Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Homeless Man and the Dog

I am always moved when I see the special bond between a homeless person and his or her dog.

How they share what little they have with their pets. And how their dogs are oblivious to their miserable surroundings, and are just glad to be with the ones who love them.

Because I share a special bond with the homeless. Their condition makes me sad, and ashamed. And the cruel way they are often treated makes me wild with anger.

And of course, as you know, I love dogs eh?

So I found this story both sad and beautiful..

I'm glad that poor man was treated kindly before he died.

Because that's the way all human beings, whether they have a home or not, should be treated all the time.

And I'm happy his last wish came true. Because homeless people have dreams too.

As for the dog, I wonder as she sleeps in her fancy new home, whether she dreams of waking up in that car next to her friend.

Knowing dogs as I do.

I'm sure she does...


  1. Damn it Simon, you made me ball like a baby. Such compassion creeping through in these very ugly, angry days - it reminds me that there is hope because most people do have a heart. Shame that it is mostly in service on a case-by-case basis.

  2. Great, just great, now I'm weeping at work.

    Thanks for posting this truly moving story. There's still some hope when this can happen.

  3. Hi Beijing...I'm sorry about that, and it was a terribly sad story wasn't it? But as I said in the post, and as you say in your comment, these small acts of kindness do help us hold on to our humanity. I like to think of myself as ruff and tuff, but I do want a gentler, kinder world....

  4. Hi Peter...I'm sorry about that. But as you and Beijing both point out, kindness does mean hope.
    There is far too much casual cruelty, cynicism, and just plain ugliness out there, so anything that takes us in the opposite direction is definitely encouraging...

  5. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story.

  6. hi Cathie...you're welcome. I think those pictures will remain with me forever. And they have also affected my old dog. He must be wondering why I keep hugging so much. Or at least more than usual... :)

  7. hi prin...I'm glad you liked it. It's not easy to find something kind and inspiring in Harper's Great Darkness, but I try... :)

  8. Anonymous2:22 PM

    omg you make me cry every time