Thursday, June 09, 2011

Stephen Harper and Curse of Stanley

Oh dear. I see Stephen Harper jetted off with his entourage to Boston today, to try to revive the flagging fortunes of the Vancouver Canucks. Only to curse them further.

And stick us with the hefty gas bill.

Harper spokesperson Dimitri Soudas said the prime minister paid $1,000 for tickets to the game: $500 for himself, and $500 for his daughter.

However, Conservatives say it costs roughly $11,000 an hour to fly the government's Challenger jet.

Gawd. Who does he think he is eh? Prime Minister Nerd, an oil pimp from Alberta, or The Donald ?

How could he curse the Canucks by calling his cat Stanley?

Doesn't he know ANYTHING about hockey?

And what happened to these kittens ??????

Were they not cute enough? Or too DELICIOUS?

But has been a really horrible beginning to Great Ugly Cuddly Leader's Thousand Year majority. First Brigitte ruined his Throne Speech.

Then she ruined his kitty contest. Together with the onion ring.

Then she ruined his hockey game...

Golly. I know are lot of progressives are pretty gloomy about the next four years. And are wallowing in the pit of despair. But I'm not one of them.

I think resistance is fun....or LOL.....or Lulz.

Brigitte DePape has clearly inspired a lot of Canadians to find new ways of opposing the Harper regime.

The future looks promising...and entertaining.

And the pit of despair is just an illusion....


  1. I'm surprised he didn't call the cat: Majority

    "And friends I have to say it — a strong, stable, national Conservative majority government,"

    I haven't watched the Stanley Cup playoffs for decades
    It's not Canadian anymore
    I checked last week the Rosters
    The Bruins have more players from Canada than do the Canucks
    I appreciate this post Simon
    When I got my email today from the PMO that he would be in Boston at 8pm I wondered who was paying for his ticket

  2. You get e-mails from the PMO, Oemissions? What did you do to deserve that?

    I thought they should have named this newest kitten, Hostage.

  3. hi Oemissions...I'm not much of a hockey fan anymore either. The violence and thuggishness of our national game disgusts me.
    And the way this yahoo streak is being woven into our national fabric by people like Don Cherry and Stephen Harper makes me want to vomit....

  4. hi Beijing...yes I forgot to ask Oemissions about that? What is she hiding? And can I get on it too? ;)
    As for the poor kitten... as you know I'm a huge animal lover, so seeing the poor creature in the hands of such a cruel man, makes me want to adopt it myself...