Monday, December 18, 2017

The Many Hateful Lies of the Con Clown Andrew Scheer

For a man who claims to be a religious fanatic, Andrew Scheer seems to have a very casual relationship with the Ten Commandments.

Especially the one about not bearing false witness.

Because he breaks that one all the time.

And this is just the latest example.

For Justin Trudeau has never used the words "tax cheats." 

Not once, not EVER. 

If you can stand to watch Scheer's smarmy video, it's clear that he was the one who came up with those words. 

But by putting them between quotation marks he's now making it sound like Trudeau actually said them. 

So that's another big fat lie. Schmear should be ashamed of himself.

And if that doesn't make his lying nose grow even bigger... 

Then how about this one?

Where he tries to whip up even more hatred against Trudeau, by suggesting he was slacking off, instead of trying to cheer up sick kids in an Ottawa hospital.

And when this decent Canadian let him know how she feels about that:

Scheer came back at her like this:

By claiming he was just showing his love for Star Wars...


Let's file that one in the in-box between dubious and whopper.

And when another member of the Progressive Twitter Brigade also questioned Schmeagol's  sense of decency:

He made it only too clear that sadly he has none:

And no shame either.

Since everybody knows that he had a long and passionate affair with Ezra Levant and his hate mongering Rebel...

Whatever he might say now.

And now that he's hired Levant's buddy Hamish Marshall to be the Con campaign manager...

It's a menage a trois, with the Cons, and the Rebel gang, and some of worst bigots and Nazis in Canada all working together to whip up anti-Trudeau hate.

Which is now out of control.

A Saskatchewan man has received a two-year suspended sentence after threatening to kill Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on social media. 

Derek Hurrell, 34, of Borden, Sask. appeared in provincial court on Monday morning to hear his sentence. 

According to the Crown, Hurrell made the threat in January on his Facebook account, saying "I just want to take a gun, put it to Trudeau's [expletive] head and blow his [expletive] head off... it would be a public service to Canada.”

In a country where hate crimes are increasing and growing more violent.

If they were capable of even a trace of decency, our scummy Con media should be going after Scheer for fanning the flames of hatred, that threaten to consume this country.

And for trying to turn the Cons into a party of religious fanatics and right-wing extremists, more American than Canadian.

But the Con media has no decency, so we will have to spread the message ourselves.

Andrew Scheer is a hateful liar just like Donald Trump...

He must not be believed.

And he can never be trusted.

For given half a chance he will destroy this country...


  1. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Don't like Scheer much, but look at his Twitter post again. Why would the PM be meeting with his staff at Stornoway? That's Scheer's schedule with Star Wars written on it. Those are Scheer's meetings that were cancelled.

    It's always nice to beat up with Cons, but you have to be right.

    1. Anonymous10:39 PM

      Yes that's Scheers agenda with the Star Wars note showing the important meetings that would have been cancelled if on a whim he decided to go see Star Wars instead. But of course like his predecessor his work is just far too important to actually get out and meet/listen to provincial and municipal leaders much less the Canadian public.

    2. hi anon 9:33 am...that's not the impression he left with most Canadians who read that tweet. Him and his Cons have been trying to portray Trudeau as a slacker, or someone exhibiting "eccentric behaviour." So it's the usual alt-right tactic, smear your opponent and then say you were just joking. Scheer had a chance to correct the record and he didn't. And neither has he retracted his far more serious charge that trudeau called Canadians "tax cheats." And a man who smears his opponent like that is capable of anything...

    3. Hi RT...I think you summed it up well. Scheer is so partisan that almost everything he puts out is aimed in the nastiest way at Justin Trudeau. I'm sure this tendency will become even more pronounced now that he has hired Hamish Marshall to make the Cons even more like The Rebel. And I'm equally sure it will do him no good...

  2. Jackie Blue11:29 AM

    Nice to see Scheer is failing bigly on the PR front of social media. You'd think his "IT guy" would have the sense to tell his boss not to put his foot in his mouth on Twitter. No matter, as long as he keeps lashing out at everyday Canadians because he figures it was a winning strategy for Trump, he and the cons will crater by the time election day comes around. I'm sure he'll just claim that his Twitter got hacked, but even someone who isn't incredible with the cyber can troubleshoot the real error: problem between chair and keyboard. "Sheesh."

    Scheer must think he can out-Jedi a Jedi like his fellow smug-mug Canadian con Ted Cruz, who got slapped down on a net-neutrality comment by none other than Luke Skywalker himself. Justin won't even have to waste any energy on Jedi mind tricks with this guy, because Scheer Idiot clearly doesn't have much in terms of a mind to trick.

    I feel sorry for Scheer's kids. What does he have, a baker's dozen by now? Seems this guy intends to clone himself more than Jango Fett. "Jango Unchained," that should be his nickname. Or maybe Jango is the clone of Mango, from the evil empire south of the border. Anyway, Daddy obviously doesn't believe in having any fun. Pierre was still PM in 1983, and he took 11-year-old Justin to see Return of the Jedi as can be seen in an adorable YouTube video from the CBC archives. Scheer apparently thinks it's a waste of space and time. Is the cons' new slogan "Bah humbug"? Is he one of those jerks who hands out Bible comics instead of candy for trick-or-treat, and then blames "terrorists," "feminists," "sinners," or just "Liberal voters" for why his house ends up covered with eggs and toilet paper on All Saints' Day?

    Now as for terrorists, that would-be assassin hailing from Scheer's home province is one. So is Ezra the Hutt, the slimy slug kingpin of the empire's propaganda network. Everyone at that channel all belongs in prison for inciting hatred and facilitating credible threats of violence against the prime minister. That goes for Scheer too, who has refused to sever ties with Ezra or the "IT guy." If something happens to Justin or anyone in his family, the blood will be on the hands of Ezra Levant and Andrew Scheer. Just like it would be on the hands of Steve Bannon and Donald Trump if some self-radicalized Breitbart fanatic took out Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. "You are all members of the Rebel Media Reform Alliance and therefore all traitors. Take them away!"

    You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. They let the hate flow through them, and they're determined to see to it that Justin really is the last Jedi and that he never returns. It's therefore the responsibility of Canadian voters and of law enforcement to ensure that the empire -- in one way or another, whether by ballot or by bullet -- is never allowed to strike back. For all we know, Andy's probably jealous of Justin. After all, when forty-six years old, he will reach... look as good, he will not. 😎

    1. Hi Jackie...what truly shocks me is that Scheer can call itself a religious person, and then lie like a thief. As you can see from the video he is using a Big Lie as a demagogue would, and the Liberals need to call him on that, and demand a retraction. Once he put the words "tax cheats" in quotation marks his fate was sealed.And if he is forced to retract those words, his whole tax campaign will come tumbling down. I don't think most Canadians realize how much the Cons were brainwashed by Stephen Harper and his political things. But they were, and now they are going to to pay for it all over again....

    2. Anonymous12:37 PM

      "Everyone at that channel all belongs in prison for inciting hatred and facilitating credible threats of violence against the prime minister."

      Ya! How long should we lock them up for? 25 years for the sound engineer? Life for the camera man? Whoops I said "camera man" guess I'm guilty of hate speech too. I'll be turning myself in shortly.

  3. A Papal visit might be fun...

    But Scheer is from a very different - and very adversarial - faction of the Catholic Church. I don't think of Michael Coren as particularly progressive, but his article about Rightwing Catholics (who hate Pope Francis) seems well-informed.

    1. hi lagatta....Scheer belongs to the same extremist part of the Catholic Church as Jason Kenney, and it's not surprising that politically the two men are clones. Although it must be said that one is apparently still chaste, while the other is breeding like a rabbit. As for Michael Coren he has had a dramatic conversion that rivals Paul's change on the road to Damascus. I used to portray him as the gollum in The Lord of the Rings, but now he is in the front lines of the war against the religious right, and has earned my respect. Gawd, life is confusing... ;)

  4. Anonymous2:53 PM

    "For Justin Trudeau has never used the words "tax cheats." "

    Which is why JT should launch a defamation lawsuit against the lying POS Schmeagol. If anything, it'll make the big tool think twice before he sends his next distorta-tweet. No parliamentary privilige to save him there and the fence sitters will be compelled to do a little research before they believe anything out of his alt-right mouth.
    Just like his "precious" Harper, Schmeagol has proven he will never be ready to be a leader to all Canadians. His absolute hatred of JT and all that he stands for is rather demented and exposes a despicable excuse of a human being that shouldn't even lead a scout troop let alone the government.
    Sheesh! What an arsehole!

    1. hi JD...I think the Liberals should threaten to sue. Or publicly challenge the Cons to come up with any evidence that Trudeau used the words "tax cheats." Most Canadians support making our tax system fairer, so if Scheer is forced to retract the "tax cheats" charge I think it would do the Cons some serious damage. Which I'm sure you agree with me, they truly deserve...

  5. Anonymous3:39 PM

    The influence of Hamish Marshall is making the Cons even more of a Rebel or Trump Party. It's Trump's big lie repeated over and over again. JD is right, the Liberals should launch a defamation suit and embarrass the hell out of the Cons.

    1. hi anon...I don't doubt that Marshall has something to do with that dishonest campaign. It is right out of The Rebel, where distorting the truth is job one. As I told JD, I think that if the Liberals accused the Cons of acting like The Rebel gang, and challenge them to prove they are not slandering Trudeau, they can smear the schmearers, and give them a taste of their own medicine...

  6. I would like to see some underling release a rebel style video documenting all the lies of the cons since JT was elected.

    What is too rich is the complaint they used a fighter plane for a photo op. This is from the same people that had airshow pay millions of dollars for a plywood F35 photo op and then declare its single engine will never fail.

  7. Hi Steve...the more the Cons and the Rebel are tied together, the harder it will be for Scheer to expand his base. He needs to be seen as more moderate than Harper, and so far, he's failing badly....

  8. e.a.f.4:46 AM

    If Trudeau didn't saying "businesses" weren't tax cheats, then Scheer's saying Trudeau did say it, may make people think or remind them businesses do have an unfair advantage at the tax table. With Trump just passing his new tax bill giving the wealthy more tax breaks, it will simply remind the average Canadian, big business does have it better at the tax table than the average working. Scheer ought to keep his mouth shut because had he not opened it, people would not begin wondering what a Conservative would do in Canada, i.e. much like Trump did in the U.S.A.