Friday, February 03, 2017

The Con Leadership Circus and the Two Trumpanzees

As you know the Con leadership circus has not one but two second third-rate Donald Trump impersonators.

But I'm sorry to report that after this week's ghastly show, both Kevin O'Leary and Kellie Leitch have been demoted.

And will now march in with the clowns.

For first there was Leitch attacking a proposed bill designed to fight Islamophobia, only to have the horrible massacre at that Quebec City mosque happen the next day.

And then after claiming indignantly that she was not a racist. 

Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch says her supporters shouldn't be dismissed as racist for backing her proposal to screen prospective immigrants for "anti-Canadian values," and she won't rescind her policy pledge despite criticism from some after the Quebec mosque shooting.

She was forced to issue a public apology, after her campaign manager Nick Kouvalis used a vulgar word associated with Trump's white supremacist followers.

Leitch said Wednesday her campaign manager, Nick Kouvalis, has apologized for calling a constitutional expert critical of her policies a "cuck" — short for cuckold — on Twitter, a term that is used online by members of the white supremacist and so-called alt-right movements...

And if that wasn't bad enough, now her puppet master has abandoned her. 

The controversial campaign manager for Kellie Leitch has resigned, saying he had become “a distraction.” In a statement posted to Facebook, Nick Kouvalis said that when “a member of a campaign team becomes the focus of media coverage, the time comes to resign.”

Or ditched her in a hurry.

And yes, as Stephen Harper's former lawyer turned dissident Benjamin Perrin says, it was quite an exit...

And it tells you all you need to know about Kouvalis and the ratty Leitch. 

Who is no doubt now looking for a new campaign manager in all her favourite places...

But if you thought that was a Con clown show, then there's the sad case of Kevin O'Leary, who has been trying to make us believe that he's not really a Trump impersonator.

Because he's too Canadian eh?

Only to post this video of himself on the same day a funeral service was being held for the victims of the mosque shooting...

And then have to pull it down in a hurry...

And that on the same day that the Toronto Star printed a story about how O'Leary might claim to be a "real Canadian" but his home and his heart is in Boston. 

Kevin O’Leary may be running for Canada’s Conservative Party leadership, but his heart and soul live in Boston. Indeed, O’Leary’s a Bostonian to the core — and despite wanting to be Canada’s next prime minister he has zero plans to move back to Canada any time soon.

Which is sure to have his Con opponents using the same kind of attack ads against him as they used against Michael Ignatieff...

And wondering whether Mr Wonderful is also "just visiting."

As well as raising these embarrassing questions:

Will O'Leary use the illumibowl he promotes to try to cheer him up? 

And does this give you any clues about where his campaign might be going?

And of course the answer is yes.

And the same goes for Leitch and all the other Con candidates.

First their Great Leader left them in a hurry...

And then one after the other they all followed him.

Into the sewer where they belong...


  1. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Simon, make no mistake, the timing of the O'Leery video was deliberate. He is taking trump's cues and thinking that any publicity is good publicity. It could happen too, what with FPTP in 2019 and many on the left walking around with the stench of Jill Stein on them.
    God help us all.

    1. hi anon...I suppose anything is possible. A divided left can lead to catastrophe as we have seen in the United States. But I trust enough in our Canadian values to know that the buffoon Kevin O'Leary's gun video might win him the support of many Cons. But it will never win him the support of the Canadian people...

  2. Anonymous9:27 AM

    O'Leary is going to win the Con race. I'm not a big fan of his but if it comes down to him or pretty boy, I'll hold my nose and vote for Kevin. He has the star power that's needed to defeat Slick.


    1. hi MC...I can believe how low you are prepared to go, I thought you were better than that. Are you seriously suggesting that you would support a man who would ban unions, and believes that the more desperately poor people there are, the better it is for business? Honestly, think what you are saying, and remember this is Canada not Amerika...

  3. Has Jill Stein moved to Canada anonymouse ?

    1. Anonymous12:39 PM

      We don't need Stein, we have the helping dippers.

  4. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Good riddance Nick. There's always the rebel or breitbart if you need a job. They're always looking for an experienced douchebag.
    So who's going to be Kellie's new campaign manager? I'd love to see that job poster. Hey MC? You interested?
    Kruellie's opposition to that bill is all about throwing her deplorables a bone. She has really sunk to an all time low on that one.
    Quite a week for Kellie, her racist message contributed to pushing a psycho over the edge and then kill 6 innocent people, her office was given a makeover and her big Nicky bear just quit on her.
    And then there's AK47 Kevin showing us a new level of insensitivity. Even if it wasn't the day of the funerals, it would have been highly inappropriate given that the murders just happened.
    I love the Kevin O'toilet graphics Simon, I'd call that one a double flusher, maybe three.

    1. hi JD...I think the Rebel would be an excellent place for Kouvalis, considering how many Leitch ads he has placed in that filthy rag recently. So I was shocked to read an article by Susan Delacourt suggesting that he still has a bright future, and that John Tory is refusing to rule out hiring him to manage his next campaign. How low have the Cons and the Con media fallen. However, if I have time, I will watch Saturday night's Con debate and watch O'Leary call all the other candidates losers. For that promises to be almost as funny or maybe funnier than Saturday Night Live....

    2. Anonymous3:31 PM

      Hiring Nick Kouvalis is basically a giant blinking marquee that says "I Have No Shame!"

      I was watching some old clips of Air Farce back in its prime of the mid 90s and I gotta say... I found it gut-bustingly funny even 20 years out. SNL... always feels oddly muted, like the timing or the writing just isn't quite there, even with a talent like Alec Baldwin and such a sizeable target like Trump.

      Canada really needs a renewed political sketch comedy troupe with the calibre of old-school Air Farce. 22 Minutes in its heyday reached that level of greatness, but once Rick Mercer left, it just lacked something that kept me from tuning in.

  5. Hopefully this Debate will be more interesting then the previous ones! However, if it is only being streamed on their web site, there may be a problem. But, alas, KO will be interviewed on 6pm news Monday night via Steve Murphy! Go, Steve, Go!

  6. Better save this, Simon....

    I think it is very likely O'Leary will win the Con leadership and then go on to become the PM, as awful and disturbing that would be.


    Now that the Libs have broken their promise:

    ....Justin's advisors must be thinking they can still coast to victory with another mandate, just like the Cons did. But politics is a funny business (just look what happened south of the border!)

    A Liberal finally won in my riding after decades of Con MPs. But this riding will really be up for grabs in the next election because those still wanting electoral reform could easily split the Libs, NDP and Greens....with the Con candidate coming up the middle.

    Repeat this scenario all over the country where there are now Lib MPs, and they could go back to third party status. Easy come. Easy go.

    1. Anonymous3:01 PM

      As much as those politically engaged understand the electoral reform debate, I can't imagine the average Canadian was really discussing and debating the merits of mixed-member or party-list proportional representation versus first-past-the-post around the breakfast table. It's also frankly ludicrous to think that just adopting a form of PR solves whatever democratic ills are to be found in federal politics. I've been watching Borgen and that shows portrayal of Danish coalition governance is... well, brutal, and that's likely what we'd look at with PR. I was always under the impression that Trudeau hyped it up too much to begin with, this kind of change to be rather difficult to implement under any circumstances.

      If there's any reform that Trudeau should champion, it's mandatory voting. Conservatives have a very vocal and very loyal voting base, but as the US has demonstrated very well for us, they can only win due to voter apathy and outright suppression. With the Reform personality firmly in charge of the Conservative Party, they fall well outside the norm of most Canadians, particularly those in the cities. Get everybody voting and the Cons would be in trouble, and I think they know it.

  7. loved the zingers some of the other candidates sent O'Leary, like Boston got the Christmas tree and in return they sent O'Leary as a candidate. That was funny.

    Chong looks good to me. Lisa Raitt may be O.K. although I'd won't vote Con, I do believe we need a strong Progressive Conservative Party in Canada to continue to be a democracy. The country needs 3/5 parties which will offer Canadians a choice. We saw how badly things turned out in the U.S.A. with a 2 party system. It really some times was hard to tell them apart, except when Bernie came on, but then he had never belonged to the Dems.

    the Conservative Party holds 100 seats in the house. They represent a lot of Canadians. they need good and decent representation and it is up to them to decide who that will be, not the rest of us. That doesn't mean we can't comment or critizise.

    1. Anonymous3:19 PM

      Times like this... I miss Joe Clark.

      I know.