Friday, June 03, 2011

The Throne Speech and the Country I Love

Well I watched most of the Throne Speech today, and all I want to say is that Disneyland would be lucky to be able to stage a show like that one. At least there were no nasty surprises.

So it could have been worse.

I'll never trust Stephen Harper, but I'll judge the man on his actions not his words.

If we're going to have an Office of Religious Freedom, could we please have an office to protect us from religious fanatics?

And in that regard, did the new Speaker play a hanging judge in the first Pirates of the Caribbean?

And did Peter Van Loan play the village idiot?

Because I swear I've seen this movie before.

And of course I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Brigette...

Because that's the best protest EVAH. And just what we all needed to cheer us up.

As for me, I will also look for new ways to protest, and stand up for the things I believe in. Which includes the rights of children not to be bullied, the equality of women and gay people. The struggle against bigotry and racism. The rights of seniors and the poor to live in dignity and respect. And the survival of the planet and our medicare system, our most precious legacies.

Everything else as far as I'm concerned is debatable, but not those things.

Which takes me to my final point.

And that is despite the horror of a Con majority, and all our other problems.

When a warm wind roars across the lake...

(click pic to enlarge)

I still can't help feeling that I'm living in the best country in the world.

And that although sometimes we stumble...

Like I do all the time.

Nothing beats love, and nothing beats freedom...

The struggle continues but so does life.

Golly. Not bad for a Friday eh?

Brigette, Brigette, will you MARRY ME ???? !!!!

Oh wait.

Have a great weekend everybody !!


Kev said...

Brigette has bolstered the spirits of many What a wonderful example for all of us

Take care Simon and have a great weekend yourself

WILLY said...

I wanted to adopt her. Wow thatbwas impressive.

Simon said...

hi Kev...I was watching the throne speech with drooping eyes zzzzzzzz when suddenly I saw Brigette. I whipped out my cell phone grabbed a screen shot, showed it around the place I work, and much hilarity ensued. Heh heh heh...who said the resistance was dead? It's going to be hard to top that one, but I know we can... ;)

Simon said...

hi Willy...I just saw Brigette interviewed on TV and she is really cool. I tell you what, you adopt her, and then I'll ask you for her hand... ;)

Oemissions said...

best protest ever
so simple and honest
she outbested the Yes Men and Greenpeace

Anonymous said...

Brigette has far surpassed anything that any of the opposition did to oppose the nasty cons either before during or after the election. I think we can all eat our words about the young people not caring. They're going to show us how its done! This lady will be our PM one day.

btw, check out Fox News Commentator Evan Solomon on CBC, the man should be ashamed for his smug, Harper ass kissing.


thwap said...

I love that Ms. DePape's action has all the conservative assholes whining in self-pitying, hypocritical rage!

"She was disrespectful!"

The stupid fuckers can't process that harper genuinely displayed contempt for democracy itself for 6 years.

She is the first blast of the trumpet against the stupid, evil nonsense.

Beijing York said...

Finally, a dazzling comet of hope.

Brigitte has more honour in her pinky than all the Senate and HoC members combined. Contempt, as if they understand the meaning of the word.

Craig said...

If the CBC Vote Compass results are any indication, there is a HUGE difference between Quebec and English Canada confirmed. In most of the ROC, the results would be right at home in rural America. Often they are to the right of Stephen Harper and in Tea Party territory!

Issue of climate change: Quebec believes it is a top threat, most of the ROC ambivalent or in denial -

Gun registry: Quebec wants it saved and expanded, ROC wants a Second Amendment -

Same-sex marriage: Quebec supports (albeit not strongly), other provinces split or opposes even today -

Quebec as a nation: Quebec strongly supports, ROC opposes to EXTREME levels -

Corporate tax cuts: Quebec opposes, ROC split to supportive -

Simon said...

hi Oemissions... yes it was, a very simple, peaceful, respectful dissent. It must have taken a lot of guts, I would probably be too shy to do that. But I think Brigette set the tone for the kind of protest we can engage in. And it couldn't come at a better time...

Simon said...

hi bcwaterboy...yes Brigette for PM, if I can't be her husband I want to be her campaign manager. ;)
And yes I just saw the Solomon interview, and it was pretty shabby and patronizing. Sometimes the parliamentary press gallery reminds me of a school of fish. They swim together and when something new comes along, they all dart to the right.
But don't worry, if we stay true to the best and most Canadian principles, we will haul them out of the depths along with the Cons.
And fry them all for dinner... :)

Simon said...

hi Thwap...yes it is disgusting to see the Cons in lather, screeching about a lack of respect for Parliament, when nobody has ever shown less respect for Parliament than the Cons and their deranged leader.
And I must say I love this image:

She is the first blast of the trumpet against the stupid, evil nonsense.

I don't have a trumpet but I do have a drum... :)

Simon said...

hi Beijing...when I looked at that picture of her again today, she reminded of the picture of that guy facing down that Chinese tank. I know you can't compare the two situations, or the level of oppression. But relatively speaking it is the same thing. And as you say it is a dazzling comet of hope...

Simon said...

hi Craig...thanks for those poll results. I'm afraid they only quantify what I feel instinctively when I look at the two societies. To defend English Canadians, Quebecers have some advantages that help them resist what I see is really the Americanization of our politics.
Their language acts as a barrier to a lot of the crap that flows over our border. Because they were once oppressed themselves, they are more sensitized to minority rights. And because they are more of a homogenous society it's easier for them to cling to the community values that once set this country apart from its southern neighbour.
It's a daunting situation I must admit, but I will never give up trying to bring all of us together.
I mean I have to eh? Since I have one foot in each solitude, the more they pull apart, the more ;)