Friday, December 01, 2017

Andrew Scheer's Scary Cons and the Baloney Meter

The more Canadians get to know Andrew Scheer, the more they realize that he wasn't kidding when he said he was Stephen Harper with a smile.

For although that smile is really creepy, and that religious fanatic has the potential to be even more dangerous than Harper.

Not only does Schmear or Schmeagol lie like a thief.

He also loves to play the politics of fear.

And sound off like a demagogue.

While the hapless Lisa Raitt, the one who once declared cancer to be "sexy," all but accuses the Liberals of coddling terrorists...

Which if she hadn't had so many low points in her career, would have to be considered as one of her most bestial moments ever.

Especially since no government in this country can stop Canadians from returning from wherever they have been abroad. And unless they appeared on a video, or there is other evidence available, it's almost impossible to prove that someone fought for ISIS.

So it is just demagoguery, and I'm glad the Canadian Press put the Con smear that the Liberals are welcoming ISIS with open arms, through the Baloney Meter. 

Which not surprisingly Scheer, Raitt,  and the nasty Cons failed miserably.

"(Raitt's) statement is trying to play upon people's emotions in a reactionary way instead of being practical and realistic," Dawson said. 

Adds Littlewood: "The statement implies things that are not correct. "There are no factual errors in the statement — but there is an interpretation of the issue and the response of the government of the day to the problems posed by returnees." 

For that reason, Raitt's statement is deemed to have "a lot of baloney."

But despite that, what makes this campaign of fear even more disturbing, is that it is both inspired by Stephen Harper...

Drawn directly from Ezra Levant and his hate mongering Rebel...

And is no doubt being orchestrated by Levant's former Rebel buddy Hamish Marshall, who is now the Con's campaign manager...

And in a country where hate crimes are out of control. 

The Cons need to be made to understand that this is not acceptable.

So I'm glad the Liberals are finally fighting back. 

The Canadian Press has described The Rebel as "an organization increasingly linked with the alt-right, the name most commonly used to represent the white nationalist movement in the U.S." 

Canadians are deeply concerned that the Conservatives and the Rebel Media are still struggling to part ways. Andrew Scheer has refused to denounce and end all ties with the organization.

Our useless Con media might not know or care about the problem.

But there is no greater threat to Canada than the activities of the alt-right in this country.

And if we want our peaceful country to endure, enough is enough.

It's time we all fought back.

First we must expose them.

And then we must destroy them...


  1. So, there's Ezra and 59 other terrorists in Canada ?

    1. Anonymous4:43 PM

      Ha ha ha. All jokes aside, I hope those returning ISIS fighters don't commit any terrorist acts because we'll never hear the end of it. Can you imagine? Scheer and Ezra will be like "there told you so, Trudeau's gonna get us all killed".

    2. hi rumleyfips...If there was any justice Levant would be charged with aiding and abetting terrorism. For it's his filthy kind of propaganda that can make young Muslim Canadians feel unwelcome in their own country....

    3. hi anon 10:19... as I explained the other day, I get it that Cons have a larger fear gland in their brains than do normal people. But try to eat more spinach like Popeye and see if you can pluck up your courage. Any Canadian who is suspected of having fought for ISIS won't even be able to take a shit without being closely monitored. And if the authorities have any EVIDENCE that they fought for ISIS they will be prosecuted. There, now do you feel better?

  2. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Ezra Bannon and his party of deplorables need to take off, eh. Bigotry and demagoguery is about as far from "polite" as you can get. If anyone is guilty of barbaric practices, it's the cons and their attendant enablers and supporters.

    Anti-Racist Canada has been documenting a rise in not only hate crimes against minorities by these terrorists (and they are terrorists), but credible assassination threats made against Justin Trudeau. La Meute of Québec makes the FLQ look like junior-high pranksters. They and other groups, along with the lone-wolf self-radicalized types who binge-watch Rebel Media, will stop at nothing until he and/or someone in his family is dead.

    BuzzFeed also reported that a "pro-gun" rally was scheduled to be held using the Polytéchnique memorial as backdrop. Trudeau tweeted that it was a "cruel and unnecessary provocation" -- a statement that itself angered the hornet's nest, and now they're really out for blood.

    The POS who killed those women because they were women is a hero in the "men's rights" cult of the Internet, where Trudeau is demeaned as a "cuck" because he's a genuinely good and compassionate person who doesn't train for boxing matches using Sophia as a punching bag. Scheer, as far as I know, said nothing -- but I'm sure he thinks that it's just "freedom of speech" and so would his hero Trump, if the NRA wanted to hold a rally outside the memorials to Sandy Hook or Columbine. Many, many good people on all sides.

    BTW: Today is World AIDS Day, and Ezra's hero Donald released a statement that was unbelievably generic and soulless. He didn't mention LGBTQ+ people even once, and actually said that "faith-based organizations" would be of help in combating the disease. When it was Reagan's theocrats who watched from the sidelines and laughed, saying that God was dispensing "righteous justice" against LGBTQ+ people as they were dropping like flies from a plague.

    I almost don't want to know what Scheer and the rest of the self-loathing, destructive closet cases in that free-range mental institution called the Maple GOP have to say. I know Trudeau's statement will be compassionate and inclusive, and not pull a cowardly "all lives matter" sort of thing that intentionally glosses over the suffering of the Pride communities.

    The GOP and its northern clones should be designated as a terrorist hate group in and of themselves. They're cultivating sleeper cells, and if it's not stopped, it's going to lead to another McVeigh or JFK.

    With any hope, the Flynn testimony will collapse Trump and Trumpism, and with him, his deplorable ilk in Europe and in Canada too. Drain the swamp and lock 'em up.

    1. Anonymous4:46 PM

      Another JFK? If you believe Lee Harvey Oswald actually managed to murder JFK all on his own I have a bridge to sell you.

    2. Anonymous6:25 PM

      @anon 4:46 -- way to miss the point. I meant they want an assassination of a young and idealistic world leader, the alleged circumstances surrounding Kennedy's death notwithstanding. His father was something of an intellectual introvert who found public gatherings painful, but Justin Trudeau is a very people-oriented person who also seems to bristle and chafe about the security measures intended to protect him, because he really does want to get out there and get into crowds with regular folks. He said in the Rolling Stone interview that it took him six months to get used to no longer being able to get out of the car on his own (and that he still forgets sometimes), and told a radio host this past weekend that he wishes he could just stop in at Canadian Tire like a regular person.

      Sure enough, the troll mob came out in droves all over the Internet comment sections on everything from Huffpost to CBC to the wretched hives of scum and villainy like Reddit and YouTube, promising to (at best) "impeach" him (a sure sign of foreign input) or vote him out in 2019, so that he can set foot in the unemployment line "like a regular person" -- or far worse, take him out of the workforce permanently so that Sophie sets foot in a funeral parlor "like a regular person." Dollars to donuts (or loonies to Timbits) these deplorables are regulars at the comments section of Rebel Media and its ilk.

      Canada doesn't seem to have the kind of locked-down security measures that the U.S. does, perhaps because they're a different sort of country where there is no "inherent right" to hoard an arsenal of military-grade weaponry and thus a greater possibility that something violent and tragic will occur. Obama, I'm sure, would have loved to march at a Pride parade, but the U.S. is not that sort of country where he could -- let alone with the heightened racial animosity towards the first black president. Trudeau, as well, has managed to inadvertently kick enough angry, deranged, irrational hornet's nests simply by being a nice guy to people "they" don't like, that it's imperative that the RCMP beef up security -- and maybe inform him that he needs to wear Kevlar every day in Parliament and while out Christmas shopping, and keep his distance from the crowd whether he wants to or not.

      One of these sickos even got dangerously close enough to him that they tricked him into autographing what later was shown to be a swastika flag. They are hell-bent on making sure that the next selfie he takes will be his last:

      That's what I meant by "JFK." They want to Just Fuddle-duddling Kill Justin Fitzgerald Kennedy, Just For Kicks (or Keks, since we're talking about the Pepe cult). The fact that they were planning on showing up at a memorial ceremony he also planned to be at, to rally in favor of "gun rights" (with no indication of whether they were going to bring their "merchandise" along or not) should disturb anybody. But if you believe also that McVeigh was a false flag, I have waterfront property in Nebraska to sell you...

    3. hi anon 12:44... The fact that hate crimes have tripled in this country should concern everybody. But the Con media is too busy trying to bring down Bill Morneau to even mention the subject. And you're right we need those hate mongers like we need a hole in the head. I want the government to bring in the kind of anti-hate laws they have in Britain, so we can put all those dangerous bigots behind bars before they hurt somebody...

    4. hi anon 4:46...OMG are you Cons still retrying the Kennedy assassination, still looking for foot prints on the grassy knoll? The lesson of that tragedy is that any loser with a gun can kill anybody. Which is why I have always believed that Cons should not be allowed to own weapons...

    5. hi anon 6:25pm...thanks for explaining the JFK comparison to our Con reader. And you're right, the more hate renders this country toxic, the more dangerous it becomes. And considering the number of death threats I have collected from sites like The Rebel, Justin Trudeau should be more careful, or he could end up like the Kennedy brothers. I trust the RCMP is doing its job, but the way Justin wades into crowds makes me fear for his safety...

    6. e.a.f.1:26 AM

      A. 12:44 has a very good point regarding those who are "rallying" for gun "rights". They are the much more dangerous people in our country. Those who fought with ISIS, saw the issues and decided to return home. They will be less of a threat then those idiots who wanted to carry out their gun rally in MOntreal

    7. Anonymous2:05 AM

      Oswald was a far left communist dip shit. If anyone shouldn’t own firearms it’s the left.

      Not that do anyway.

  3. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Voter polarization is the name of the game. In order to lock any solid structure in place the molecules (voters) have to stop moving,a quantum type partition barrier has to be created where people are no longer free to rationally examine evidence. Force people to unequivocally choose sides while fighting for what the structure looks like. It really doesn't matter if the side you are on is in a minority position because once common sense and decency is destroyed apartheid by stealth becomes an option.
    It just made my stomach churn to see this strategy in play while watching the Cons falsely attack and loudly heckle Morneau and his family in parliament. Although it is fair game for some voters to be biased against silver spoon politicians, using parliamentary privilege to call him and his family crooks on trumped up evidence they would not dare present outside of parliament is disgusting. To them win or loose it doesn't matter its all about polarization and destroying any form of cooperation. On that count Scheer and his fellow asses are doing a good job.

    1. its called the southern strategy and its worked in America since Nixon invented it. Trump rode it all the way to the white house, just like every Republican president has.

    2. Hi RT...the way the Cons have treated Bill Morneau is simply appalling. As far as I'm concerned it's just bullying, and the filthy Schmeagol and his dumb boy Pierre Poilievre should be ashamed of themselves. As should the Con media for proclaiming over and over again that Morneau may not be guilty of anything, but it's the perception that counts. However the good news is that thanks to Morneau and his fellow Liberals the economy is booming, so what happens in Question Period has very little effect on most Canadians...

  4. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Andrew Scheer is a disgusting smear artist who should like the loser Stephen Harper is just trying to scare Canadians into voting for him. It may work for his base, who like most Cons are born cowards, but it won't work for most Canadians.

  5. Real terror is not being able to afford rent.

  6. hi anon 5:53pm...yes, it is the same dirty old game that Harper played. And what makes it even more disgusting is that Schmear is always bragging about his "positive message." But the good news is that it didn't work for Harper and it won't work for Schmear. Him and his Rebel dolly can beat that hollow drum all they want, but they're not going anywhere...

  7. e.a.f.1:23 AM

    isis AND its waving flags just remind me of this old Queen video where Freddy Mercury had a flag up on stage. The costumes isises wears reminds me of a pair of pants Freddy used to wear also. So if you have a bunch of guys like that, why worry about them. Perhaps Scheer is afraid he'll run away with them or want to use the same costumes.

    ISIS is a long way from us, we might be more worried about Trump and distracted driving and some of those crazy white men in the U.S.A. who keep killing people in mass shootings.

    As to people who "fought" with ISIS coming back to Canada, well they are Canadian citizens and better we provide them treatment like we would any one stuck in a cult than put them in prison and have them come out angry and full of hate.

    Scheer and his Cons can keep yapping on and on about ISIS and this and that, but the economy has just added thousands of jobs and those Trudeau cheques for children are still being mailed out. I would wager most people are much more afraid of Trump starting a nuclear war than they are about ISIS.

  8. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Scheer 2019