Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Exodus Quacks and the Hooray You're Gay Song

Holy Lady Gaga. Sometimes it's not easy to be gay eh? When the bigots aren't trying to kill you, the Christianist closet queens are trying to "cure" you.

Like the pathetic quacks at Exodus Global Alliance. (EGA)

In the United States their hugging fondling praying cousins at Exodus International recently had an app removed by Apple.

But in this country the eggy freaks at EGA are able to promote the same harmful nonsense, and suck up hoover up donations as a registered CHARITY !!!!!

But now finally, some are taking aim at that scam thanks to the excellent work of my awesome brother Mark at Slap Upside the Head.

So please sign his petition, because it's the best way to put those phonies out of business. And since Stephen Harper shares their views and believes that homosexuality is a choice, so can presumably be "cured," it won't be easy.

As for the "ex-gay" movement, as someone who came out at the age of thirteen and has been fighting bigots and bullies ever since. All I want to say to those self-haters is this:

Closet queens PUH......LEAZE.Get a grip on yourselves...uh...metaphorically speaking. And repeat after me:

Hooray you're gay

And gay is never going to go away.

Or better still, sing it with the Juliettes...

Yup. As I was saying. Sometimes it's not easy to be gay eh?

But most of the time it's FABULOUS....

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