Thursday, June 02, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Humble Pie Show

Well I see it was Glorious Majority Day at the Con caucus today.

A buoyant Prime Minister Stephen Harper, fresh off a majority election win, returned to Parliament Hill Wednesday declaring that the “Conservative party is Canada’s party.”

And there was Great Ugly Leader basking in the divine light of his godly 39.6 % majority. Exhorting the assembled sheep to be humble. Like Him.

Reflecting on his first day in the Commons, Harper said he found the chamber “inspiring and humbling at the same time.”

Which of course would have been more believable if he wasn't the first Prime Minister to be held in contempt  of Parliament. He hadn't admitted that he can't stop repeating the word MAJORITY.

“I really don’t get tired of using that word,” Harper said, as he addressed his 166-member caucus.

Like a power hungry maniac. And the Con caucus wasn't a sheep hee haw show.

Harper kicked off the morning meeting like an announcer at a hockey game, as he recognized new members of the Conservative team, to the enthusiastic cheers of other caucus members.

Gawd. I'm surprised that Harper didn't ride in on a chuck wagon pulled by this woolly team.

But then if you believe that Harper is capable of being humble, you probably believe that the nasty gnome Jimbo Flaherty knows what he's doing. And that could be disastrous.

Canadian Auto Workers economist Jim Stanford said recent events clearly show Ottawa’s numbers are on the optimistic side.“Spending cuts can be a self-defeating strategy to reduce deficits if economic growth is harmed in the process. This has been proven in spades in Greece,” he said.

Yes. You heard right. GREECE. That's where these Cons are taking us. Into a brutal recession with no safety net.

Oh boy. If we're going to survive The Great Darkness we're going to have to remember three things.

Stephen Harper is just as crazy as he ever was, and incapable of being humble.

Jimbo Flaherty is no economist.

And the Con sheep are not who they pretend to be....

Yup. It's going to be a horror show. First they came for the artists and the  scientists.

And then they'll come for the rest of us.

But at least our marching orders remain the same.

Resist those Con monsters by whatever legal means necessary.

Before they consume our country...

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