Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stephen Harper's Plans for World Domination

Well it wasn't Nuremberg. It was Ottawa. But the message from Great Deranged Leader to his adoring followers was the same. Now that we have conquered Germany Canada, we must conquer the WORLD !!!!!!

Harper painted a dark picture of the world around Canada near the end of his mostly upbeat speech, and said there are forces rising that Canada must resist.

Canada's purpose "is no longer to please every dictator with a vote at the United Nations," Harper said, adding he never understood why others felt that was in Canada's national interest.

"Our party’s great purpose is nothing less than to prepare our nation to shoulder a bigger load, in a world that will require it of us," he said.

Great eh? Canada Uber Alles. From pariah nation to rogue nation. We're still spending billions in Afghanistan. The bill for the war in over Libya is clicking like a taxi meter.

And now he's planning to spend billions projecting our military power all over the globe?

Oh. Mein. Gott. Of all Harper's multiple personalities, I knew the one where he thinks he is a great military leader would be the end of us. Or the end of the medicare system when the Con war machine bankrupts the country. Which of course is his secret plan.

And which dictator will he attack next I wonder? The one in Iran, who by threatening Israel is threatening the return of the Christian Messiah?

Or this one?

"The film tells the heroic story of a dictator who risked his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed."

Because that sounds so familiar, and you know how Harper loves dressing up in military uniforms. So he must be sooooooooo JEALOUS.

Or will it be even worse? Will he get Mrs Stockwell Day to whip his fanatic followers into a kamikaze frenzy?

Because THAT's muscular eh?

And then launch an all-out assault on North Korea...or Haiti....or Hong Kong.

Oh wait. Too late.

There he goes now...

You know that little charred ball is probably what the planet will look like after Great Maniac Leader is finished with it. Because if he can hasten The Rapture you KNOW he will.

Yikes. Thank goodness for Brigette and the real majority.

"It's people coming together to say that we're going to resist the Harper agenda, to make sure that the Conservatives know that we won't back down..."

Because this is just the BEGINNING.

Once we only had to save Canada eh?

But now we must save the WORLD... 


  1. Jason Kenney just said on 'The House', "The only thing that is going to beat this government in the next election, is itself". Unfortunately I believe that to be true. Unite the left already.

  2. But just what are we going to do?

    HOW are we going to "Stop harper"?

  3. Things have to look pretty bleak when I actually think I would rather have GW Bush at the helm than this prick.

  4. hi Omar...I'm still hopeful that Kenney's comment will prove to be a self fulfilling prophecy. But you're right, the best thing we can do for ourselves is unite. With Harper getting a majority with only 39 per cent of the vote, I can't understand why the need to unite isn't obvious. If this catastrophe doesn't move progressives to action, I don't know what will...

  5. hi you to ask the blunt question. ;)But it is of course a good one. I'm afraid I'm going to need a post to answer that one fully. And I promise to write one soon. But in the meantime I would just say that this is no time to despair. We may not be able to block the Con agenda in Parliament. But if we use our superior numbers, we can slow and derail some of it. And most importantly we will be able, if we unite, to more clearly define the struggle in THEM vs US. For years Harper has been able to muddy the waters, but now the choice will be starker, and we can take advantage of that. The way I see it now, only a catastrophe like the one we are experiencing, could have shaken the progressive side out of its complacency. So now we have it. Be patient brother, the resistance and the fun has only begun...

  6. hi Beijing...I think I know what you mean. Dubya was a fascist idot, while Harper is a fascist thug. But don't worry I'm still confident that his deranged personality will eventually bring him down. When I read the comments in the newspapers I realize how many Canadians absolutely loathe the man, and that gives me confidence in the future. Compared to them I'm practically a Harper groupie, and strangely enough I find that both shocking and encouraging... ;)

  7. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Wikileaks has said, the N.A.U. is just around the corner. Isn't the globe to be sectioned off in Unions. The South American Union, the Asian Union, and so on? The European Union, has already begun. The we have the giant corporations, Harper is giving Canada to, will be the N.W.O. the New World Order?

    The American citizens are dead set against the N.A.U. They say, the U.S. was just waiting for Harper's majority to implement the N.A.U. in small increments at first. They also say, Harper's election win was rigged. There is also a petition out, to prosecute Harper and Peter MacKay, for war crimes and crimes against humanity. I did find the petition, with presscore. Let's just say, the American people despise Harper, and are going to fight the N.A.U. right to the last ditch.

    There is to be a huge labor pool, made up from the three country's. The American citizens, fear being overrun by Mexicans. They would destroy, our U.S. and Canadian way of life. We may ll be working for $3.00 per hour. We will be the Mexcanaricans, our currency the Amero dollar.

    Harper did give a speech on, his plans of global governance for Canada. He said, global governance, has been worked on since 1945. I remember some one else, who wanted Global Governance, around that time...Except he called it, The Thousand Year Reich.

    Good grief!!! I had three brothers, two brothers-in-law and a sister, in the armed services during WW11. Our young Canadian boys, were blown to bits, to keep monsters like Harper and his fascist dictatorship, the hell out of our county. I firmly believe, Harper win was cheated, as the Americans do.

    Wikileaks also said. The American politicians say, Harper is a petty gasbag. He is arrogant and far too stubborn to work with, they say, he co-operates with no-one.

    Well, we should have a web site, for the Canadians, who don't want Harper as P.M. Perhaps a petition, for all of Canada, would do it. He is a snake in the grass, and can't possibly be trusted.