Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Hate Crimes and the Rainbow Cupcakes

Statistics Canada has released the latest figures on hate crimes in this country and the results are depressing.

Statistics Canada said hate crimes reported to police increased by 42 per cent, rising to more than four incidents a day from less than three a day in 2008.

Not just because they continue to rise, but also because although all hate crimes are hideous.

Some are more bloody than others.

In 2009, three-quarters (74%) of incidents motivated by sexual orientation involved a violent offence, usually assault. In comparison, 39% of racially motivated incidents and 21% of religiously motivated incidents were classified by police as violent in nature.15

Victims of incidents motivated by sexual orientation were more likely than other victims of hate crime to suffer physical injuries. In 2009, 63% of victims of violent hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation were injured compared to 39% of victims of racially motivated incidents and 23% of victims of religiously motivated incidents.

But get so little attention. One brief mention in that Globe story, and ONE comment in more than six HUNDRED.

And then there is this chart that points to another problem...

We're not doing enough to fight bigotry in our schools. And sadly in some religious schools homophobia is still being encouraged.

Despite a ban on any rainbows at the St Joseph Catholic Secondary School anti-homophobia event June 3, the student organizers found a creative way to get their message across: hiding rainbows inside the cupcakes.

Oh boy. You've got to love those young bakers, but don't gay kids deserve better?

And why in more than five years have the Harper Cons done NOTHING to fight homophobia? Answer: because Great Godly Leader voted against making it a hate crime to attack gay people.

And like so many members of his rabid religious base, he believes they CHOOSE to be gay. So presumably if they changed they wouldn't be attacked.

Yup. As I've always said, we need to fight this government. We need to do more to fight bigotry in this country.

Religious schools should be abolished, before they hurt more children.

And I'm still waiting to see a video on Canadian TV.

Like this one from Britain...

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