Monday, June 06, 2011

Stephen Harper and Brigette's Message

Well I see the legend of Brigette DePape continues to grow, like a red rose of hope in the darkness of Harperland. 

““I have been really inspired because there have been thousands of people who have sent messages or commented on the Internet. People know that hope for change is possible when we start taking action.”

Michael Moore thinks it's an iconic moment for Canada. Heather Mallick thinks she's the real thing.

And the right-wingers are in a foaming lather, howling this is not Egypt !!!!

Ms. DePape says Canada needs a local version of the “Arab Spring.” Perhaps she hasn’t noticed, but the Arab Spring is a revolt by oppressed individuals willing to risk their lives for the right to elect their own leaders. They are willing to die so they can make the same kind of democratic decision that Canada just made in electing Mr. Harper.

But I think they are missing the point. Canada is not Egypt, but nobody should underestimate the depth of popular anger in this country. And nobody is more responsible for DePape's popularity than Stephen Harper himself.

For five years he has governed like a political thug. He has pit Canadian against Canadian with one cheap wedge issue after the other. He has treated his opponents like The Enemy. He has shown his contempt for Parliament over and over again.

Now he has a mandate to govern. But with less than forty percent of the vote why should he be surprised that the other sixty percent don't believe he has a mandate to change this country beyond recognition?

Why should he be surprised if that majority decides to fight any moves to dismantle Canada by whatever non-violent means necessary, including civil disobedience?  

Why should he be surprised after the way he has assaulted women's rights, that  a young woman should step forward to challenge him?

“It is important to challenge the assumption that politics is the exclusive domain of politicians. It is really when ordinary people who voted against Harper take things into their own hands that we will hold him accountable.”

Why should he be surprised that her simple gesture should resonate with so many?

It seems so obvious to me. But what happens next is really up to Great Majority Leader. If he behaves himself, most progressives will spend the next four years preparing to defeat him in the next election.

If he doesn't, he can expect to confront the greatest peaceful, passionate, and creative  protest movement this country has ever seen.

Hey. I love red roses of hope. I love freedom. I love Brigette and her message of resistance.

Stephen Harper knows his Bible like he knows his attack ads.

So he should know this one eh?

If you sow the wind, you shall reap the whirlwind....

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