Friday, June 03, 2011

The New Speaker and the Bible Wars

Uh oh. More evidence that everything young isn't good.  We've got the youngest Speaker of the House of Commons. 

But he's an anti-choice fanatic, and a homophobe.

And how do I know this since the MSM won't tell me? Because he's got the Betty Crocker Popey Pancakes Campaign Life Seal of Approval.

Great eh? No doubt he'll rename Question Period the Magisterium Hour, sprinkle Biblical quotations into his rulings. And any opposition MP's who dare defy him will be commanded to say 15-hundred Hail Mary's, and flog themselves with a prickly cord.

Oh boy. It may well be that Stephen Harper is just tossing a symbolic bone at his rabid Christianist base. While preventing Scheer from voting to ban abortion, or jail gay people, or ban rock music, or kite flying on Sunday etc etc.

But here's the thing eh? When I look at what's happening in the United States, and at the horror of The Republican Total War on Women.

McCormack’s case is a sign of the true desperation of women in this country. She said she believed she was only 14 weeks along, although the examination of the remains concluded it was more likely 20-25. She is already a mother of more than one child, one still a toddler. But financially she was cut off from any choice she wanted to make about how many people she wanted in her family, unable to procure an abortion she couldn’t afford, and now facing criminal penalties for taking the only option left to her.

And I look at the never ending hateful war on gay people.

I hate to see ANY religious fanatic in ANY position of authority.

Because let's not kid ourselves, a version of what's happening in America COULD happen here. It's that big, that crazy, and that wacko dangerous.

Oh well. I'm prepared to give Scheer a chance to show that he knows the difference between a democracy and a theocracy. To show he totally understands that we need someone who puts his God's commands before the commands of the Canadian people, like we need a Pope, or another Jason Kenney.

But I'm warning him eh?

If I detect the slightest signs of satanic Con activities in the Temple of the People.

I'm calling in this guy...

Oh Great Polar Bear Monkey God of the Great White North. If only we could pull the plug on this nightmare that easily.

A religious fanatic presiding over a Canadian Parliament.

How low have we fallen...


  1. when Baird barfs all over the chamber Scheer's mother Mary will be whispering words of wisdom to him:"Let it Be" "Let it Be"
    Do we get to see the actual results of the voting for each round?
    Like, how many votes did Denise Savoie lose by?

  2. I wonder who Dizzy Miss Lizzy May voted for? Any bets that she voted for Bible thumping Scheer, since she, herself, is a pro-lifer & probably would like to view a boy toy in a robe, especially one who carries a bible??

    Yes, I get more crotchety in my old age.

  3. It HAS happened here.

  4. @ Oemissions. My guess is that there was probably lots of vote splitting by Con MPs over the 7 Con candidates in the first few rounds with most opposition MPs voting for Savoie. (Although there still might be some retrograde Lib MPs who didn't loose their seats and who are members of that anti-abortion, homophobic, religious Parliamentarian group.)

  5. hi Oemissions...OMG. Talk about a nightmare vision. John Baird on his knees kissing the Speaker' ;)
    But surely you are joking about Savoie? A WOMAN as SPEAKER in HARPERLAND? It was never going to happen...

  6. hi CK...Lordy please tell me that's not true. Miss Lizzy going dizzy after the boy toy in the robe? Surely she's not green enough to fall for someone like that?
    As for the crotchety part...we all have our days, diversity is good, and I love you all the same... ;)

  7. hi Thwap...although I agree with a lot of the things you are saying these days, nothing so far is bad as what is going in the United States. Down there it is both a brutal class war and a religious crusade.
    Could something like that happen here? Yes it could. But not if we can help it...

  8. hi Beijing...well I see from the news story that Big Daddy and his inner circle threw their support behind Scheer. So the whole election was a charade and the writing was on the wall...

  9. Anonymous10:52 PM

    If the election was a charade, it's too bad that the opposition (NDP) didn't all decide on an alternative con to vote for. Savoie wouldn't have made it to the last round, but the Speaker could have been someone that wasn't a defacto Harper appointee.

    Imagine the panicking from the con party leadership if the prepared plan of "don't vote NDP" became useless for the final round of voting. Are the Con MPs just as whipped this parliament as the last one so that they'd all vote for Harper's choice instead of a different, yet still conservative, candidate?

    Just think of the glares that would be sent around, trying to find the 15 or so MPs who would DARE challenge The Prime Minister's Appointments.