Friday, February 24, 2017

Preston Manning and the Sad State of the Trump Cons

For years, during the dark days of the Harper regime, the Manning Centre Conference was an event where the Cons went to brag about how they were changing Canada beyond recognition.

And building a New Conservative Movement that would rule this country for a generation.

But not any longer. 

Now that the Cons have hit rock bottom, so has the Manning Conference.

For all you have to do is look at that ad, and then look at the list of speakers.

And it's obvious that the conference is a gathering of second-rate right-wing extremists and would be Trumpanzees.

With the parson Manning looking even more like a snake oil salesman than usual...

And at a time when the Con leadership race is a ghastly horror show, even the Con-friendly Andrew Coyne can see the writing on the wall. 

What, in fact, is on the agenda? There’s a session on Islamist extremism; another session on Islamist extremism; a session asking whether Trumpism can be exported to Canada, featuring a Trump campaign adviser; a session on how campus conservatives are being censored; another session on campus censorship; a session on the media; a session on the CBC (“Time to pull the plug?”).

Indeed, there’s also a session entitled “Down with the Elites? Understanding the rise in anti-establishment sentiment,” featuring inter alia that voice of introspection and understanding, Doug Ford.

Ford is not the only conference speaker with a decidedly populist tilt. There’s a Brexit campaigner, a talk-radio host, the editor of the Toronto Sun, even a Rebel commentator or two, all capped by a session with the original bad-boy provocateur himself, Mark Steyn.

Or the dark road ahead.

For any conference where you have to pay to hear Doug Ford speak, isn't much of a conference.

But is one that could have been organized by the Rebel Commander himself...

So it seems only fitting that Kevin O'Leary should hold a get together in Ottawa last night, and end up tweeting out this...

Which is either the view from his house in Boston, or the internationally recognized sign of distress.

And really who can blame him eh?

The Trump Cons, still not a Canadian party.

And still heading for oblivion... 


  1. Any conference that has Mark Steyn as a speaker has condemned itself. I wonder how his libel case is proceeding?

    And Doug Ford? Oh dear.

    The organizers must have been desperate.

    And "The rising threat of radical Islam"? Clearly Ezra was head of the organizing committee. Is there any racial/religious/sexual/... group whom Ezra does not hate? Oh I think he "loves" the Roma after that last encounter.

    1. hi jrkrideau....It seems that the Cons have finally hit rock bottom. For a while I thought they were just flirting with Trumpism, that it was just a passing phase. But now they are in the muck up to the necks. However, when I think of where Harper took them, I suppose I should have known better. For they stopped being a Canadian party a long time ago....

  2. Anonymous8:01 PM

    These are the enemies of liberal democracy.

    1. hi anon...yes they are, and it's hard to imagine a scummier group. They have betrayed our Canadian values, and are the traitors in our midst. But the good news is this country is still Canada, and those foreign weeds will eventually shrivel up and die....

  3. Anonymous1:07 AM

    "The Rising Threat of Radical Islam" should be changed to The Rising Threat of Right Wing Psychos.
    They've outdone themselves with that offensive ad Simon. Their one and only contribution to this great country is to stoke fear and create division. No original ideas, nothing for the general populace to embrace.
    They keep flogging this dead horse over and over again expecting different results but it to shall fail. For sure they'll have their bigot base cheering them on but that's it.
    Anyone with any shred of decency will shake their heads in disbelief at this gathering of Islamophobes and wonder who on earth is stupid enough to actually pay to attend it.

    1. hi JD...yes, wasn't that ad classy? It looks like something you might find at the ratty Rebel. And quite frankly, it's getting hard to tell the difference between the Cons and the Levant cult. It is absolutely disgusting, and never did I even imagine that a Canadian political party could stoop that low. But at least it does show what a phony Preston Manning always was. Posing as a parson, but willing to do anything to get his Cons back to power...


  5. hi David...I thought I mentioned that about a month ago, just like I've mentioned all the ads she's been placing in the racist Rebel. If Levant is indeed riding in a Hummer these days, as Frank Magazine says he is, Leitch probably helped pay for it. And needless to say for fishing in such a foul pond, she should be thoroughly ashamed of herself....

  6. Anonymous12:11 AM

    Columnists painting Stephen Harper as Mr. Inclusive are falsifying history
    Big tent, my ass

    Opinion by Andrew Mitrovica