Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The Terrorist Convoy and the Con's Fatal Mistake

At least nobody can accuse me of not trying to warn Canadians about the FreeDumb convoy.

Warn them that it had a heart of darkness, and that it could be very, very, dangerous.

Many Canadians didn't want to hear about it, they didn't believe it could happen in Canada.

But it is happening, and it's a horror story.

Can you believe that?

They seem to believe they are on some kind of holy crusade, instead of a cowardly mission to avoid getting vaccinated. 

But at least our shabby media is finally covering the story, and making it only too clear that many in that convoy are dangerous far-right extremists, and are looking and sounding more American than Canadian.

“F—king A, guys, let’s get pumped for this. Let’s go to f–king Ottawa,” said one supporter, described by anti-hate activists as a far-right vlogger in a recent YouTube clip.

Referring to the 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol building events in Washington last January, he said: “I want to see one of those truckers … None of our guys (involved), obviously. But I’d like to see our own January 6 event. … See some of those truckers plough right through that 16 foot wall.” 

It's all crazy talk, but they also want to overthrow the government, unless it agrees to end the war on Covid.

One of the groups associated with the event, Canada Unity, has produced a pseudo-legalistic “memorandum of understanding” they plan to present to Gov. General Mary Simon and the Senate, which they mistakenly believe would force the government to rescind COVID-19 public health measures, or force the government to resign en masse.

And many of them want to arrest, and even kill Justin Trudeau, so the terrorist threat cannot be ignored.

On one Facebook group connected to the convoy with more than 35,000 members, one user recently asked “what would happen if the military stood behind us and not Trudope?”

“There WILL Be a LYNCHING…!” another user responded, according to screenshots shared with Global News.

“If anything we should grab Trudeau by the g—mn neck and kick the s–t out of him for what he’s done...”

The filthy Cons are always threatening to kill Trudeau...

Except that this time many of them really believe it's going to happen. Which makes them even more dangerous than usual.

So the police, and the army if necessary, must be prepared to defend our democracy by whatever means necessary, including the use of lethal force.

And the good news?

They can threaten to kill Justin Trudeau, but his government will not be intimidated. 

The federal government says it will not back down on its vaccination rule for cross-border truckers despite entrenched opposition from some drivers and groups claiming to represent their interests.

In a joint media statement released today, Transport Minister Omar Alghabra, Labour Minister Seamus O'Regan, Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough and Stephen Laskowski, the president of the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), said COVID-19 vaccines are the "most effective tool to reduce the risk of COVID-19" and protect public health.

So Trudeau can continue his war on Covid...

To try to end the pandemic, and save the lives of the elderly and the vulnerable.

While the Cons jump on the Freedumb Convoy. 

Conservative MPs are publicly cheering on the trucker convoy that’s making its way across the country with the intent of converging onto Parliament Hill this weekend, voicing opposition to the federal government’s mandatory vaccination policies.

With high profile Cons like Andrew Scheer, Candice Bergen, Pierre Poilievre, Garnett Genuis, and Leslyn Lewis finally exposing themselves as anti-vaxxers.

Leaving more rational Cons like Andrew MacDougall to total up the damage.

Which will be enormous, especially if the convoy ends badly, as it almost certainly will.

All that hate and all those lies have led the Cons to make a fatal mistake.

They are trying to kill our country and its values in the middle of a still raging pandemic. 

They are the dirty dirties.

And no decent Canadians should ever vote for them again...


Jackie Blue said...

MacDougall isn't a "rational" Con. "Polished" may be a better term, as in "polished turd". He's a Harper fart catcher who's disappointed that the monster he and his boss created are saying the quiet parts out loud and rendering themselves unelectable. Instead of Steve's bargain bin hockey book, perhaps Andrew should have read the story of Dr. Frankenstein. All they wanted was tax cuts and to fulfill their god-given destiny to get filthy rich on petrodollars until the heat death of the universe, but the whack jobs kept getting in the way.

Instead of expanding their vote share, they seem to be aiming for the failed Jenni tactic of riling up the base and praying to the gods for a vote split. Except Jaggy just got himself into another oopsie thanks to his idiot brother-in-law, who is either a Con or a rube easily duped. Some party of the working class, I mean who the hell has $13K to drop like it's no big deal? I'm sure there will be committee hearings on this ad nauseam like there were about Margaret and Sacha Trudeau, right? (Crickets)

I hope there's no violence either, and it looks like the police are preparing themselves to short-circuit what the Schmucks in Trucks are promising to make into a "January 6" event. With Trump Jr and several other Kraken crackpots in the crime family's orbit attaching themselves to this, it won't be long before an investigation is launched into the $5M in funny money being raised for this Kovidiot Karen Kudatah. If the cons are really willing to go to scorched-earth levels to rid themselves of Dumbfuck O'Toole, all the more reason they deserve to be run out of Dodge as a party once and for all.

Meanwhile, in the world of reality, it's ride or die with Trudeau, Canada, as the other parties have proven themselves to be driving themselves into a ditch. Given the opportunity, they'd do the same to the country; all the more reason to never give them the opportunity. But Trudeau really learned well from his father: "just watch him."

Anonymous said...

Shooting them? The army?

You really think Justin is pissing himself that badly over a couple of truckers?

Do you think anyone is outside of the ranks of Truanon?

Get a grip.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie…..MacDougall is more rational relatively speaking. I have written at least a dozen posts blasting him for serving his master Harper, and attacking Justin Trudeau for no good reason. But his criticism of Bergen’s absurd pro convoy statement is welcome at this time. We need to learn to use Cons against Cons because it hurts them more than anything you and I might write. Or for that matter anything Trudeau might say. I was pleased with his statement tonight, but I want to see the Cons fighting themselves, because that’s the best way to destroy the Cons. And at this point, despite my very painful wrist, I.’m feeling very good about the the way things are working out…l

Simon said...

Hi anon@10:05PM….Hey dummy, I realize you are a slobbering member of the Con cult, but can I ask you a serious question? Are you drunk or senile. I’m only suggesting that the police and the army should be prepared to hold off any Freedumb who may try to kill innocent people,or attack our parliament buildings. And since I haven’t the slightest doubt that many of those Freedumb Cons are armed and high on meth, those defending our democracy need to be ready for anything…

Anonymous said...

So here's a couple of Andrew Giuliani, Marjorie Taylor Bergen and Donald Poilievre jr's domestic terrorist buddies proudly displaying their racist symbols on their voyage of the damned.
You're right, Simon. When the dust settles and the smoke clears from this insurrection disguised as a protest, those Con MP's will be rightly vilified and hopefully charged for enabling and supporting domestic terrorism. Hmm, where have we seen this before?
It's no secret that the majority of truckers are right leaning so my guess is that the 90% of truckers who are vaccinated are center-right and the 10% in the freedumb rally are far-right extremists better known as domestic terrorists. That's actually quite frightening because as they traverse the country, their ilk are latching on to the Cletus Convoy and its size continues to grow. Even though they're a tiny minority, it will appear much larger than what it actually is. Given the myriad of threats toward the PM that are emanating from them I would hope the authorities would stop them from entering the city. Sadly, I doubt that will happen and they will be allowed into the city on the "assurances" from the organizers that it will be peaceful. Umm, I doubt it. To me, this convoy is a 4400KM long intestinal tract that began in BC and ends in Ottawa with them shitting all over the capital and on democracy itself.
The sad irony is that contrary to what the freedumb convoy is supposedly fighting for is in fact the opposite. It will be causing major traffic delays which will hinder an already delicate supply chain as well as the major disruptions to the general public, myself included. I fear a surgical procedure my beloved has waited months for and scheduled for Monday morning in of all fucking places, downtown Ottawa, will either be cancelled or I wont be able to get there. Funny how the Karen convoy's rights and freedoms are trampling on those of the majority of Canadians isn't it? However, I shall remain optimistic that once the shit hits the fan, it will rapidly disperse by Sunday. I do really hope they use water cannons on them if the Karens get ornery. -15C and being soaked in water would definitely give a whole new meaning to the phrase "freeze motherfucker"!!!

Anonymous said...

Simon, these aren't Ojibwa protecting an ancient burial site or Wet'suwet'en defending their land from oil and gas companies - you know, "serious" threats where police beat and shoot people.

No, these are white Con good ol' boys just having some fun. The police will treat them like they treated protestors during Trudeau's election campaign or like they treated the truckers last time they headed for Parliament. You know, frowns of disapproval from the police chief and a contribution from the police union.

Jackie Blue said...

@JD: I am sorry to hear of your beloved's surgery being in limbo due to these covidiots. I hope this cheers you up: It may or may not be for greater precautionary principles, but it appears that Justin Trudeau and/or his team took the advice sent in your message. He announced this morning that is isolating due to exposure to COVID-19. That may well be true, and/or it may also be to get him to a safe location as the Karen Kovidiot Konvoy makes its way to Ottawa. I can only guess that Brian Lilley, David Akin and Bryan Passifume were explicitly warned by the PPS to stay off his tail or risk charges. Regardless, he is under protection right now.

Thank you so much for attending to JT's and his family's concern. I have sent correspondence to the PMO on a number of occasions, most recently last year after the sausage maker incident where I expressed concern that he was no longer safe in Canada as the Conservatives escalated their radicalization through scandal mongering. I can vouch for the fact that he and his staff really do appreciate hearing from Canadians (and Americans!) and their words of support.

In other news: Bogus Reid this morning has good news for the Liberals and bad news for O'Toole. Which, I'll take it, but it's a bitter Pyrrhic victory considering it was Churlish Kurl who denied JT the majority. Seems the telephone pollsters are living in a completely alternate universe. Nanos in particular really needs to pack it in.

Regardless, it seems the Cons are about to go to their Skippy place, and if that pans out, JT could end up getting that majority next go-around. By not budging 1 cm on vaccine mandates, JT comes out of this looking the hero, while the Cons come out looking like, well, [Truck Nutz](

Anonymous said...

A message for the #FluTruxKlan.
Hello Freedumb Convoy, welcome to Ontario! As our license plate states, "A PLACE TO GROW", the fuck up and put on your big boy pants. Did you know your misguided journey is a sham, a joke? The whole premise of your protest is so utterly nonsensical that it defies logic and I'm not explaining it to you because at this point, you're simply just too stupid to understand. Did you know you're merely a tool of the far-right political bowel movements otherwise known as the CPC, the rebel, and proud whatevers? You know...domestic terrorists. I don't believe you are all like that and have been led astray by Canada's lowest forms of life. My condolences. However, keep in mind that you will be judged by the company you keep so you may want to turn around before it's too late. If you don't and just so you know, your stupid fucking convoy is clogging truck stops and making it very difficult for the real heroes who are out there doing their jobs to use. You know, the vaccinated truckers. Not to mention the stress it's putting on those poor workers and the police who have to navigate your clown convoy through their towns and cities. Nice work covidiots. Rest assured that Hell will freeze over before your demands are met and the same applies to you ever collecting any money from the grift of the century.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jackie. That means a lot. Fortunately, it's not considered serious at this time but any further delays could change that and I hate to see my darling worrying about it. Anyhow, fingers crossed and middle one ready for deployment at the truckers. We're taking one for the team on Monday and we better damn well not be harassed by any hobo truckers who forgot where they parked.
I'm chuckling at the times of our last posts, 1:02pm. And that's not the first time that's happened. I do swear sometimes that we're on the same wavelengths. So I have to ask, did you get the Pfizer or moderna microchips with your jabs? I had 2 Astra Zenecas with a Pfizer chaser so maybe Marjorie Taylor Ghoul could answer these highly technical questions about frequencies and space lasers for us. Or even better, maybe my old buddy Cheryl Q Gallant would know. I actually had a not so pleasant experience with her some 35 years ago but I'll save that horror story for another day.
I did read about JT isolating but he apparently also said he would be staying at home. I hope that's incorrect and that he doesn't have a misguided, ego driven obligation to stand his ground. Even good men can be irrational and quite stubborn at times. Trust me, I know, I am one. So I better send Sophie an email and tell her to grab JT(By the scruff of the neck if need be) and get the hell outta Dodge for the weekend.

Jackie Blue said...

Not that it's going to register bigly with the Covidiot Convoy on the way, but Nanos and Fife are at it again, insisting Trudeau is en route to an early exit and doing push polls for Chrystia Freeland. Anything to get rid of the man they hate and distract or bothsides the dumpster fire that is the CPC.

Do they really not think he could beat Skippy of all people??? No doubt they'll run interference for him, but by God I don't think there is anything they could do that would polish that pigeon turd. Unless, of course, they get the Liberals fighting amongst themselves again, as they tried with JWR.

If the party and/or she takes this bait and starts another leadership war, I will lose a lot of respect for whoever is involved. Freeland seems smart, but I hope she doesn't get greedy. He has been adamant that he will lead the party into the next election, so whoever these "people" are, they need to STFU. If anyone needs to shut this down ASAP, it's Freeland herself, NOW. Things are too precarious with Russia, the economy, and the rise of big rig domestic terrorism to push the governing party into a leadership race.

Fuck Nik Nanos, fuck Bob Fife, and fuck the goddamn Globe & Fail.

Anonymous said...

You missed one Jackie, fuck Pierre Poilievre!
Sounds like his speech for when(god forbid) someone is seriously hurt or killed by his beloved domestic terrorists.

Steve said...

There is a widely quoted poll saying 28% of Canadians support the truckers? Is that not around the high water mark of Canadians who support Conservatives. Trudeau is in power with less than that. Its a dangerous minority. Its another five bell alarm we need electoral reform now.

Anonymous said...
It gets worse. Sergeant-at-Arms Patrick McDonell deserves a medal for putting this out and it better damn well compel Justin and family to follow this advisory and vacate the building, NOW!

Carl L said...

Anything that is cheered by the usual same lunatic Con suspects has something fishy behind it. This Karen Convoy is no exception. From the fake pictures of empty shelves tweeted by the CPC and other provincial Cons, to convoy images that always show way more pickup truck than actual trucks, to that GoFundMe that run by the secretary of a right-wing party with absolutely no association with the trucking industry, raising millions in no time through numerous suspicious donations of tens of thousands of dollars from anonymous accounts inside and outside the country (money laundering?). GoFundMe even froze the money and are releasing it little by little because they are suspecting shady activities.
Seriously, if even after THIS, someone still doubts that the Cons aren't trying to become the Canadian Rrumpubliscums, they need to have their head examined.
No sad of seeing the MAGA crowd getting grifted, though.

Anonymous said...

O'Toole now says he's going to meet the truckers in Ottawa. “I’ve never seen the country more divided, and I've never seen a time that we need to come together more than now,” he told reporters. I'll say the country's divided - 85% of us are vaxxed and are fed up with the childish antics of the rest.

Anonymous said...

With a large percentage of the world still unvaccinated it is probable the Omicron variant will not be the last Covid attack we experience. If the freedumb fighters have their way and a significant percentage of Canadians remain unvaccinated the outcome is predictable. Initially the mutation spreads rapidly throughout the country by way of the unvaccinated and once dispersed starts attacking the vaccinated who are immune compromised or have had weak immune responses. Presto we are right back to where we are now.
With everyone vaccinated the outcome would be different. It would take much longer for the virus to seek out the vulnerable which in turn would provide the time necessary to identify and quarantine breakthrough cases before it has had a chance to spread. We definitely saw the viral cluster bomb effect during the Omicron wave as the hospitals were initially filled with the unvaccinated before the mutation became sufficiently established to start exploiting lines of weakness amongst the vaccinated. It’s human nature for some people to refuse to be vaccinated, we have to accept that but at the same time we need to limit their ability to act as rapid transmission vectors for any new variants that might arise. Any political party that encourages otherwise is committing a crime against Canadians and deserves to pay the consequences. I am really amazed that although Cons pride themselves as being great military strategists when it comes to stopping a mindless but deadly viral invasion they are clueless. It’s all gung ho until it isn’t, what a stupidly sorry lot!
The attached data provided by Tara Moriarty, an infectious disease researcher at U of T shows the unvaccinated will have resulted in approximately 10,000 unnecessary deaths before the current wave subsides. This excludes the collateral deaths caused by breakthrough cases. All you have to know is that Moe says the numbers are fictitious.