Sunday, December 31, 2017

Candice Bergen and the Trudeau Hating Cons

I've been trying to write something about what the year 2017 felt like to me, but it isn't easy.

So many things happened, I can't decide whether it was a good year or a bad one. 

Or whether we're making progress, or going back to the Stone Age.

And to make matters worse every time I start, I keep getting distracted. 

Either by some of the many university students in my neighbourhood shouting PAAAAARTY!!!

Or as I was last night, by some very loud grunting and honking.

Which turned out to be the Con hog Candice Bergen making a fool out of herself. 


By going after Justin Trudeau. 


As only she can.

Even though Justin and his brother Sacha were only celebrating their birthdays, since both were born on Christmas Day.

And even though Bergen is in no position to call anyone elitists, or denounce them for mocking and ridiculing anyone.

Not when her bestial Cons mocked and ridiculed the Liberal cabinet minister Amarjeet Sohi earlier this year for having once driven a city bus. 

A federal cabinet minister who learned to deal with the public while driving an Edmonton transit bus was laughed at this week in the House of Commons, apparently for that very reason.

And although she's the Con House Leader, Bergen refused to apologize.

"There's all kinds of laughter that occurs here," Bergen responded in the House. "So we absolutely respect and honour all of the jobs that we've done, and the experience we bring to this house."

As only a Con piggy could...

Of course, that's not really Miss Piggy, because she's nice while Bergen is an ugly Trudeau hater who can barely control herself.

And her desperate attempt to clarify her first tweet about the Trudeau brothers, only showed that she will never admit she's wrong.

Even if that means getting egg tomato all over her face...

And of course, reminding people that Bergen is getting her inspiration from that other Trudeau hater and religious fanatic Andrew Scheer...

And his good buddy Ezra Levant, who is always accusing Trudeau of being a terrorist   sympathizer...

As well as Levants's former buddy Hamish Marshall who is now the Con's campaign manager.

Who has yet to explain why during the time he was at the Rebel, that hate mongering rag printed so many death threats against Justin Trudeau?

Like this one:

But will, before the attack ads start coming out, each with a different threat, have to come up with better excuses than these:

While the rest of us will be called upon to answer this question:

What kind of person would vote for the Trump Party at a time like this one?

When they can vote CANADIAN...

I'll be back in a few hours with some final thoughts about 2017, and some predictions for 2018.

But you don't need a crystal ball to figure out where the Cons are going...

They attacked Justin Trudeau like rabid jackals, as only dirty old Cons could. 

Only to remain as unpopular as they were a year ago.

Frozen in time, but never closer to the grave...


  1. Candy seems to have confused Xmas with Easter. Who's the dumb bunny now ?

    1. hi rumleyfips...It's scary to think that two brothers celebrating their birthdays together can be accused by someone like Candice Bergen of mocking their own religion. The Cons are scum, more Trump than Canadian, and we can't destroy them soon enough...

  2. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Thanks for another year of blogging, Simon. All the best in 2018!

    1. hi anon...thank you, yes we made it. How I have no idea. But who cares? And all the best to you and yours !!!

  3. Anonymous11:17 AM

    It's funny how I am a Christian yet those shirts don't upset me in the least. Being a Christian also means being able to bring laughter in a lighthearted manner even if the last supper is used as a prop.
    Now enter a radical/fanatical Christian(Candice) and what we get is a condescending, sanctimonious response from the Cons hypocritical hag that slags.
    It seems the only thing that stimulates the Cons funny bones are when they are belittling or Schmearing someone(s). Thanks to Harper it's been ingrained into their ugly, nasty DNA and the only way to excise it is to send them all to their political graves in 2019.
    Now that would be, and speaking of witch, a Happy New Year Simon!!!!

    1. hi JD...well I'm an atheist, but I try to live my life according to the Christian values my parents taught me, which are not the ugly values of the Con Trumpkin Candice Bergen. The Cons are truly desperate and will literally use anything to attack Trudeau, so I vow to work at least as hard as them to attack them in the same way. Happy New Year JD !!!

  4. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Wave the slightest hint of a red flag and the bulls come charging in except now its the Twitter verse instead of a china shop. Perhaps Candice missed the message that the majority of Canadians do not support mixing religion with politics. She should do Canadians a favor and emigrate to the US, Iran or Saudi Arabia where it still is in vogue. Unfortunately she can't because her special brand is so much better than the rest.

    1. hi RT... you're right she would be more at home in Ian or Saudi Arabia, a burka would definitely suit her. Or she could borrow one of Jason Kenney's inquisition or Opus Dei costumes. I can't remember Candy as a card carrying Christian so it must be the sinister influence of Schmeagol that has her posing as a pious person. Honestly, who are those Cons, and what part of Alabama did they come from?

  5. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Candice Bergen was, is, and will always be a Con hog. She is one of the Harperites who has never been able to accept being bounced from power, and her hatred for Justin Trudeau oozes out of every pore. But Trudeau and the Liberals beat those cheese monkeys fair and square, and will squish them again in 2019. Happy New Year Simon!

    1. hi anon...yes she has always been a hideous Trudeau hater, and now that she's house Leader she seems to be under the impression that she's working for the religious police, or that anyone cares what she has to say about anything. I think you're right, they really did think they were ordained to govern Canada for life. I look forward to the day when we can defeat them again, and hopefully send them to Trumpland where they clearly belong...

  6. I have seen the last supper live, one of the disciples is not dude. Happy New Year everyone. Let this be the year Cons around the world are rejected and dejected.

    1. hi Steve... Thank you, and Happy New Year to you and yours!! And yes, I like your slogan:

      Let this be the year Cons around the world are rejected and dejected

  7. Anonymous2:22 PM

    If you want to be part of Andrew Scheer's inner circle you have to act like a religious extremist. He demands it and if you are not a Bible thumper you will get nowhere. It alone explains why Bergen is going after the Trudeau brothers in such a crazed manner.

    1. hi anon...I think you're right, even though I can't prove it. Yet. Scheer is clearly favouring the religious, and I wouldn't be surprised if Bergen is feeling the pressure to imitate them or face losing her job as House Leader. I know she's a bitter Trudeau hater, but I can't recall her posing as a Mother Superior. But I guess since Kenney left, they needed somebody to play that role... ;)

  8. Anonymous2:34 PM

    GOP North

    1. hi couldn't have summed it up better. That sort of religious extremism belongs in a place like Alabama not Canada...

  9. yvonne4tn3:47 PM

    This photo of Justin and Alexandre was posted on Justin's half-sister's Instagram account LAST YEAR! It took Candice Bergen and the Rebel Boys In Short Pants all this time to show their #ScheerIndignation. I hear that CTV news also showed this photo LAST YEAR.

    1. hi Yvonne...OMG I can't believe. How low are those Cons prepared to go to attack Justin Trudeau? But I take that to mean that Hamish Marshall and his Rebel gang are already hard at work playing their dirty games. I noted that Scheer was talking about how he believed that the Cons need to build up their social media presence, so it sounds like we are going to have a real battle on our hands. Good. I can't wait to show them how much better we are than them...

  10. Jackie Blue3:57 PM

    Happy New Year Simon! Another year over and a new one just begun! (But not for the cons, who are clearly still stuck in the 1950s instead of Y2K+18.)

    Sheesh, Murphy Brown's poor-quality namesake (give or take a vowel, Pat) has even brought Sacha into the con hatred march? Over a sweater? Puritans like these are the ones who waged the original war on Christmas. People are getting tired of them more and more, believe me.

    Oh, and by the way: I've seen that smiley-face Last Supper sweater before, and what Candy apparently doesn't know or care to know is that it's sold by a company called Shelfies of Canada. So by modeling that sweater, Justin and Sacha provided free advertising for a local e-commerce business. Probably the best advertising they can get. Someone should ask Candy Cain why she doesn't want to support the Canadian economy.

    Here's to a con-free new year (and hopefully the trouncing of Trump as well). May the arc of the universe bend ever toward justice.

  11. hi Jackie....thank you, and Happy New Year to you too !!! And yes, isn't Candice Bergen the New Puritan? I have no idea where she found her new vocation, or whether she bought it from some online Church in the Deep South. But the idea of Candy as a Guardian of the Faith is so outrageous it's practically blasphemy. But if you notice she's also throwing in the word "elites" as all the Cons seem to be doing now, and never did before. So she's clearly the latest Con
    to convert to Trumpism. Which is great, because Canadians will never go for that kind of politics. May the arc of the universe bend ever toward justice, and lead us to the Con-free Promised Land...

  12. Anonymous12:32 AM

    Send this article to Bergen and Scheer:

    Jesus was a lefty


  13. He sure as hell wouldn't have mocked a man for being a bus driver.

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