Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rob Ford and the Gay Pride Parade

Well I see that Rob Ford has announced that he'd rather get drunk at his cottage, than march in the Pride Parade.

Rob Ford is skipping the pride parade to spend his Canada Day weekend at the cottage, ending a long tradition of participation by Toronto mayors in the popular event.

And I for one am delighted eh?

Because it is a long parade route, it can get brutally hot, and if he melted into a pool of grease, they'd have to get a sewer sucker to hoover him up.

And surely nobody is surprised by the message he is sending to the city's gay community.

Councillor Janet Davis said the mayor’s decision not to march is indicative of his feelings toward the gay community. “By not going to Pride I think he is sending a very clear message that they don’t count in Rob Ford’s city,” she said.

Because a homophobe is a homophobe.

Birds bigots of a feather flock together.

And a hog, is a hog, is a HAWG.

Gawd. What an idiot MONSTER. Why does he hate the people of Toronto soooo much? When can we remove him from office?

And why is that grotesque Fordzilla stirring up homophobia again?  Because all you have to do is read the comments in the Globe article  to see what I mean:

Hmmm, hang out at lake with family, have a beer, grill some steak and catch some fish.


Watch half-naked, oiled up men dance around in their underpants blowing whistles.....

Pass the beer Rob.

I wouldn't go either; someone might sneeze and spread AIDS

And if some gay person is beaten or murdered as a result, he'll have blood all over his trotters.

Oh well. At least the lesson couldn't be clearer eh?

Until progressives unite to defeat the common enemy, they'll get the government, the Prime Minister.

And the Pig Mayor they DESERVE...


  1. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Admit it, you are secretly in love with Rob Ford.

  2. Hi, Simon I'm actually glad he wont be there Mayor Buzzkill will only spoil the mood anyways

  3. hi could you reveal my darkest and deepest secret ??? !!!!
    I know he, I mean IT isn't good for you.
    But I do love BACON... ;)

  4. hi Kev... I still think Fordzilla is setting a really bad example, by not putting in an appearance. But I do have one reason I'm glad he's not going. And that is because I won't be there either. I'll be far far away. And it would kill me to think of him waddling down the road, and me and my supersoaker not being there to greet him... :)

  5. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Good riddance to the wife beating, racist, anti immigrant, anti poor, drunk, drug busted, born silver spoon in mouth Mayor. We don't need him at our celebration. We are technically celebrating our win for equal rights despite people like him and his supporters.

    I hope he has fun at the McMansion his Daddy bought for him in Huntsville. Maybe he and Mammoliti can go skinny dipping together, that's if Giorgio is capable of extracting himself from Rob's ample posterior.


  6. Your rant is full on anger and vitriol. So somebody doesn't want to come to your Pride parade and you get all butt-hurt. Photoshopping his head on a pig..very original. I know homosexuals who are offended by the parade and will not be attending what do you say to that?
    And let's be honest who downtown participating in the Pride parade voted for Rob Ford instead of Smitherman?? He would get booed of the float. Family firts always, I applaud him for doing what's right for his family and not bowing to the uppity and indignant left(you)

  7. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may attend city’s Pride parade following criticism

    I wonder, if he did attend, would he risk losing his homophobe supporters.

  8. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Yhank you Mr Ford for not attending the perverts pride parade, your family come first.

  9. Brado6:25 PM

    A trip to the cabin is always nice and summer is short in our neck of the woods.

  10. hi Tom...thanks for reminding me about Mammoliti, that shameless idiot homophobe. But please... the sight of him and the Fordzilla skinny dipping together is too horrible to contemplate. ;)
    And yes, I wonder how many people are aware that the champion of the masses is extremely rich, and apparently takes a day off each week to manage the family business.
    That's a Mayor of Toronto? Not in my book...

  11. hi Bruno...if you read the right-wing media you'll see that I am not alone in criticizing your hero Ford.

    If he marched with the Easter bunny, and Santa Claus, he could march in the Pride Parade, which celebrates diversity and brings millions of dollars into the city.
    Alternatively he could have attended some other Pride event, like the flag raising at City Hall.
    And then headed off to his cottage.
    When you are the Mayor of a city like Toronto, your job should come before your personal life...

  12. hi sassy...since then he has apparently dug in his heels. And now says he's definitely not going.
    But yes, I believe homophobia played a part in his election, so why should he not cuddle it to his ample busom?
    I don't think he is a visceral homophobe, but he is idiotic and he has absolutely no class...

  13. hi anonymous... the "pervert's parade"? Thanks for your ugly comment. Now go take a bath...

  14. hi Brado...I agree that summer is short, and it's nice he has a millionaire's cottage to go to. But as I told the others he could have made a token appearance at some other week-long Pride event and he didn't. So his actions reflect badly on him.

    P.S. Muskoka ain't Europe. I can make it from downtown to Huntsville in just over two hours, and he lives in Etobicoke so he's closer...

  15. Hey look!! I can cut and paste articles that support my argument too!!!

    Get over yourself. The days of homosexuality not being accepted in our city are over. Nobody else feels the need to scream about their sexuality. The pride parade is a sideshow. I bet if there was a heterosexual parade your head would explode.

    And if you think a job is more important then being with your family I pity you, you weren't raised right.

  16. Yet another fanatical, ultra-left-wing fascist blog supporting the infringement of a minority's will upon the rest of a supposedly democratic society!

    "Do as we want or we'll vilify you, remove you from office, prosecute you, whatever it takes to make the entire world like us!"

    Rob Ford has more integrity in his pinkie than a TON of you perverts could muster in a month! Oh, you'll get your way... don't you always? In a Godless world, that's SOP, isn't it? The freakier, more insane the idea, the better it flies!

    Have fun cavorting naked down public streets, perverts. Make sure you can be seen by the impressionable kids, too, maybe hand out leaflets advertising the benefits of being gay in a politically-correct society... having total control of and over public officials and law enforcement! Hopefully, it won't rain... or hail... >:)

  17. Rob Ford has more integrity in his pinkie

    That's rich Lied about DUI, Pot possession drunken tirade in front of children at a leafs game And lets not get me started on all his broken campaign promises.

    Count me as one hetero old white guy that would rather cavort with a "pervert" like Simon than spend one more day breathing the same air as a hateful prick like you

  18. "That's rich Lied about DUI, Pot possession drunken tirade in front of children at a leafs game And lets not get me started on all his broken campaign promises."

    Well, then, I guess we know where YOU and your gay buddy Simon stand, then, on the aforementioned comparison scale I provided. If Ford's THAT bad, you must be pure-dee evil!

    Yeah, I'm your worst nightmare, fag-lover. I'm one of the few honest folk with the guts to stand against the tyranny you're afraid of. We don't need people like you getting in the way, so go play with your fag buddies, this gay day, we'll do it without you.

  19. I love it when some moron actually makes my argument for me saves the wear and tear on my keyboard.

    By the way I'm surprised you can type and self flagellate at the same time Takes practice I guess

  20. hi Bruno...come on...I quote a respectable journalist like Marcus Gee and you reply by quoting the batty wingnut Barbara Kay?
    Bruno, nobody gives a shit about what Babs has to say about ANYTHING.
    But I digress, this isn't a debate about whether there should be a Pride Parade. This is a debate about whether a Mayor should act like a Mayor. And yes I believe that when you're an elected official your job comes before your family.
    I've also never seen anyone at the Pride Parade screaming about their sexuality. I've just seen a lot of gay and straight people having a good time.
    And BTW if you want to organize a Straight Pride Parade, I'd definitely be there to cheer you on as you march by... ;)

  21. hi know the only reason I published your disgusting bigoted comments is because I wanted to show other readers what kind of people we're up against.
    But I think by now they get the idea, so don't bother sending any more bigoted comments,because I'll just delete them.
    As I pointed out above this debate is not about the Pride Parade, it's about whether Ford is fit to be Mayor. And I'm sorry to say you're beloved Fordzilla is losing that battle judging by what I've been reading in the media.
    I mean even the National Post is calling him a jackass.
    Give the guy a cheeseburger, if he's not thrown out of office, he's a one-term Mayor...

  22. hi Kev...I was trying to be polite to Gideon, as I try to do to all commenters, even if I disagree with them.
    But yeah...I agree with you. Thanks. ;)
    BTW...wasn't Gideon the one who blew the trumpet in the Bible? OMG.Somebody warn the Fordzilla the walls are coming down...

  23. Well, Simon, I really don't give a shit whether you post this or not. You think you're going to win this war and it will seem that you have, for a time. Enjoy your minuscule victory, for now.

    It's a shot in the arm for me to see that post of the Empire State Building defiled in your filthy tartan, Simon. Can you believe that? Do! Because, just as your infidel forefathers raised up their own tower, thousands of years ago, in defiance of the God they rejected, this one, too, will fall, one day. This blatant phallus of evil and mocking will serve handily as your tombstone when Christ returns to settle up with you.

    Your days of undermining God and His government are fast closing. Just as every earthly empire inevitably succumbs to it's own immorality and vice, so shall this perverse one and it shall be the last. Man has always thought he can do it better than God... and, we still have the world we have, don't we, getting worse with every day that goes by.

    Your Nazi-type tactics of publicly vilifying individuals that don't agree with you, getting them fired, sued, etc, won't mean much when you stand before God's wrath. Political-correctness won't save you, then! You'll be naked before the One that knows all and is all-powerful. Time-serving, bribe-taking politicians and judges won't be there to help you, even if they could.

    So, go do your dance, like those that danced and celebrated in old Sodom. It will be the dance of death.

  24. Hi Simon I too try to be polite as much as possible but I have my limits and I guess I reached mine yesterday.

    I can't imagine how much crap of the kind the Gideon's of this world spout that you have to put up with.

    Anyways stay strong and have a great weekend

  25. hi're a wonderful voice of gentle reason, so I LOVE it when you get mad. ;)
    And I consider myself a very lucky person to have somebody as decent as you come to my defence.
    As for Gideon *sigh*
    Believe it or not he is a moderate compared to some of the people who send me comments. And are promptly deleted.
    I just hope Gideon can find the peace of mind, and the piece of mind he so clearly needs. And the Christianity he claims he believes in...

  26. Just Curious as to why "Gay Pride" as in the example of the Parade equals immorality and public displays of perversion??. Straight or Gay, it's a reprehensibly vulgar event that only furthers the depth of depravity in this world. Thankyou to all the supporters and activists of this parade for being a beacon of light and goodness for all the observing innocent children who will bear witness to your "Pride". It is highly commendable that you do not feel the need to sacrifice their pure impressionable souls to further your own manipulative self-seeking agendas. May God's loving grace be with you,..I think you may need it.

  27. hi obviously have never attended a gay pride parade in Canada, because they are certainly not the depraved spectacles you seem to think they are. Yes, it's true about four or five nudists do turn up each year in a crowd of about 500,000. And I deplore that. But 99.99999% of the people there, including many families with children, are just there to have a good time and never even see the naked ones.
    The only reason gay pride parades even exist is because of the bigotry expoused by people like you. And as I've told many others your version of Christianity is completely perverted, and you should stop judging others and leave that to your Lord. For if he exists I'm sure he will be easier on those who preach love than hatemongers like you...

  28. Hi Simon,
    Just curious, I really wanted to respond to your comment to me, when while I was typing, my whole post, which I had been typing for the past five minutes dissappeared? Are you able to screen and delete posts as people are typing?. I would really love the opportunity to respond.

  29. Looking around your webpage and thru past articles I think I see what is are Simon the homosexual not Simon the homosapien You are wearing your sexuality on your sleeve. It is what defines you as a person. Everyting is gay this and homophobe that and harper is the devil this. Which is probably the reason you get so uppity over any little perceived slight against the gay community. Why don't you try being tolerant and acceptable about other peoples choices? But hey, it's your party and I guess you'll cry if you want to.

  30. Gideon, did the Westboro Baptist Church turn down your application or something?

    Dude. You need to mellow out.

  31. hi it's not possible to delete comments until they are published. And I don't normally do that unless they are very hateful.
    However, I have noticed that a hidden hand seems to protect me, and He does work in mysterious ways. So go ahead and write your comment but just remember this:

    Luke 6:37

    “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.

  32. hi Bruno...actually you're wrong. Again. I am Simon the humble homosapien. And I don't wear my sexuality on my sleeve, I'm quite shy and a bit of a prude. ;)
    What I do try to do is speak for those who are oppressed, and those whose voices are sometimes drowned out by ignorance and hate.
    I also try to respect the views of those who disagree with me, but tolerance is a two-way street...