Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Lisa Raitt, the Scummy Cons, and The Rebel Connection

Lisa Raitt likes to portray herself as a different kind of Con, a cut above the rest of her lowlife colleagues. But don't believe a word she says.

She's as rotten as all the others. 

When she was a minister in the Harper government she told one of her flunkies that cancer was "sexy" only to end up blubbering I'm sorreeeeeee!!! 

And now I wouldn't be surprised if she's blubbering again.

After having inadvertently revealed the six degrees or less of separation between Andrew Scheer's Cons and Ezra Levant's filthy Rebel.

It all began yesterday morning when Raitt tweeted out that illiterate message encouraging her Twitter followers to visit a new and mysterious site called real accountability.ca.

Which according to those who saw it, smeared the Liberals as only the Cons can. Included articles from MSM reporters, but made them look as if they had been posted at that site.

But had nothing to show who had put it up, or who was paying for it.

And although it also had a Twitter site, with these two happy campers, or happy avatars...

Who were clearly designed to appeal to the millennials the Cons need so badly.

They weren't there for long, because before you could say *Shazzam* they were gone. 

And so was real accountability.ca., gone without a trace.

Which had even the venerable Bruce Anderson wondering what the hell was going on:

But although the site disappeared, it did leave behind some clues.

Which if you read this story on the ghastly hate monger Ezra Levant, lead to another.

The Rebel uses political organizing software—a platform called NationBuilder—to organize and monetize its audience. (It also sells access to its email list.) The man who implemented that system is Hamish Marshall.

A longtime member of The Rebel board, Marshall is also the person most responsible for making Andrew Scheer the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

And can only make one wonder whether Marshall, who is now the Con's election campaign manager, and is known for his habit of creating dozens and dozens of websites wherever he goes, was the one responsible for real accountability.ca.

Or more importantly, wonder whether the Cons and The Rebel are now one and the same.

For as you can see they are both beating the same hollow drum. 

The Rebel, the loser Raitt...

The grotesque religious fanatic Scheer or Schmear...

And the Cons in the Commons.

All using fear to whip up hatred against Justin Trudeau, in what seems like a coordinated campaign.

With the only difference being that the Rebel article also includes these death threats:

Which I will forward to my police officer friends when I go to work today, along with my longstanding request that the hate mongering hog Levant be investigated, and hopefully charged, for allowing such violent material to appear on his site.

Finally, if you want to know where all of this is going, or how dirty the next election campaign is going to be, I'll show you a video Hamish Marshall made about five years ago, when he was the head of Go Newclear Productions.

Which described itself at the time as a “full service digital agency with a focus on public affairs and politics”.

But leaves no doubts about where Marshall is coming from...

Because when you regard politics as war, you are capable of ANYTHING.

And this is the bottom line:

Lisa Raitt should crawl on all fours into the gutter where she belongs, and should have been sent after she called cancer "sexy."

Our useless Con media must demand to know who exactly is Hamish Marshall working for?

The Cons or The Rebel, or both of them?

Because stopping the Alt-right/fascists from taking over the Cons and maybe even Canada should be the media's main priority.

And we must all work to defeat Andrew Scheer, the ghastly Schmeagol.

Before he corrupts our politics further.

And before he destroys our country... 


  1. Prosecute with extreme predjudice

    1. hi Steve...I wish I could, for in a country where hate crimes have tripled in the last year, I don't think there's anything more urgent. I can't believe and will never accept the number of death threats aimed at Justin Trudeau, and I would feel the same way if those death threats were aimed at Andrew Scheer, as much as I despise him. It's just not the Canadian way, and it needs to stop...

  2. Anonymous11:12 AM

    This is so disturbing, it's like Trump has come to Canada. I dread the next election already.

    1. hi anon...don't dread the next election, just stay on your guard. I haven't the slightest doubt that the Rebel Cons will try to steal the election, by bombarding us with so-called "fake news" or wedge issues just like Trump did in the U.S. But at least we know their modus operandi, we have the tools to track them down, and we will be ready....

  3. Anonymous12:10 PM

    I still don't understand why the site came down so quickly, why would Raitt link to it if it was so fake? And why did she not explain or apologize for linking to a dead site?

    1. Hi anon...I would have had to examine the site when it was still know to figure out why it went down in such a hurry. One of the reasons I'm told is that it took work from MSM writers, and made it look like they had posted their work on that site. But I also think that they panicked when they realized their tiny little internet footprints could be traced back to the Con hate mongers who work or worked at the Rebel...

  4. Jackie Blue12:14 PM

    (NB: I'm the American who made the "yippie-kai-yay, Charlie Brown" and Canadian Bacon comments on yesterday's article and has left statements here before. Simon suggested a username to distinguish one anon from many others. So I picked a 1970s pop song about a secluded and shy person who "lives her life from inside of her room." A phenomenon becoming more common as people seek shelter from threats of doxing and even violence for speaking out against creeps like Trump and their rabid, fascist supporters.)

    So, with introductions aside... Even if Hambone was just the "IT guy" for Deplorebel Media (we know he's more than that), the American election should demonstrate full well how much damage the "IT guys" can do to a functioning democracy. I can't stand these immature techbros who have no other purpose in life besides "move fast and break things" and "creative disruption" like literally everything is a science experiment just begging to be "tweaked" and "hacked" with the right "formula" or "algorithm." They're scary, and soulless -- they don't seem to have any connection to how their actions affect real human beings, nor do they appear to have any interest in finding out. They don't seem to "get it" when the impact is pointed out to them either. Everything is just "data" or a harmless prank "for the lulz." The 4chanification of society.

    Does anyone honestly think that Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey gives a rat's tail about the chaos that Trump has foisted upon everyone from undocumented children in hospitals, to the women he sexually harassed and assaulted, to onetime international allies like Britain, France, and Canada -- and the people there who now have to contend with mini-Trumps of their own attempting to "reproduce the error" of 2016's results using "IT guys" as their henchmen?

    Canada's discount-bin version is Hamish Marshall, "IT guy" for Ezra Levant who intends to be the Steve Bannon of the North. It therefore strikes me as no surprise that the "IT guys," on whatever geopolitical landmass they happen to fall, all seem to espouse the reckless Silicon Valley ethos which itself is emblematic of America's nearly 250-year-history of "moving fast and breaking things." It was as reckless during the dotcom bubble of the early 2000s as it is now where the new tech titans -- digital robber barons -- have become corporate empires in and of themselves, with more money between them than the GDP of entire countries.

    The Clueless Broadcasting Corporation and the "old media" in the U.S. underestimate the "IT guys" at their peril. They are cold, calculating, and well-practiced at strategy. They've found a way to hack the most invisibly vulnerable system of all: the minds and hearts of human beings, who these Mr. Robot types see as mere "fleshbots" in "meatspace." For Hamish Marshall and his far-wealthier cohorts like Zuckerberg, Dorsey and the frightening Bond villain Robert Mercer, everything is just a video game in the Matrix -- including politics, which consists of avatar sims and the voters as "non-playable characters." They are bigly good with the cyber. They are so bigly good, in fact, that they're turning the whole world into a dystopian Augmented Reality nightmare with them in control of the joystick (in more ways than one -- they really do get a rise out of this, if you catch my drift).

    Edwin Black wrote an excellent book called IBM & The Holocaust. The same nefarious involvement between "IT guys" and fascists is rearing its ugly head yet again. Only this time it's Facebook, Twitter, Google/YouTube, and a number of their "clients" -- like Breitbart, Russia Today, and Rebel Media.

    Rage against the Dark Side and the dying of the light, Canada. Rage against the machines.

    1. hi Jackie Blue....and welcome once again to the comment section of this blog, that you contribute so much to, and where you have so many fans. As for today's contribution, it also raises some interesting questions, and like you I also believe that those internet rats are creating a dystopian world where nobody can trust anything they read. For when that happens, demagogues have a ball, and we can end up living in a fascist society. I often wonder what George Orwell would make of the times we live in if he was still with us. Would he rewrite 1984 ? Or would he just throw up his hands in despair? However, the good news is that we have some excellent internet battalions that we can use to unite and mobilize progressives, and take on and destroy even the mightiest of enemies. And believe me we will...

  5. Anonymous1:55 PM

    I just held my nose and checked your link to the rebel story and those deplorable comments are still there Simon. Levant and his fellow low-lifes need to be held accountable for this garbage.
    Those comments could have and should have been removed before they were even posted so it's obvious that Levant not only condones it, he is quite proud of the hatred he inspires and in my opinion, he is actively promoting the assassination of PMJT.
    Simon, please let us know what or if there was anything your cop friends could do about this as it will inspire others to speak out and hopefully shut down the rebel once and for all.

    1. hi JD...yes, Levant either can't or doesn't want to remove those murderous comments. And since he doesn't get that many comments for a rag that he claims has a huge following, I have to believe the latter is true. As I said above I will report any death threats aimed at any politician in this country progressive or Con. To allow that to continue would be the death of democracy, and will sooner or later lead to tragedy. As for my police officer friends, there isn't much they can do until the powers that be take the problem seriously, and our pathetically weak anti-hate legislation is strengthened. But at least they do have a record of the worst hate mongers in the country, they know who they are, and hopefully the RCMP can use that information to help protect Justin and other leaders. And when the new anti-hate legislation is passed, the round up can begin...

  6. Anonymous3:04 PM

    I just checked and Raitt's dumb tweet is still up, with no explanation about why the link she's promoting goes nowhere. What contempt she has for Canadians, or is she trying to hide something? In my humble opinion this is just the tip of the iceberg. If Scheer, Marshall, and Levant are working together Scheer should fire Marshall or resign.

    1. hi anon...I don't know what to say about Raitt that I haven't already said. How she can put up a link to nowhere and not say anything about it is beyond belief. But what her silence does say, is tell us it's a Con production, or she would have said something. And it's a mistake that will haunt her forever...

  7. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Its been obvious for some time that the type of game the Scheer lead Cons are playing is to throw bull shit at the wall, analyze the target audience to see what sticks and then micro target small voter groups with the specific crap they respond to. Sort of like a massive drug sampling test that slowly gets refined to a specific virtual cocktail that produces a maximum high at the individual level. The beauty is that once the basic drugs/media are prepared the sophisticated computer algorithms can personalize them to produce maximum response at a cost of pennies per victim. However as with most drugs the legal stuff produced by the Cons and their news outlets are limited in potency so as in both the addict's and nuclear worlds it is necessary to mix in restricted stuff to create the chain reaction. That's where fentanyl,enriched u-235 and Ezra come in. Without Ezra and his clones the Hamish vision of manipulating all those vacant minded voters into achieving a mind blowing chain reaction just doesn't work.
    Marshall is just an egotistical punk, nothing new they have been around forever. What is new that members of a major Canadian political party would still hire him as their campaign manager after they watch the Go Newclear video in which he shamelessly portrays voters a mindless atoms receptive to big bang producing bombardment. Take away Ezra and the other hard stuff and Marshall becomes another has been along with his boss... no big bang chain reaction just a stinky fizzle.

    1. hi RT....yes, you're right, that is indeed the game the Cons have been playing for some time, and with Hamish Marshall onboard will almost certainly take to new extremes. However, as you point out, the Rebel base is so ignorant and brutish, the message has to be given the lowest denominator treatment, so it ends up offending more people than it motivates. And you're right, I hope people understand the meaning of that video, because while it is something Con frat boys might dream up, in it are the seeds of fascism...