Saturday, January 29, 2022

The Con Convoy and the Battle For Canada

The Con convoy started laying siege to our democracy last night, and by this morning the air must have been thick with the stench of beer, piss, and feces. 

As well as the stench of bigotry.

Because now there can be no doubt who they really are.

And it couldn't be uglier.

For buried in the convoy like tumours, are white supremacists, Trump supporters, kooky religious fanatics, and other Con scum.

They are on a holy mission to overthrow our democracy and arrest and kill Justin Trudeau.

But despite that, the loser Erin O'Toole decided to meet with some of them, after having said he wouldn't. 

Which caught many reporters by surprise, and had Justin Ling asking O'Toole some very embarrassing questions.

Which were indeed the right questions to ask. Especially at a time when MPs are being warned that some in the Con convoy could attack them in their homes.

The top official who oversees security for the House of Commons has issued a warning to MPs about the potential risks related to the coming convoy of truckers set to arrive on Parliament Hill as early as tomorrow. 

In an email sent to members of Parliament obtained by CTV News, Sergeant-at-Arms Patrick McDonell cautioned MPs about the potential for doxxing—finding and publishing people’s personal information with malicious intent—of MPs homes who live in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

But despite that terrorist threat, they are being aided and abetted by our grubby Cons. 

The man on the left is Pat King, one of the convoy organizers, who has made it clear he wants a "civil war." And has promised that "the only way that this is going to be solved is with bullets."

While the man on the right is Con MP Jeremy Patzer who came out to greet King, slobber all over him, and offer his support. 

As did a number of other Cons.

Like the potty mouthed Michelle Ferreri...

Or the ghastly oil pimp Bob Benzen who inherited Stephen Harper's seat, and showed he is his master's voice.

Even though as Gary Mason has warned the convoy has evolved into something dangerous.

It’s now clear that this demonstration has been hijacked by a fringe element that sounds an awful lot like the “freedom fighters” and “patriots” who gathered at the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021, and ended up storming the premises in a poorly organized coup d’état.

A Kitchener, show this week interviewed Jason LaFace, said to be the convoy’s main Ontario organizer. The protest “is no longer about the [vaccine] mandate,” he said – it’s about people’s “rights” and how the government has been “manipulating the population and oppressing us all the time.”

Mr. LaFace said the protest organizers are employing “constitutional lawyers” to draft a document that “compel[s] the government to dissolve government.” For good measure, he added: “[Justin] Trudeau is a criminal in this country, he needs to go.”

These are the people that some members of the Conservative Party are supporting in interviews and in posts on social-media platforms, some of whom don’t even try to disguise their bigoted and racist views of the world.

And by deciding to embrace them as he did,  Erin O'Toole has made it only too clear that the Cons are no longer a Canadian party.

And that he should really dress up for the possible storming of Parliament.

For that is a clear and present danger, and after having whipped up hate against Justin Trudeau for so long, he really should look the part. 

Fortunately, Ottawa's police chief Peter Sloly has his officers hunting for any lone wolf terrorists .

Ottawa's police chief says officials are on guard against "social media actors" and "lone wolf individuals" who might try to infiltrate this weekend's protests against COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

"We do not know all the parallel demonstrations that may occur and/or the lone-wolf individuals who may insert themselves into the mix for various reasons," Sloly said.

"We cannot ignore the direct hate language and threats, and we cannot ignore the direct attempts to incite violence and criminality in and around the demonstration."

And I can only hope that if any Con terrorists rear their ugly heads, they will have them blown off.

And that their dumb mouth breathing supporters who have been waving Canadian flags all over the place, will realize that they are supporting an attack on this country and its values.

And that they are no better than traitors.

For as Dale Smith writes, the so-called Freedom Convoy is all grift and bullshit.

This whole thing was organized by extremists, some of whom have ties to the Sons of Odin. If anyone with “genuine concerns” is really along for the ride, it’s because they’re a hapless moron who can’t do their due diligence before they got swept up into the grift. 

They have a stated aim of overturning democracy and eliminating all public health orders (never mind that 99 percent of them are provincial or municipal), and it’s never going to happen because it’s impossible, but nevertheless, there are more and more Conservative MPs who keep giving them legitimacy while trying to play cute and insisting that they denounce extremism, even though the gods damned extremists are behind it

As for Justin Trudeau, he is trying to educate the convoy rednecks on the real meaning of the word FREEDOM.

“The most important freedom is freedom for Canadians who are doing the right things to be able to get through and beyond this pandemic, freedom to see their loved ones, freedom to be able to know that their kids are safe as they go to school, that our businesses are going to be able to get through this pandemic.

“And the way to do that is to trust in science, to follow public health rules and to get vaccinated. That’s what standing up for rights and freedoms (looks like).”

Like a real leader should...

As well as letting the lynch mob know that he won't be intimidated. Unlike the cowardly chicken Erin O'Toole.

“The fact that Mr. O’Toole is looking for political advantage is really not the kind of responsible leadership that Canadians need,” Trudeau said.

And of course, as they prepare for the battle for Canada, decent Canadians should not let the Con thugs intimidate them either.

For we know the enemy...

We have defeated it before.

And we will defeat it again.

The Cons have made a fatal mistake.

And we will use it to destroy them...


jrkrideau said...

I liked that first photo. As I was saying to a friend yesterday, no emergency vehicles are going to be moving in Centretown.

Great work truckers!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that, Simon.
I made the mistake of watching the local Ottawa CTV news last night and they were very careful not to show the obscene messages, the threats, you know, the usual features of the plague rats. In fact, if I didn't know better, I'd have thought they were just a bunch of tourists hugging and kissing the police. Fucking pathetic. I guess assaulting hotel staff because Karen didn't want to mask up isn't news worthy.
I really feel badly for Ottawans(many of whom are friends)who have to put with these dredges of society and I hope they remember how the local CTV chose to cast the flutruxklan in a positive light. Change the channel and notify their advertisers that you will take your business elsewhere.
I'm cringing at the thought of peewee addressing his fascist bowel movement. I suspect he'll say to keep it peaceful, with a wink wink, and if violence does break out, he'll blame it on the radical left disguised as plague rats. The best the left can do is avoid the area and don't waste your time on them. Let them self destruct all on their own.
And as your blog entry clearly points out, Simon, the more that we scratch the surface into who's really behind all of this and where the money is coming from, the more insidious it gets. I demand a full public inquiry to find out and expose these assholes for who and what they are. I stand with Trudeau and we will fight against the nazi Karens until they're reduced to an insignificant, pathetic footnote in our history.

Carl L said...

What I find infuriating is when I listen to the hourly news bulletin and they talk of it like it's a genuine protest of truckers, against the vaccine mandate at the border. No wonder so many naive people give their support, with reporting like this. Dean Blundell is right to call it the Sucker Convoy.
Never mind that the organizers of that thing have nothing to do with the trucking industry. Never mind the red flags raised on their GoFundMe. Never mind all those deranged right-wing lunatics messages and videos. Never mind that every damn picture of that Karen pilgrimage always show a few trucks among a butt load of pickup trucks filled with clueless morons.
It's at least good to know that the police and the authorities are ready for them. Now let's see how long it takes for these idiots to overstay their welcome.

Anonymous said...

I just heard Justin has been moved to safe location. Good. Why he was there at all in the first place is stunning.

Jackie Blue said...

Absolutely we need a public inquiry. If the Americans have the January 6th committee then Canada needs a January 29th committee. And no, I don't think the cons should be on it, unlike our Republicans, because they're the ones bolstering this and they're the ones who should be investigated. They'll bitch and moan just like they're doing with NSICOP but they've forfeited their "right" to serve as the (dis)loyal opposition. As well, haul the media executives and propaganda "journalists" who act as Hannity and Carlson wannabes giving succor to these suckers. If the cons can run their mouths for a whole year ad nauseam about WeGhazi, then it's long overdue to put their asses in the hot seat for what amounts to a real scandal.

As for the Liberals, start combing social media and put out not just online ads but TV ones with all of these chuds' statements and ugly insignia and link it directly to the cons. The media is not your friend and will not highlight the hate within this movement, let alone properly connect it to the only party enabling it. Go through the archives over the years and start ripping the mask off the supposed "moderates." Show Rempelthinskin crushing on Tucker Carlson, and Adolf Harper himself on Fox Business. With the "start" of the covidiot convoy sandwiched right between Holocaust Remembrance Day and the commemoration of the mosque murder by a MAGA fanboy, it's only right to demonstrate who the players are in this cross-border network of HATE.

This is a coordinated attack and it's about time the good guys take off the gloves and fight dirty. Six, going on seven years of this "Fuck Trudeau" / "Kill Trudeau" crap going unaddressed or softpedaled or "both-sided" comes to an end right fucking now!

Anonymous said...

He slipped out of Rideau cottage in the dead of night like the coward he is. Justin is on the run, I wonder when or if he will ever come back.

Jackie Blue said...

@Anon -- so you'd rather have him engage in a unnecessary confrontation just to take the risk of fulfilling the JFK fantasies you lot have been engaged in for the past seven years. Smart man for not taking the bait. Highly likely that his office and/or CSIS/RCMP are aware of credible security risks not broadcast to the public for obvious reasons.

Meanwhile, O'Toole and Poilievre and Cooper et. al. are mingling with the crowd of Nazis and Nazi adjacent "freedumb fighters" and doing their best to give the Liberals petabytes of oppo footage going into the next election.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:12pm, Oh he'll be back alright there Cletus whereas you and your fellow insurrectionists will not. I'll try to dumb this down so you'll understand better. Once his security detail reached their threshold of a huge pile of shit as opposed to a small one on the hill, they moved The Right Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to a safe location. Justin had no choice in the matter.

Steve said...

Lets find out where the 5 M came from?

Simon said...

Hi jrkrideau….That’s one of the things that disturbs the most about those Con anti-vaxxers. Not only are they defying the science, and the best way to end the pandemic ie vaccination. They also harass doctors and nurses, and actually have plans to block the entrances to Four Ottawa hospitals. Hopefully the new law that was recently passed will stop them from doing that, but what kind of monsters would even think about doing it?

Simon said...

Hi JD….Yes, I too have noticed that TV newscasts are not showing the many disgusting signs the anti-vaxxers are waving around. I can understand that they might think they are too obscene to show, and they are obscene.But as you point out, that can make the anti-vaxxers look like harmless kooks instead of a dangerous hate cultists. But by encouraging them the Cons have never looked more like far-right extremists, and that should encourage us all. I think our long struggle is approaching a decisive moment, and we will soon be able to celebrate the downfall of our enemies….

Simon said...

Hi unknown@12:05 PM...I feel like you do. The MSM media is trying to make it look like the anti-vaccine truckers speak for all truckers. When they are only 10% of the truckers, and the 90% who are vaccinated and out there working are the real heroes. It's such poor journalism I despair for our Con media. But the good news is that the Freedumb Convoy is turning out to be a real PR disaster for the Cons, and the media is slowly but surely being educated. People are disgusted at the way some of those Con supporters are behaving, defiling the tomb of the Unknown soldier, and the Terry Fox statue. And they are going to pay for it....

Simon said...

Hi JD....Yes, the RCMP was forced to move the Trudeau family out of their home, because apparently some Con terrorists were planning to kill them. I believe the police are rounding up some of those would be terrorists, and it should further embarrass Erin O'Toole who so enthusiastically promoted that ugly convoy. Nothing better than a terrorist trial to concentrate the mind and sink the Cons...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....I totally agree with you. Encouraging those who would kill the Prime Minister is simply beyond the pale. Especially since the only reason he did that is because he is so afraid that he could lose more of his supporters to Maxime Bernier's Peoples Party. And he's desperate. Everything he touches turns to shit, and they say he's an absolute wreck. He will fight hard to stay at Stornoway, but this convoy debacle will probably be the straw that broke the camel's back. Or the hog's back. It could happen to a worse person, if he wasn't so dumb he would resign tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

So whats changed the conspiracy theory believers, faith healers and "slackers" were there 100 years ago during the 1918 pandemic. Some were thrown in jail and a few shot but overall their antics were similar to what we see today. Like today, regions that followed public health guidelines fared better than those that didn't. Hopefully this is the last wave and it will be gone like the Spanish flu but there are no guarantees as long as a significant percentage of the global population is unvaccinated and domestically we have a significant number of slackers/antivaxxers ready and willing to transmit the next mutation throughout the country. Read a little history, stop the nonsense and get vaccinated!!


Simon said...

Hi anon@1:12 PM....Justin Trudeau doesn't decide if and when to move out of his residence, you dumb Con clown. The RCMP decides that in consultation with other security forces. They don't decide to do that for no reason, so they must have had a good indication that some Con gang was planning to kill Trudeau and his family. I can hardly wait for the truth to be revealed, for it should just about finish off your cowardly Cons....

Simon said...

Hi Steve....Yes, we definitely need to find out where all that convoy money came from. From what I've heard a good part of those millions came from so-called dark money came from extreme right-wingers in the U.S. A nd if we can prove that the Freedumb convoy will be in deep doo doo, so will the Cons for encouraging the whole sordid affair....

Jackie Blue said...

This fucking guy. Make Stupidity Grate Again

Liberal war room better be filling the hard drives. This right here is the kiss of death for the CPC. Everything Trump touches dies.

Anonymous said...

Justin Ling should be given a medal for spending the day in the trenches among the illbillies, telling it like it is and calling out the BS contrary to our failed media. My favorite quote from him today. "You couldn't swing a cat without hitting a sign that read "Trudeau4Gitmo". He mentions other vile ones but that one still has me chuckling. Thank God we have freelancers like him who give us facts and reacts like any decent Canadian would. Unlike our Con media who kept letting people repeat the same asinine comments over and over again about why they were there with no rebuttals. My favorite one being the 300+ pound woman saying "it's my body and I'll put whatever I want in it". I'm sure she does, often. Why couldn't the reporters ask them a valid question like "what would you say to the 90% of Canadians who are following the science and are doing their part to get us out of the pandemic?" Why? Because they'd lose the narrative of trying to legitimize the plague rats. That attempt however failed miserably and was actually quite funny. Try as they might, they couldn't keep those symbols of hate posters from popping up on the screen. Nice try though. It's hard to whitewash something when the literal shit has hit the fan. I also heard, on his own station, CTV newsnet, that Evan Soloman was nearly hit with a full, frozen beer bottle. I can't find anything online about it and wonder if they're trying to whitewash that too. Anybody else see or hear anything? He's lucky. Getting hit in the head with that could've killed him or worse, turned him into a balanced journalist. Meaning his days with Bell media would be numbered.
The Con media are doomed to fail if they continue to whitewash the "January 29th, 78 cents US Insurrection, 2022". Endorsed by the king of hate himself and soon to be incarcerated, Trump. Wow. That'll look good on a resume. As I expect much more disturbing images and videos of hate, threats and desecration to emerge in the coming days, I find the ones just from today will be the lasting legacy of this ridiculous protest. Nazi symbols, confederate flags, dancing on the tomb of the unknown soldier, desecrating the Terry Fox statue as opposed to one reporter's take of decorating the statue, seriously, that's what he said, threatening hospitality workers and the worst of the worst, stealing food from the homeless.

Have fun whitewashing that #CdnMediaFailed. And to the Con MP's who were seen hugging and kissing the protesters and urging them on, thank you for making decent Canadians vomit from coast to coast to coast. It will ensure the next election will produce the next Liberal majority government of Canada.

BJ Bjornson said...

I saw that "lone wolf" comment as well. I mean, great that they are at least acknowledging the security threat these extremists pose, but hell, tell me the protestors are mostly white without saying they are mostly white! Don't worry, people who inspired, funded and organized the rally! Any terror activity that results will be pre-emptively blamed on "lone wolves" and leave the folks who inspired and radicalized them free to continue to inspire and radicalize more "lone wolves" in the future. And the scary part is, this is still progress compared to how the police usually treat white supremacists, but boy do we have a long way still to go.

Pierre D. said...

Anon @ 2:01 AM is bang on.

We have barely seen the tip of the iceberg. People defecating all over Bank St., homeless shelters being robbed, all manners of egregious incivility including dancing at the Cenotaph and defacing the Terry Fox statue...and even worse Pigeon Pierre trying to distance himself now that the truth is out, but he's caught in a trap of his own making, as is the marmot Rachel Curran who uninstalled her Twitter after comparing this to Canada Day festivities. And Erin O'Toole will be hung high and dry publicly.

And, if there is hope and justice, this should be the death knell for CPC, and we'll never have to see them in power for a long, long time...

P.S. I live like 20 minutes from the Hill and no way in Hell I'm going downtown until next weekend.

Jackie Blue said...

I love Supriya Dwivedi! She is 100 PERCENT CORRECT!

Every political party has its own gaggle of objectionable supporters. Ideally, though, a party’s official strategy doesn’t include trying to actively appeal to them. Once you do, it’s hard to convince normal voters that your party should form government.

All of this is made worse by the fact that our legacy political media has largely ignored the Conservative party’s increasing willingness to placate the more unsavoury elements of their base, as well as the thriving misinformation and disinformation networks that are as Canadian as the tenacious little rodent we put on our nickel.

Normalcy bias — the cognitive bias that minimizes threat warnings and ultimately leads people to underestimate the likelihood of an adverse event happening to them — is a heck of a thing, and the majority of our political coverage suffers from it.

Our unfortunate reality is that one of the two parties in regular contention to form government has sitting, prominent members who spew all sorts of conspiracy theory nonsense and have spent the better part of the last decade either disregarding the more troubling aspects of their voter base, or trying to directly pander to them.

Yet the dominant political narrative in this country continues to pretend that voters are choosing between the political equivalent of Coke and Pepsi.

And yet today we have Evan Solomon, who yesterday got a frozen beer can projectile thrown at him by racists spewing antisemitic slurs and accusing the Jews of poisoning vaccines, asking Omar Alghabra, "was it a mistake for PM Trudeau to call the truckers racists?"

Stupid. What the fuck does he think will happen to him by giving succor to these bozos? I guess you can lead a jackass to reality, but you can't make him think.

rumleyfips said...

I see today that wornout kinsellout has been banned from facebook. Quell surprise: fuck around and find out sucker.

After years of anti Trudeau crap our poor dear boy has been caught telling porkies. Just look at the kind of repliers he attracts ; misogenists, racists, trumpaloonies. A sure case of who the gods desroy they first make mad.

I wonder if they tiny bid of cash and the shallow support he has garnished are worth the complete distruction of his legacy ?

Anonymous said...

If you've just eaten, wait a while before you look at this.
I don't know how I know this but I'm pretty sure this illbillie's donation will be returned as insufficient funds at the sperm bank.
The assault on our democracy continues. The ten percenters will be honking and bawling all day about mandates while the 90 percent of us making the sacrifices will be wondering when they will be all cried out. With toddlers though, you just never know. Or maybe it'll be when all the meth runs out. I hope the, ahem, church service that was done by some crank pastor was recorded and he goes into the nazi comparisons that they often do. That would be the final nail in the coffin for this ridiculous rally and the Cons who supported it.
I had to listen to one of those crank pastors and his wife one fateful day last summer. They were something out of the Puritan era , telling me the usual BS about the covid rules but then he compared it to nazism. Oops! That pulled old JD's trigger. So, I calmly asked him if anyone in his flock had ever been taken away in the dead of night, never to be seen again. He said no and I said, well, that's what a nazi government would do to you if you broke the rules, spoke ill of them or didn't pass the purity test. Just ask any Jew or anyone who lost their ancestors/loved ones because of nazi Germany, myself included. And so ended that conversation. I'll never forget the look on his wife's face, as if she caught me looking at her exposed ankles or something.
The degenerates were pissing on the war memorial last night. That's going over as one would expect. The media has no choice but to report stuff like that now and I wonder if the illbillies followed the stoop and scoop bylaws. I doubt it. I hope the city sues the organizers and/or gofundme for the clean-up costs and the security. Same with the citizens in the downtown core who were harassed, threatened or lost business because of it. Can you say class action lawsuit? That should leave the organizers with a net loss once everything's added up.
Hang in there Ottawans, the assault on our democracy and your freedoms and rights is nearly over. Although there were no major outbreaks of violence, the citizens in Ottawa's core were terrorized by these terrorists. The root causes being Peewee, Schmear, KKKenney, Bernier and all started by the king of odious himself, Steven Harper, so many years ago. They are and will continue to be the biggest threats to our democracy going forward as their base has clearly devolved into a Trumpian shithole. Joe Clarke must be weeping and Robert Stanfield rolling in his grave.

Simon said...

Hi JD….Yes, Justin Ling does deserve a lot of credit for doing a better job than all the other scribblers combined. It’s interesting how freelancers like Ling and Dale Smith are consistently ahead of the pack. I don’t know why, but It doesn’t say much about the Con media. What I do know is that those fascist truckers have got to be reined in. They are getting crazier by the minute, and it’s only a matter of time before one of them triggers a catastrophe…

Simon said...

Hi BJ Bjornson ….police are right to be worried about lone wolves, for they are the hardest to identify and stop. But I think they also need to look at the far-right organizers behind this operation. There are all kinds of signs that some shady operatives with deep pockets are working behind the scenes to try to bring down the government. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but this has been planned for a long time, and we need to treat it like a Con terrorist attack on our country….

Simon said...

Hi Pierre….I’m sorry your life has been disrupted by those would be Con terrorists. It must be absolutely infuriating to see downtown Ottawa being held hostage by that disgusting rabble. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I hope I never see anything like it again. But as I have said, we are finally seeing the hidden face of the far right in Canada, and it’s even more ignorant and brutish than I’m sure most of us had imagined. It’s beyond belief, but at least it is doing great damage to the Cons. That’s why I choose to call it the Battle for Canada. And we are going to win it….

Simon said...

Hi Jackie@3:02 PM ....Yes, I too really enjoyed Supriya Dwivedi's article on the Con's link to far-right extremists, even if it was written before the fascist convoy arrived in Ottawa. I should ask her to give me some lotto numbers. But seriously it was a pleasure to see a Canadian journalist look at the twisted ideology of the Cons, Finally. There is a huge story to report on, one that would finish off the Cons for a generation if it was ever fully reported. Thanks to the truckers we may not have to wait for other journalists to do their duty. Just watching the shit show in Ottawa is education enough. It's a hillbilly zombie movie, and every time I watch them in action, I give thanks for the damage they are doing the Cons. And with a little luck, the best is still to come....

Simon said...

Hi rumleyfips....I'm delighted to hear that Kinsella has been booted from Facebook. Do you know what story caused this to happen? Or is it his long and sordid Trudeau hate collection? The only thing I fear is that he will write three times as many posts at Progressive Bloggers as he already does. For I must admit his posts have already made PB a far less attractive read than it used to be. And of course I can't forget the way he ran JWR's campaign for Prime Minister. Luckily like everything he touches, it failed too...

Simon said...

Hi JD….Thanks a lot. Luckily I had already eaten a couple of hours before, or I would have had to send you my dry cleaning bill. But seriously who are these zombies. I’m not surprised the anti-vaxxer cult met up with the Bitcoin one, but honestly what parallel universe do they inhabit? Fortunately it’s all looking like a total bust, with the Cons the main casualties. They have shown us once again their murderous hatred for Justin Trudeau, and we have all been warned what might happen to this country if they ever formed a government. I intend to spend the next week mocking them and demanding they resign. Unfortunately of course, that pathetic clown car convoy may motivate extremists to try to kill the prime minister so I hope the RCMP and CSIS will keep a close eye on them. Never mind the swastikas just look for this symbol….🤡

Anonymous said...

I hope all the roads leading to downtown have road blocks at the city limits. No more convoys coming in please. Keep an eye on Trudeau also his life is in danger, these guys mean business, remember the 70's when they kidnapped Laporte and Cross! Laporte was murdered the army �� was called in by Pierre Trudeau, Come on Justin get the army, the reserves , helicopters, tanks...move them out and jail them. This is not a peaceful group of truckers, the good ones went home they are out to get you. Grab the leaders before it's too late.