Wednesday, June 08, 2011

George Rekers and the Sissy Boy Experiment

He was a happy little boy, until George Rekers got his hands on him, tried to change him into a "real man."

And destroyed his life...

And who is George Rekers? This Christianist freak.

Great eh?

Little boys have the right to play with toy soldiers, or dolls. Real men come in all shapes and sizes.

Men who are afraid of their sexuality are truly pathetic, and should be pitied.

Religious monsters who try to turn children into freaks like them, only to destroy them, can't be punished enough...


  1. Anonymous11:43 AM

    This happened about thirty years ago. That was when Reagan was in office and the Moral Majority was gaining influence in the US.

    These Christianists are destroying the fabric of society one person at a time.

    It's a sad story.

  2. hi did happen long ago, and only that can explain why a place like UCLA would be involved with such experiments. The world truly was a rotten place back then. But the sad part is that Reker's pseudo scientific nonsense is still being used to repress and "cure" gay people.
    And the fact that a gay man would do that to others is absolutely SICK...