Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Surviving in the Progressive Blogosphere

Oh no. I'm afraid my campaign to bring a non-partisan point of view to the progressive blogosphere has met with a bruising setback.

A sucker punch from Sister Sage.

Last, but certainly not least, Simon, I have always liked your blog, but I find myself at odds with you lately, like today. The passage below, I find particularly interesting.

But if they don’t see the errors of their ways, and keep on attacking the NDP instead of the Cons, I will have no choice.

Attacking the NDP instead of the Cons? Uh, excuse me, I don’t remember any protesting when the NDP starting putting out attack ads on Iggy and Iggy alone following the debates and basically leaving Stevie Spiteful alone, just as they had in previous election campaigns.

Because as far as I know I've always criticized BOTH sides. And who knew I was a friend of Stevie Spiteful. How frightful. 

And how about this low blow  from Volkov?

Another sign a merger will not happen? This rambling post by Montreal Simon is a good reason. Where's the co-operation everyone on that side has been talking about? All I see is arrogance and hubris.

Rambling ? Rambling? How rude. Or should I say how BLUNT. Gawd. I hate being called a partisan by other wildly partisan bloggers. WTF?

But of course I'm not surprised. At this point, almost a month into The Great Darkness, I suspect much of the progressive blogosphere, after wallowing in the pit of despair, has descended into a barely suppressed state of mutual loathing.

With both sides secretly cheering on their champions. In this corner CK in this corner Buckdog. 

And it's far safer to be a partisan, because then only ONE side wants to kill you. Instead of BOTH of them.   

But I just can't. It's not in my scientific nature. I reserve the right to criticize any progressive party. To speak truth to power the powerless.

Because at this point  I don't give a damn what anybody says. All I'm interested in is seeing the two sides merge into a new party. I believe that's the only way we will beat the Cons.

And how do I know this? Because I can count to THREE.

And Dr Strangelove told me...

Mr. Harper is doing the Liberals, NDP, and Greens a favour by cutting off their lolly. If he were as Machiavellian as his critics allege, he would keep the allowances in place, thus encouraging the centre-left parties to remain separate. Ending the allowances is in the long-term self-interest of these parties (or at least of their supporters), because it will drive them to co-operate in order to compete with the Conservative juggernaut.

Gawd. How galling. Having the Strangelove Machiavelli tell us that Great Machiavelli Leader isn't Machiavellian. But what if he's right about the LOLLY?

Oh well. The good news is that we've got four long years to find out eh? And fight each other. Before we lose the next election.

And in the meantime I've found something that we can ALL agree upon.

It's time to abolish the Turkey Senate.

Nobody might notice eh? Except Duffy's favourite BBQ chicken and ribs place, But since the turkey coop is now controlled by the Cons, killing it would at least give us SOMETHING to celebrate.

I can just see it now. Great Turkey Leader.

Breaking the sad news to his Con flock...

Yes it's true. Da truth will set us free. Reality will force us to unite.

Rabid partisanship will eventually prove tiresome.

And laughter will help us survive...

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  1. Disagreements are healthy. One big dysfunctional progressive family!

  2. The past month has been rather strange for we progressive non-partisans. But I have to hold out hope that this too shall pass and both Grit and NDP partisans will glumly realise that we are faced with successive ReformCon majorities if a merger doesn't happen.
    Folks will eventually do the math. Hang in there.

  3. Anonymous11:10 AM

    I am an immigrant and will be an eligible voter next year. I came to Canada a blank slate politically with an open mind to any party. (Except the Cons).

    I am disgusted with the Liberal Party. The NDP didn't baselessly attack Iggy with electoral ads, they put out his attendance record and the facts stood for themselves. The election is over and the Libs are still attacking. Get over it!

    I was the biggest cheerleader for a coalition and the Liberals will have none of it. I still am a coalition cheerleader but now with Layton heading it. Get on board Libs, you are off the tracks and not gaining any traction with anyone I know who is a true left progressive. Form a coalition, decide who the best candidate in every riding is, stop splitting the vote and hairs...and then squash the Cons!


  4. If you plan on going down the non-partisan road you're just gonna have to get used to the hyper-partisans automatically putting you in the same box that holds their political opposites - it's the small minded, George Bush, "you're either with us, or you're against" mentality that set of political has embraced.

  5. Anonymous5:37 PM

    For many reasons I don't agree with an NDP-Liberal merger, but I defend you and those who argue for it.

    The "progressive blogosphere" is far too self referencing IMO, preaching to the choir too often and getting lost in political minutiae.

    Maybe in four years I'll agree with you and maybe the Lib$ will too !

    But everyone who gives a shit about the future had better wake up and figure a way to awaken the electorate to matters that transcend political ideology and party spindrift.

  6. hi Michel...sure they are, and I don't mind being criticized. Just tell me what I did wrong, instead of firing in all directions, because I haven't a clue what that was all about. Maybe it was the Aislin cartoon. But I did try to be as gentle as possible, and I'm only trying to look at the Big Picture beyond the election. And only trying to explain the reality of Quebec as I see it. So please don't shoot the messenger... ;)

  7. hi John...yes you're right. I am a bit of impatient person. Ahem. But it just seems so obvious to me. if we are united we stand a better chance of winning than if we are united. I realize people are attached to their parties, but this is not a hockey game. And personally I think the creation of a new progressive party would be a good and exciting thing.
    But you're right. People will eventually do the math. And don't worry I may groan, but I'm not going anywhere. Except to the beach... ;)

  8. hi's amazing what fresh eyes can see. Sometimes I think a lot of Canadians who have lived here all their lives can't see further than the ends of their noses. And in a big country as big as this one that's a really bad thing.
    I too was very disappointed when the Liberals scuttled the coalition. But I'm hoping progressive Liberals, as opposed to the blue ones, can gain control of that party, and make it easier for a merger to take place.
    Because doing the same old same old when it clearly doesn't work is of course the definition of insanity.
    And yes you're right about that too. The Cons must be SQUASHED... :)

  9. hi stageleft...yes I know. *sigh*
    I don't mind passionate politics but some of shrieking and yelling in the blogosphere these days is really depressing. What are you supposed to do when you are attacked with a stream of consciousness rant that bears no relationship to anything you ever did? Doesn't deal with any of the facts you mentioned. And then to add insult to injury you have to endure this:

    Nothing wrong with debate. We probably should be having it. I just would prefer it to remain heavier on facts and less on blind partisanship.

    If we are ever to get out of the quagmire we're in we're going to have to take off our partisan blinkers, or we will be condemned to make the same mistakes over and over again. And that's not just dumb, it's PATHETIC...

  10. hi anonymous...look I'm not asking people to jump on the merger idea right away. it's way to soon and too many people are too hurt to think rationally.
    What I am asking for is that we suspend this infernal bickering, and seriously study the question. So that when we finally realize it makes sense, and I truly believe we will, we will at least have a solid foundation to build on. Because the only person who gains from what is happening now is Stephen Harper. And it's our patriotic duty to wipe that smile off his face... :)

  11. I still disagree with the merger. And look, Soudas is gone already. It's only a matter of time before the right breaks apart into far right and middle right.

  12. Simon, just keep being yourself and speaking your particular brand of truth to power and don't worry about the brainless gibberish of the Partisan Knobs.

    But I'll also echo stageleft's remark about the rocky non-partisan road: when it comes to critical thought, the Partisan Knob has only 2 settings -- with us/against us. If you go out of lockstep on any issue & can't pass the partisan politcal purity test, you're a PINO, a buddy of the harpercons etc, the dumbness goes on & on.

    That said, I find it pretty funny that most of the Lib-love that blossomed during the election campaign was borne of utter desperation: the LPC was perceived as the only party that could win. It was political opportunism of the highest order, which probably means they're with the right party after all. Ha!

    from Guy Dauncey/EcoNews/June 2011

  14. hi prin...a lot of my friends don't agree with a merger. And I understand that eh? The NDP is hoping they can become the new progressive natural government of Canada. And the Liberals are hoping for a miraculous revival.
    All I ask for is that progressives at least study the question, instead of blindly rejecting anything different. Or shouting it down. As I dreamy scientific mind won't accept anything else... ;)

  15. hi nice to hear from you, and thanks for the encouragement.
    And you know me...I'm not going to change a thing because I'm even more stubborn than they are. ;)
    But I'm going to stay out of the screamingsphere as much as I can. Too many progressives are still too upset and angry for any reasonable discussion. And after five years of blogging I can't take that anymore. It's just not worth the aggravation.
    And besides it's SUMMER !!!!
    BTW...I see you on twitter, but do you have any plans to resume project?
    Gosh I hope so... :)

  16. hi Oemissions ... and thanks Sassy.
    I think I'm going to have to bookmark that one for when I'm feeling too lazy to repeat the OBVIOUS.
    No matter what the opposition parties think at this point, sooner or later they will have to face the simple. When two parties fish in the same pond for money and votes, they won't have enough votes or enough money to beat the Cons.
    You know I can't even predict what I'm going to be doing tomorrow, but I've always wanted to be a prophet in my own time. ;)
    So I'm still clinging to the belief that even if pride comes before the fall, it's always darkest before the dawn...