Saturday, June 18, 2011

When the Con Party Animals Go Wild

Lardy. Bean me with a bacon bit...or a Vienna sausage. They don't call them Con hogs for nothing eh? But who knew they were such party animals?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's own department has repeatedly broken the government's tough rules for hospitality spending.

An internal report on how the Privy Council Office spent $340,000 on hospitality found widespread flouting of a basic rule — that is, public servants must get prior approval from a supervisor before spending the cash.

Oinky Boinky. I know having a majority means never having to say sorry. But is Stephen Harper running a government, or the prom he never had?

The Canadian Press later reported Harper had personally approved a $47,000 event for 600 employees in Privy Council Office.

And who does he think he is wasting the taxpayer's money so casually? Tony Clement ? You know...the Minister of Pork responsible for slashing government spending.

But of course, for sheer debauchery nothing could beat this Con party...

At the recent Tory convention, party members voted to support any religious organization’s right to refuse to perform same-sex marriages. Meanwhile, a group of gay Conservatives at the convention, held at the Ottawa Westin, hosted “The Fabulous Blue Tent,” a hospitality suite open to all.

The party went on until 3 a.m. Ministers in attendance included Kenney and John Baird. Among the Conservative MPs were Patrick Brown, Rick Dykstra and newly elected Toronto Tory Ted Opitz (who beat Liberal Borys Wrzesnewskyj by 26 votes in a recount). One Tory attendee quipped: “The Conservatives have made progress clearly by upgrading from a closet to a ‘fabulous blue tent.’ And if you keep throwing fabulous parties they have got to love you.”

Because having a party after voting to strip gays and lesbians of their right to marry, is about as hoggy as it gets.

And inviting the porker homophobe Jason Kenney,  is the opposite of FABULOUS.

Unless of course, La Kenney came in drag...

But sadly I can't confirm that, because my only other source is Dr Roy.

And he's a friend of Dorothy too, and a huge monarchist, so he's not telling.

And what more can you say eh?

Except who knew the Cons were such party animals?

And it's going to be a long four years...


  1. "Fabulous Blue Tent"?

    What goes on inside their miserable excuses for brains?

    "I have urges that are disgusting and which the merciful, all-loving God who is responsible for everything will condemn me to eternal torture for, and the political party of my choice wants to treat me like vile scum, but I'm also FABULOUS!!!"

  2. hi thwap...yes I know it really is PATHETIC. I don't understand those people, and why they have no self respect. I'm perfectly fine with a gay fiscal conservative...although they'll never be invited to one of my fabulous parties. ;)
    But having a party after the Con convention voted to discriminate against them, is outrageous. And inviting Jason Kenney is simply beyond belief....