Friday, June 10, 2011

The Con Hogs and the Road to Resistance

Well at least now nobody can deny what lying hogs they are.

So the G8 legacy for Baird and Clement is complete — pork barreling, deceit and promotions.

Toronto’s G20 legacy is still unfolding, but it will include heavy-handed police tactics, unnecessary detention of law-abiding citizens, a city under siege, vandalism, small businesses denied compensation, an international black eye and the back of the hand from the Harper government.

The contempt they have for Parliament. And the truth.

And nobody can avoid the question that demands an answer:

How could the officially anointed King of Pork, a man who rained this $50 million in goodies throughout his riding under a bogus premise, with no paper trail or rationale, be promoted and put in charge of cutting government waste?

At least now we know the threat we face in the next four years.

“This is a special responsibility for you, the grassroots of our party, to ensure that sure our government does not waiver and that we stay true to our conservative principles,” Mr. Kenney told the crowd at the Ottawa convention centre.

From those who would put the values of their Godzilla before the values of most Canadians. From those who would turn Canada into a JUNGLE...

“We don’t depend on the bloated bureaucracies of the nanny state; we thrive on our freedom and are upheld by the law,” he said.

“We don’t assume that history began in the Summer of Love; we honour a tradition reaching back to the Magna Carta.”

From those who have violated the laws of Parliament, raped our values, and would treat us like The Enemy.

“Our adversaries were focused on the obsessions of the chattering classes – like Taliban prisoners – rather than the practical bread-and-butter concerns of hard-working families.”

And most importantly, now at least we know what we must do if we want to STOP HARPER.

The thousands of positive comments shared online, the printing of “Stop Harper” buttons and stickers and lawn signs, and the many calls for further action convinced me that this is not merely a country of people dissatisfied with Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s vision for Canada.

It is a country of people burning with desire for change.

Media and politicians have argued that I tarnished the throne speech, a solemn Canadian tradition. I now believe more in another tradition — the tradition of ordinary people in this country fighting to create a more just and sustainable world, using peaceful direct action and civil disobedience.

And the road to RESISTANCE.

For this too we now know.

The Con hogs are preparing to steal our country.

And we must unite to STOP them...


  1. I nominate Brigette for a Greastest Canadian Award

  2. hi Oemissions...OK in that case I second the nomination. :)