Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Afghan Farce and Amnesty's Birthday Video

When I think about what Stephen Harper and his sinister thugs might have been up to in Afghanistan. And how we'll never know what really happened, because the Cons have shutdown the judge's panel.

The Conservative government decided to shut down a panel responsible for vetting documents on the handling and treatment of Afghan detainees, a newly released letter indicates.

The June 15 letter from two former Supreme Court judges on the panel says they were advised by the government after the recent election “that it is unlikely” the document review process would be renewed, even though they had examined only an “initial” cache of records.

So the great document search into torture turned out to be nothing but a FARCE.

When I think about how most Canadians probably don't give a damn because they tuned out the Afghan War a long time ago. And the how the words "Canada" and "human rights" don't go together anymore.

I say thank goodness for Amnesty International, which is celebrating its fiftieth birthday.

I've always admired the organization. I tattooed its logo on my arm when I was fifteen. I love the way it fights for the rights of political prisoners all over the world. And how it champions all kinds of other human rights causes that would otherwise receive little or no attention.

From the rights of Gypsies to be treated with respect and dignity.

To the rights of girls in Nicaragua to live free from sexual violence.

To the rights of LGBT people to LIVE. Period.

So needless to say, I just LOVE this birthday video...

Yup. Thanks to our ghastly Cons the words "Canada" and "human rights" don't go together anymore. But in my life they do.

The way I see it.... only by working for the freedom of others can you be truly free.

Happy Birthday Amnesty !!!

Here's to the next fifty years...

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