Saturday, February 11, 2017

Bill Maher on Donald Trump's Horrible Week

I must confess that after only three weeks of President Donald Trump, I am being forced to contemplate a horrible possibility: 

I might go completely bonkers before he does.

Because although at the present time he has a good lead over me...

According to the resistance INSIDE the White House.

I don't know how much more of Trump or Kellyanne Conway I can take...

Or how much more fake news I can absorb...

Before I start questioning my own sanity. 

Or asking like Roger Cohen does, am I imagining this?

There’s a targeted “Gaslight” attack on journalists designed to make them doubt their sanity. It’s emanating from the White House and aims to drag everyone down the rabbit hole where 2+2=5.

Trump says “X.” Uproar! Hordes of journalists scurry to disprove “X.” He moves on, never to mention it again, or claims that he did not say it, or insists that what he really said was “Y.” 

People begin to wonder: Am I imagining this? They feel that some infernal mechanism has taken hold and is dragging them toward an abyss. The president is a reference point; if he lies, lying seeps deep into the culture. Americans start to ask: Will we ever be able to dislodge these people from power? What are they capable of?

Or worse, wondering where exactly is Trump leading America? 

And what might Drumph do in the aftermath of a terrorist attack?

Or a fire in the Reichstag... 

Sometimes I try to imagine what Trump’s Reichstag fire moment might be. In February 1933, a few weeks after Hitler became chancellor, fire engulfed the parliament in Berlin — an act of arson whose origin is still unclear. A recent New Yorker article by George Prochnik quoted the Austrian writer Stefan Zweig on Hitler’s savage reaction: “At one blow all of justice in Germany was smashed.”

It is a terrifying question, and we do need to prepare for what might lie ahead. 

But the good news is that after only three weeks in office, the orange oaf has never looked worse...

Or less like a real president.

As Cohen says, facts matter. The judiciary is pushing back.

And as Bill Maher says, last week was a good one for The Resistance...

More and more Americans are getting a better idea of the maniac who is their president.

The more they mock him the angrier he will get.

And with a little bit of luck, he will beat me to that padded cell...

Hey, in these insane times what more can I ask for?

Never stop fighting AND laughing at him.

And have a great weekend everybody...


  1. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Al Qaeda leaders must be dancing with glee. Rather than organize another massive attack aimed at provoking an Armageddon religious war all they have to do is provoke Trump. So much easier and the results will be everything they hoped for! Unification of the Muslim faith along with the great war and destruction ... Western civilization,the Saudi elite and Israel, themselves.
    Hopefully one of Trump's many other ill thought out initiatives will unseat him before the Reichstag moment. Economic turmoil will eventually destroy him but at the pace things are moving that seems too far out on the horizon.

    1. hi RT...yes, I'm surprised the U.S. media isn't hammering home that message harder, because you're right. Trump and his policies are a gift to Al Qaeda and other terrorists all over the world. But then that dangerous demagogue would probably welcome a massive terrorist attack because it would be the Reichstag fire he dreams about at night, with the copy of Hitler's speeches on his bedside table. But also like you I don't think the economy will collapse soon enough to evict him from office before he wrecks the world. I believe that mass resistance, followed by a massive meltdown, are the only things that can save us now...

  2. Anonymous12:42 PM

    RoguePOTUSstaff is quite something. The overall picture seems to be that the resistance to Trump is growing and consolidating. Looking forward to SNL with Alec Baldwin this evening.

    Three's hard to imagine this going on for four more years.


    1. hi interesting thing has happened since I published that tweet from RoguePOTUSstaff. It's suddenly started criticizing Trump's opponents for being too radical, which has led to suggestions that it has been taken over by another shadowy group. We're facing a real nightmare, and who knows how this Orwellian story is going to end....

  3. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Yup well it will happen in Canada. Left wing morons+right wing media working hard to take down Justin Trudeau so we can get Leitch or O'Leery as Prime Minister. Just look at the hype around Jagmeet Singh. Yes yes, he is in GQ, yes yes, split the vote you goddamn fucking morons.

    1. hi anon....well I've been warning about that as long as I have been blogging, and I've never got anywhere. There is a reason I don't criticize any of the progressive parties at least on this blog. Because if I did I might have some harsh words for the way the NDP has been cozying up to the Cons, and attacking Justin Trudeau as if he was some kind of monster. There is only one right-wing enemy, and if we fight ourselves it will destroy us...

    2. Anonymous11:47 AM

      Adam Vaughan won Spadina-Fort York in a landslide because he took the gloves off on ndp hypocrisy. They need to be called out, they literally got with Harper to torpedo national childcare because their scummy leader saw a chance to gain 10 seats.

    3. Split the vote? You mean that problem we have with our archaic first-past-the-post electoral system?

      The one that Justin has decided to keep?

  4. Anonymous2:18 PM

    "But on economic policy, 53 per cent of Canadians approve of what Trump is doing versus 43 per cent of Canadians who approve of what Trudeau is doing. Trudeau’s “disapproval” rating on economic policy is 41 per cent while Trump’s disapproval on this issue is just 22 per cent.

    Canadians surveyed by Mainstreet gave Trump 51-per-cent approval and 39-per-cent disapproval on the U.S. president’s approach to national security. Trudeau, by contrast had the approval of just 39 per cent of Canadians and the disapproval of 37 per cent."

    Trudeau’s falling numbers are dragging his party down as well. The Liberals and Conservatives are both tied at 34% in the new poll.

    Trudeaumania, a phenomenon mostly manufactured by the elitist media, is clearly dead. Despite being handed everything in life, Trudeau is now facing the consequences of his elitist, out of touch attitude.

    Canadians are waking up to the fact Justin Trudeau serves a globalist agenda designed to enrich those at the top while bleeding the rest of us dry of what money we have left.

    What’s amazing is that Trudeau is losing popularity even when he has such a massive assist from the elites, the big institutions and establishment media outlets of our country.

    Thankfully, Canadians are seeing past the bullshit. Expect Trudeau’s numbers to keep going down.


    1. 'The' new poll? I think you mean 'a' new poll. The poll showing the Liberals and CPC tied is by Campaign Research, Nik Kouvalisis polling firm. Considering the pollster, and the lack of any track record by Campaign Research regarding National Polling on Federal voting's likely an outlier. Other polls by pollsters with a track record of National polling still have the Liberals at 38% or higher and in fact, only one recent poll has the Liberals below the percentage they garnered last October. That's the Nanos weekly tracker which has the liberals at 38%. That's just over 1% below what the Liberals received to win a majority last October, and given the Margin of Error, they Liberals could still be over 39%. All other pollsters still have the Liberals over 40%. The Mainstreet poll you quoted, didn't poll on vote intent.

    2. hi MC...I don't know if you remember, but Mainstream has many critics. And that poll strikes me as highly dubious, and doesn't seem to make any sense. Since even that poll shows Trudeau's leadership approval to be TWICE that of the other party leaders, so how could he be dragging the Liberals down? So I would say to you, expect Trudeau's numbers to stay high enough to thrash your Cons in the next election. And we'll see who's right...

  5. Anonymous3:19 PM

    please simon if you may go bonkers covering trump take a break and start covering what is going on in canada, canadians will be going bonkers up herewith the two step that is going on with our canadian gov.

    1. hi anon... as I've explained to at least one other reader, I'm busy studying for an exam so I don't have as much time to write as many posts as I wished. And I must concentrate on what are for me at least the two biggest stories right now. Trump's fascism, and the Con's racist leadership campaign. Life will get back to normal soon and I promise to try to cover more stories then...

  6. Trump is a showman, and all the heat he is producing has no real fire. While we are distracted he is just having a orgy of capitalism.

    1. hi Steve...I might be wrong, but I seem to remember that you once had loftier ambitions for your man Trump. Is an orgy of capitalism a good thing now? What happened to The Revolution? And how can you be so sure he won't incinerate us all? Just asking... ;)

  7. Anonymous4:59 PM

    At the political level Trump is like the Roadrunner, kicking up so much dust that he is impossible to counter. But at the personal level he is stationary like a weathered rock deposited by the ice age with all of his fractures and cleavage lines visible for any good stone mason to see. All it takes is a few good taps with a hammer and chisel to cleave him along a fault line which immediately feeds back into the political dust cloud. America has never been more vulnerable to manipulation by the stone masons of this world.

    1. hi RT...OK now you've got me thinking of Trump as a corpulent Roadrunner, kicking up dust as he staggers after the poor coyote in an attempt to eat him. But yes, his ghastly personality remains unchanged in the centre of that dusty vortex, and I think it's what will bring him down in the end. If he doesn't trigger a nuclear exchange or a massive terrorist attack and take us all down first....

  8. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Michael Flynn will be trump's downfall. Pence knew as well. Ryan will end up President, smarmy motherfucker.

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