Saturday, June 25, 2011

New York Approves Gay Marriage

It took a long time, even in the place where the gay rights revolution was born. Every homophobic group in Amerika tried to stop it. But tonight the state of New York finally legalized gay marriage.

Here's the historic vote as covered by Rachel Maddow:

Can you believe it? Almost 42 years to the day since the Stonewall Uprising, gays and lesbians in that state have finally won the right to celebrate their love.

I dedicate this moment to Patrick, and all those who could not live to see this day. But they are with us now in Heaven, and we can know at least we - and so many straight people - did not let them down.

They have finally beaten the bigots. Like this crazed homophobe.

You think it’s going to stop with this? You think now bigamists are going to want their rights to marry? You think somebody that wants to marry his sister is going to now say “I have a right”? I mean, it’s the same principle, isn’t it?

You know...the Empire State Building is decked out in the rainbow colours these days to mark Pride Week.

But tonight it never looked prouder...


  1. A victory against bigotry is a victory for us all. Have a feat weekend Simon.

  2. Willy8:15 AM

    Sorry that was supposed to be a great weekend, but a feat weekend is ok too. :)

  3. hi Willy...either way it was quite a feat, and I will have a great weekend. ;)
    And yes you're right, straight people worked with gay people to make it happen, and it is a victory for all of us...

  4. I fail to see what is homophobic about limiting marriage to one man and one woman who are of legal age. There are many limits on marriage like number, age, and residency. To change a cultural tradition that goes back thousands of years to please one political group, coincidentally the wealthiest, isn't wise just so they can feel better about their behavior.

    We'll see what song you sing when it's 3 men or 4 women, or all 7 of them together, or a 50 year old man and a 15 year old boy demanding "marriage rights", because those are the people waiting in line.

  5. Poor Norma...I fail to see what you are doing on this blog other than trolling for comments. In Canada we have marriage rights, and 2 consenting adults of legal age can get married, and the sun still rises. Spare us the repetitious, tired reactionary clich├ęs and same baseless rhetoric of every other ignorant, fundamentalist christian. We've heard it all before. And looking at your comments (and briefly perusing your blog), you are a homophobe. A classic case one.

  6. hi Norma...your comment is riddled with bizarre aaumptions. The nuclear family is a relatively modern invention not a thousand-year-old tradition as you say. A man used to have several wives, and women were nothing more than chattel. Your assumption that gay people are wealthy is also incorrect. Many gay people can't complete their education because bigotry cause them to drop out of school. As for the nonsense about
    polygamy, gay marriage is between TWO adults, and that's all it means. I'm afraid you have been brainwashed by religious extremism, which has NOTHING to do with the message of Jesus. If you claim to be a Christian you should start acting like one...

  7. hi Erico...thanks for summing things up better than I could. And thanks for reading Norma's blog so I don't have to, because I'm sure it's absolutely hideous... :)