Thursday, January 27, 2022

The Con Convoy from Hell Invades Ontario

The so-called Freedom Convoy has invaded Ontario, with their flags, honking horns, and their "Faith Over Fear" signs.

Many of them are religious fanatics who want to bring down the government, and arrest and even kill Justin Trudeau.

They really do believe that God, and Trump, are on their side.

Which is why I'm glad that police are getting ready to make sure that they don't get anywhere near the heart of our democracy.

For some of them and their supporters look downright dangerous.

Ottawa police are preparing for the arrival this weekend of a massive convoy of protesters opposed to pandemic public health measures — but they say they don't know how big the event will be or how long the protesters might stay.

"The event we're looking at this weekend is not what it appears," Coun. Catherine McKenney, a mayoral candidate who represents the Somerset ward, wrote in a media statement.

"Several members of this group are connected to militant racist, sexist and homophobic groups. Their statements and placards promote xenophobia. They are not here to only raise voices against vaccination mandates, but to also fuel hatred against the very fabric of our society.

They are low life Trumpists. 

They have no respect for this country and its values. And not only are many of those Con cult members as dumb as dirt.

Some of them are really aggressive.

And some may be armed.

So the police must take the threats seriously.

As I've said before, this fascist show would be hilarious, if it wasn't so crazy desperate, and dangerous.

So I agree with the Star editorial board, it's time to call off this far-right protest.

The convoy may have started out on the West Coast as a legitimate, albeit wrongheaded, protest against new federal regulations affecting essential workers who regularly cross the Canada-U.S. border (truckers prominent among them.

But by now, as could have been easily predicted from the start,it has become a magnet for every sort of extremist, not just sincere anti-vaxxers, but a jumble of conspiracy nuts, Western separatists, far right-wingers, and worse.

Lie down with dogs, as they say, and you get up with fleas. 

The desperate Cons are playing with fire.

MPs like Andrew Scheer, Candice Bergen and Pierre Poilievre will look awfully bad if the ugly side of the anti-vax movement is on full display once the truckers get to Ottawa.

Even if isn’t, those MPs are firmly on the wrong side of this issue. The vast majority of Canadians are fully vaccinated (including, by some estimates, as many as 90 per cent of truckers themselves) and long ago lost patience with the recalcitrant minority that refuses to get their shots. 

They know that has prolonged the pandemic needlessly and put an intolerable burden on the health care system. We’ve all paid the cost of the anti-vaxxers’ selfishness.

And nobody has paid for this selfishness, more than these battered heroes... 

The ones who have worked tirelessly to save lives, while being insulted and threatened and even attacked by those anti-vaxxer monsters. 

Just like Justin Trudeau has been threatened, for the "crime" of doing the right thing. 

The government is right to stick by its policy on mandatory vaccination for cross-border truckers. Indeed, even if Ottawa reversed itself nothing would change: U.S. authorities have imposed a similar mandate on their side of the border, so the truckers are stuck with it for the time being. 

At this point they should call off their protest. It will accomplish nothing, and it’s already amplifying the most toxic voices among those opposed to vaccine mandates, and vaccines themselves. 

It's a disgusting spectacle, and it's high time for the kooky anti-vaxxers to call off their their un-Canadian hate fest. 

And if they don't, the police must be ready to take it down. By whatever means necessary. 

The scummy Cons who are trying to topple a duly elected government have had their fifteen minutes days of fame. They must not be allowed to abuse our democracy any longer.

In the name of human decency. In the name of our Canada.

Enough is enough...


Jackie Blue said...

The worst part or maybe the dumbest part is, the underlying reason they're backing this insanity is as a scorched-earth campaign to get rid of O'Toole. Now he's going to go have a chat with the truckers. What an absolute idiot.

There's still time for the media to redeem themselves by inviting Michael Wernick on the circuit to publicly apologize to him. This is, after all, United We Roll 2.0, the first event being the one that Scheer and Poilievre went to where they gave a pep talk to the yellow pests calling for Trudeau's head and demanding that the government be dismantled. How quickly they forget.

I want to see Solomon and Stephenson and Akin and Coyne and all those hacks churn out multiple op-eds and panel discussions admitting they were wrong. That they were wrong to focus on SNC as a far more pressing issue and portray Wernick as a partisan hack for sounding the alarm. That they were wrong for riding the scandal train almost to the point where a complete nutcase like Scheer almost became the prime minister.

It'll never happen of course. Now they're playing war correspondent for a disaster that's partially of their own making. Did they really think that by bothsiding ad nauseam the Conservatives as a legitimate government-in-waiting and going overboard with their feckless scandal-mongering about Justin Trudeau, that their baby wouldn't mutate into a monster by being nurtured for so long? Instead they're still trying to get rid of him, this time by push polling for a Liberal leadership race that does not exist. And who's reporting on it but Fife! Him and Nanos feeding their rationale that Trudeau deserves to be ousted. Fire the both of them. Nobody needs this.

Stephen Gordon's signature tweet needs to be engraved on a plaque:

Disband the Conservative Party of Canada. It is beyond saving.

And for that matter, disband the media too. You broke it, you bought it. I have no sympathies for their crying plight. Shame on them all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon

"As I've said before, this fascist show would be hilarious, if it wasn't so crazy desperate, and dangerous."

The Cons will soon discover it is one thing to whip the hounds into a state of frenzy but another to lose control of the leash. No more polished double talk about climate change, guns, oil, religious freedom to persecute non conformers, their view of government overreach will all be out there in plain view for everyone to see.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That last image really floored me, Simon. I'm looking at it with the little kids, with their little pickets and I think, awww, how cute. Then I look at the unfit parents with mommy's obscene language picket and daddy's death threat one and I think WTF is wrong with them?! Someone has to report those "adults" to the Children's Aid Society and to their employers, schools, etc. Assuming this was culled from social media, I hope someone can identify them and does just that. Is this what passes as acceptable parenting in the far-right radical world of conservatism? I thought brain-washing one's children was an ISIS or Al Qaida thing. Obviously it's not. I am deeply concerned for those children's wellbeing and wonder with dread, what kind of hate-filled future is in store for them with "parents" like that. Also, I can well imagine what kind of "healthy and positive" interactions they bring to other children at the unfortunate daycares and schools they attend. That is so sad. Someone please report them!!!! The kids can still be saved, the parents? Not so much.

Enough is enough indeed, Simon. The freedumb convoy has morphed into a deeply divisive, near mirror image of Trump's insurrection with all the similar players stoking the fires and big lies. Regardless of whether violence breaks out or not, which I think it will, this whole nonsensical protest will require a full public inquiry into where the money came from, the key players and the Con MP's who incited it. Especially the likes of the biggest traitors of all, Skippy, Scheer, Bergen, etc. I wonder if these treasonous MP's will be at parliament hill to address their freedumb fighters? You know, get them all whipped up into a frenzy and then cowardly run for cover and watch it all on TV?

Justin's stomach must be turning watching this all unfold. All he ever wanted to do was to follow the science and help get us out of this pandemic while the Cons have done everything possible to impede it and divide Canadians. He doesn't deserve this whatsoever and neither do we. History will not be kind to the MP's who helped incite this and should anyone be hurt or killed because of it, the blood of the innocents will be on their hands and they better damn well be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for their actions.

"The root cause of domestic terrorism is, Pierre Poilievre".


Anonymous said...

There is a huge amount of hype surrounding the freedumb convoy. is a fact checking site that is attempting to put some reality around the claims. As of Jan 27 an estimate of the convoy numbers is around 113 trucks and 276 personal vehicles. Admittedly they could grow as some eastern truckers join the protest but no where near what the hype would have you believe. What we are likely to see in Ottawa is a relatively small number of truckers surrounded by a much larger mob of nutbars.
"David Akin, the chief global correspondent with Global News, cited a report from the Ontario Provincial Police that 113 trucks (as well as 276 personal vehicles) were recorded coming into Thunder Bay from Winnipeg".


Anonymous said...

For their efforts to hinder and obstruct the government of PM Trudeau in its fight against covid and now this, the CPC along with the NDP should be declared illegal entities in Canada and disbanded. Their MPs should be arrested and charged with crimes against Canada and jailed until their trials and then barred from ever seeking office again. Their respective supporters need to be taught to disown their former parties and place their support with PM Trudeau.

Jackie Blue said...

Wish I was there so I could fix the message for 'em

Jackie Blue said...

One of the little prime ministers-in-waiting has COVID 😢

Stupid covidiots. Justin isn't "hiding in the cottage." He's being a good dad. Makes you wonder how many of these chuds are deadbeats and/or abusers.

I hope they get better soon.

rumleyfips said...

The truckers are right !. I went to the grocery store in our little Nova Scotian village today. Lots of shoppers because a storm is coming. I was shocked and appalled to find they were out of onion dip. They had salmon, dill, garlic and herb and spice dip but no onion. Whatever will I do ?

I blame Trudeau.

Anonymous said...

Canadian press Jan 28 update: "While the size of the convoy has been a source of debate, the Kingston police said they had counted 17 full tractor-trailers, 104 big rigs without trailers, 424 passenger vehicles and six recreational vehicles."
Take your pick on size illusions: media inspired Winter Madness or Much Ado About Nothing? The genuine have the right to express their concerns to a caring government in a civil manner but this shit show has gone way beyond that. Everyone loses but it will continue as long as political opportunists are working in tandem with pay per click media.


Anonymous said...

Uh oh, Erin is a flippin' and a floppin' again. This time on whether to greet the truckers, or the organizers, then he's not, then he is, then he's...???. Jesus H. Christ Erin, make up your gawdamned mind. He's got a little Erin devil on one shoulder and a little angel Erin on the other in a tug-a-war that's rendered him more useless than usual. He's talking about fake empty shelves which I agree could be a reality in the area with the truckers clogging our major transportation arteries. He's like a Sergeant Schultz of Canada's fascist movement except he's not lovable nor funny, just incompetent. The ones we need to watch very closely are Adolf Poilievre and Hindlick Scheer. They're up to their eyeballs in shit where this convoy is concerned and I would love to see them all doing the Con perp walk as many have done before but this is my favorite.
The sad part of all this is the Cons and this stupid convoy have sown an even deeper division than they've already caused in our great country while trying to project that JT is dividing us. They couldn't just wait out the pandemic and done their part like most of us have and they've done nothing but whine about it ever since. And they call us Karens? These idiots don't deserve to be in Canada. Migrate to a red state where you can roam free with the GOP wildlife, sharing stories and tall tales of imaginary grievances with your inbred cousins. Go now Karens. GO!
On a happier note, they will not be getting any warm greetings from mother nature as the low is forecasted to be -28C and windchills near -40 Saturday morning. They'll say, "we're used to the cold", however, there's a big difference between the low humidity cold of the west and the higher humidity cold in the east. It chills you to the bone and having spent a good part of my youth in Ottawa, I can attest that it can get extremely cold amongst the beautiful symbols of our democracy.
So enjoy your c-c-c-c-cold 15 minutes of infamy freedumb fighters. It will do nothing other than being a major inconvenience to millions of people and giving the majority of decent Canadians a good look at what passes for conservatism in our country. With your fuck Trudeau posters, the death threat ones, perhaps you'll build a gallows for a mock Trudeau hanging while chanting "hang Mike Pence, hang Mike Pence"? Oops, wrong insurrection. All in all it sounds like an all round fun Con family day in the capital. Bring the kids too. I heard they'll have lifelike JT Piñatas for them to whack while chanting "fuck trudeau". Remember, it's never too early to get your wee jihadis started on their life of woe and misery. And above all else remember this, snowflakes, your every move will be recorded for posterity and/or criminal prosecution.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of babies you men are commenting on this blog. It looks like the real men and women will have to take back our country from the globalist scum that you worship. Trudeau is part of Schwabs Hitler Youth and you love him? You're all suffering from mental illness. Get some help.

Anonymous said...


Another mental giant sums it all up "globalist scum that you worship". Issues such as climate change, Covid, mass migration due to famine and our past military aggression, gun safety etc are nothing more than babies mesmerised by a globalist plot. Wow, the sooner Meta finds an alt reality home for these people the better.


Anonymous said...

Anon 12:58am, Your problem is you can't handle the truth or you're just too dumb to see it. You and your ilk are the biggest bunch of snowflakes ever to descend upon the capital and the biggest impediment to getting us out of this pandemic. And finally, your incredible stupidity re: nazis is as you are, mind-boggling. You are the real threats to democracy and the majority will rule MF. As per my earlier comment, go Karen, leave this country now, you're a fucking plague rat and we're done with you.

Anonymous said...

And so it begins.

I bet this is happening over and over again. Fucking plague rats. I hope he's charged to the max as he should be easily identified.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie…..Sorry to take so long to get back to you and the others, but I have been really busy. However I have been keeping an eye on the Con convoy, and i can’t remember the last time I was so disgusted. They really are the scum of the earth. But that is the good news. They have revealed themselves as they never have before. And with the mob on the doorstep even the Con media is being forced to focus on them. And the more Canadians look at those filthy Cons, the less they’ll want to vote for them…

Simon said...

Hi RT…..I was surprised to see the Cons embracing the Freedumb convoy so enthusiastically. It shows how many anti-vaxxers there are in that party, and even more disgustingly it shows the depth of their hatred of Justin Trudeau. And with that combination stirring them up they have a huge mistake that will do them a lot of harm, and almost certainly finish off Erin O’Toole….

Simon said...

Hi JD….That’s a very powerful comment..And you’re right, the picture of that family is truly disturbing. If you blow up the part of the photo and focus on the father and son, it looks even more shocking. I understand that a lot of Canadians are tired of the public health restrictions, but throwing in the towel is not the solution. And letting a bunch of redneck truckers use force to determine how we fight Covid is simply insane. They don’t think of all the people sick in hospital and the healthcare workers trying to save their lives, they only think of themselves. And I am confident most Canadians wii see them for who they are….

Simon said...

Hi rumleyfips….I share you outrage. A grocery store that is out on onion dip can only have had it’s supply chain personally sabotaged by Justin Trudeau. Although on a more serious note, I really wonder how those Con ninnies would have fared during the Second World War. All the restrictions people had to live with would have had them begging our government to surrender. Most Canadians have done their duty, and as far as I’m concerned , those who aren’t willing to do that are nothing less than traitors….

Simon said...

Hi anon@12:58 …. I’m afraid you are the one who needs help, and the Con truckers are the big babies. They’re so afraid of being vaccinated, the very thought starts them blubbering. And btw I don’t speak Alt-right, so what do you mean when you say that Justin Trudeau is a member of the Schwabs Hitler Youth? Don’t you realize how crazy you sound, and aren’t you ashamed of yourself you silly Con clown? 🤡

Simon said...

Hi JD….that video of the guy in the hotel is simply shocking. It shows how wound up and how dangerous the anti-vaxxers are. If it was up to me I would jail a lot of them until the pandemic is over. But we have good pictures of him, so hopefully the police can track him down…

Anonymous said...

So Simon you don't know about Klaus Schwab's Global Youth Leaders? Look it up and also watch Schwab here:

Jagmeet Singh is also a WEF Young Global Leader and Freeland. Ardern, Blair, Johnson, Macron etc. You think Singh and Trudeau aren't working for the same agenda? Ha ha.

Our government isn't working for the interests of Canadians. They work for the globalists. Wake up before it's too late.