...

Because many people in other countries may never have heard of that other Con clown.

Ford's good buddy Stephen Harper....

Whose Con operatives helped orchestrate his hollow apology.

But they've all heard of Robbie and they're all laughing at us. They think that Canada is next best thing to Duck Dynasty, and that we're all as crass and as vulgar as him.

And Ford thinks HE'S been humiliated? Gimme a break.

But then that's why although I am a proud Montrealer, I'm going to help the people of this city clean up that national embarrassment, better than any fancy rehab could. 

And once and for all.

That crass bully bigot has run out of chances.

And that ghastly stain will be removed...

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  1. Harper, Ford and Hudak a crooked piece of time

  2. Read some excellent summaries of the "apology speech" on twitter and one so eloquently framed this waste of time as nothing more than a campaign speech, gravy train yada yada.... In the end it was really all about him and the wheels will fall off the wagon pretty quick. As I said yesterday, 2 months is pittance when a lifetime of entitlement driven bad behaviour is the culprit. Wonder if he'll face any charges for the company he kept or possession of an illegal substance. Wouldn't he be screaming if someone on the left were caught doing half the egregious nonsense he has. The only option he has is to resign and get out of our faces.

  3. Happy Canada Day everyone. I am proud my Canada includes so many patriots like Montreal Simon. We will end this neo con fascist rule in 2015, we are so blessed to be able to thinkaboot that as reality.

  4. He's every bit as much of a bully sober as he is drunk and stoned.

  5. Anonymous10:30 AM

    It makes my blood boil that he was given so much time on television! I could not listen to him after only a few minutes of hearing the dribble that came out of his mouth! When it comes to really important matters that the public needs to know, mainstream keeps us in the dark! It's a good thing we have social media!

  6. Noah Patterson10:34 AM

    You missed the other big humiliation and belittling bit of behaviour - Ford claiming that a mere two months in "rehab" have cured him and he's all better now - what an insult that is to people in legitimate rehab, not whatever vacation Ford was on, people that have been suffering for *years* to get clean, to become functional, to salvage their lives. Then there are the people that have been jailed for the drug use Ford has admitted to, and less, but Ford gets up there and pretends to apologise (no doubt he's sorry he was caught), standing there in all his wealth and protected privilege, trying to convince people he's "changed".

    That is the worst of the insults. Standing up there in his new suit dismissing the real plights of people in rehab, ignoring that because of his wealth and station he's not only a free man, but an unpunished free man, while people languish in jail for possession of a bag of weed.

    He hasn't changed, he should be in jail by the same laws he vowed to uphold when he became mayor, he took a privileged two month vacation to avoid answering questions and now he wants people to vote him back as mayor, to play the redemption card. A city as fantastic as Toronto cannot possibly fall for this farce.

    I'm reminded of Alex DeLarge at the end of A Clockwork Orange - "I was cured all right...".

  7. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Harper campaigned very hard for Ford and Saulie Zajdel too. Harper's list of degenerates is as, long as a football field. If we remember at the time? It took Harper more than a few days, to comment on Ford and his sordid behavior. Harper and Ford are very much alike. Neither one of then should be permitted to stay in office. Harper and Ford are belligerent, stubborn, arrogant and both of them should be forced to resign, along with more of Harper's cabal.

  8. hi steve...yes Harper, Hudak and Ford, are the three Con stooges and a crooked piece of time. But the good news is, Hudak is down and out, Ford will soon follow him, and Harper is running out of time. So thanks for the good wishes and Happy Canada Day to you...

  9. hi bcwaterboy...yes it was all about him wasn't it? How much he had been humiliated, and not about all those he has attacked in the worst way possible.Bt then it is very possible that the police could eventually lay charges, and if they don't get him we will...

  10. hi lagatta...yes I tried to make that point in my post. People don't become bullies when they drink unless they already have something rotten within them. At least I don't. On the few occasions my friends have contrived to get me drunk, when Seb isn't around to give them hell, all booze makes me do is laugh even more than I usually do, sing songs which I admit isn't great, and then usually vomit... ;)

  11. hi anon. 10:30 am...yes it was outrageous that Ford was allowed to deliver what amounted to a campaign speech without answering any questions from the MSM. But at least now we have our social media to make sure he doesn't get off scot free. As I said in my post he has no idea how hard the next two months before the election are going to be...

  12. hi Noah...good point. Whatever Ford says, I don't believe he wads ever serious about rehab. The place he was staying at is so comfy it's practically a resort, and only the rich can afford it. And as you point out Ford is on record as saying he doesn't believe in "pampering" crack addicts, he thinks, or used to think, that they should all be in jail.
    Which only makes his little rehab speech even more pathetic and hypocritical. But as i said in my post at least now he's out in the open again, and we can remind people what a ghastly mayor and a horrible man he really is...

  13. hi anon 2:33 pm...to my knowledge I don't think Harper has ever come out and condemned Ford by name in public. But then as I mentioned in my post he has brought in some high-priced help to help orchestrate Ford's comeback.
    He needs to try to rehabilitate him at least in the eyes of some of the Ford Nation who have been forced to concede that their hero isn't quite as heroic as they were led to believe...

    1. Harper's Cons lost Ontario again, so Harper has got to be absolutely livid. He'll do whatever he can to keep Toronto and his politics and Ford's are identical.

      I expect a lot of dirty tricks orchestrated from "head office" in the Toronto mayoral election.