Saturday, November 19, 2016

Now Can We Call The Cons TEAM FART?

As you may have heard, Michelle Rempel has blown a fuse again, and has caused another unseemly fuss, or in this case stink, in the House of Commons.

By accusing the government of treating Alberta "like a fart in the room."

And then launching herself at the Green leader Elizabeth May like a bat out of hell.

I mean if you haven't seen that clip you really should.

I mean honestly, what was that about?  

How rude can she be to poor Elizabeth May?

Why has she cut her hair to look like Kellie Leitch?

And coming so soon after Rempel went after the comedian Mark Critch for daring to portray her Great Fallen Leader Stephen Harper huddling in a closet.

By unleashing a volley of vulgar words...

And forcing the terrified Critch to take down the image, and cower in his own closet.

One can only wonder whether Rempel is losing her marbles. 

Or whether she's now so enraged that Kellie Leitch is leading the Conservative leadership race, instead of HERSELF...

That she simply can't control her emotions, or her burning ambition.

Because yes, it has come to that, and this is how low Rempel has fallen.

It’s come to this: Conservative MP Michelle Rempel is fundraising off her use of the word “fart” in the House of Commons.

“I’m sure you’ve seen the news today about our MP, Michelle Rempel, and her use of an “F” word in Parliament this week,” the email begins, quoting her speech about the Alberta job crisis. 

“She spoke for nearly 10 minutes about our family, friends and neighbors who are out of work. And what was Elizabeth May’s response? She was unsettled by Michelle’s use of the word F-A-R-T. She wasn’t worried about the job situation in Alberta, she was worried about the use of a word.”

Can you believe that? First she creates a stink, or cuts a parliamentary fart, and now she's fanning it for money? No doubt to try to raise money so she too can enter the Con leadership race.

And she's STILL attacking Elizabeth May?

Gawd. Let's just hope that she can calm down over the holiday season, with some help from her friends, some soothing music.

And of course her large wine collection...

As long as she promises that if she does get a little tipsy, or blotto, that she will stay off Twitter.

But never mind that, let's not give Rempel the free publicity she craves.

This is the only thing that counts:

Rona Ambrose has just given us all a new name for the Harper Party or the Alberta Party: TEAM FART. 

And with Kellie Leitch and all those religious fanatics, homophobes and deplorables, it couldn't be a better name.

Or a better Christmas in November present.

Please use Team Fart to describe the Cons, until the lingering stench finally disappears, along with the Harper Party.

And we can breathe easily again...


  1. Anonymous10:24 AM

    I think her hair is up, but the look is definitely subdued with the simple black shirt.

    Maybe she's reacting to the recent headline "Trillion Dollar Trouble: The Oilsands Suddendly Have a Huge Reason to Fear Texas", which may cause a pivot away from Canadian oil. Maybe that and too many Chardannays at lunch. Definitely unparlamentary language. Odd behaviour. But I think Elizabeth May does an excellent job of taking care of herself while calling out objectionable language.


    1. Hi I said in the post, I think Rempel is frustrated that she's not in the leadership race. She's also probably not pleased to see Kellie Leitch dragging the party into the mud. If she hadn't been brainwashed at an early age, she might realize she's in the wrong party. Also she always forgets to mention that the reason Alberta is in such trouble is because her Great Fallen leader put all its eggs in one basket.....

  2. Anonymous11:28 AM

    "Why has she cut her hair to look like Kellie Leitch?"

    I don't know but she looks better, also looks like she lost some weight.

    This whole situation is really immature it's left a bad odor in parliament. But get a whiff of this Simon, Elizabeth May was the one being anal. She was the one who made a big stink out of nothing. Ah well, guess we'll just wait for things to air out over the weekend.


    1. Hi MC.... Look it's not a big deal, I was just having some fun, and for a Con Rempel does have some good qualities. But really, words do count. I don't use vulgarities in this blog or in real life, so Michelle should get a grip on herself....

  3. Anonymous1:30 PM

    I've been calling them Team CRAP since 2000, but if you insist...

    1. Hi anon.... Your name is a good one, but maybe the other name can coexist with it. First came one and then the other.... ;)

  4. I'm a big supporter of Liz May but she should have just let this one go. The Speaker should have called Rempel out on this one without any help.

    However, I hope "Team Fart" sticks!

    1. Hi was a tempest in a tea pot, or a toilet. And I was just trying to have some fun after writing about Trump so much. Still, blaming the Liberals or the Notley government for Stephen Harper's oily errors really isn't fair. And continuing her attack on Elizabeth May in her fundraising e-mail isn't fair either.....

  5. well the Cons are a stinky bunch. now as to who is to blame for the problems in the oil patch?????? Lets see the market crashed, but then the provincial and federal cons never did look at diversifstion of the economy in Alberta. This isn't the first "bust' in Alberta and it won't be the last. Really there isn't much the feds can do about the problem, so perhaps the Cons can look at ways to support social programs in Alberta to help people get through this difficult time.

    1. Hi e.a.f... Yes quite right, the main problem is a lack of diversification. There is nothing the Feds can do about the price of oil. So Rempel should stop blaming them and Notley for her own party's mistakes....

  6. Anonymous11:32 AM

    "How low Rempel has fallen." What? Simon, I think by writing such you presume that she had somewhere to fall from, which implies that she was on a higher level at one point. That is simply not the case. I would suggest that she is just revealing herself for the trailer trash she has always been.

    If she is or was so concerned with precious Alberta why didn't she do anything about it when she was minister of western diversification?

    Why does the CBC insist on giving Rempel so much air time? And, why don't pundits and journos remind everyone, including Rempel that she was in charge of Western diversification and did nothing while collecting her big fat ministerial stipend?

  7. Hi anon....You're right, I probably was too generous to Rempel by suggesting that she had fallen from some great height. What I should have said is that compared to some of her other theatrical performances, this one was particularly stinky. As you point out, diversification or the lack of it is the problem, and in that regard she's a complete failure. As for all the free publicity she gets, I'm afraid it's because some of the geezers in the Parliamentary press gallery are totally in love with her....

  8. e.a.f.3:02 PM

    I thought they were giving Rempel so much press was because then Simon would do those funny drawings of her, which entertain us no end.

    Rempel hasn't 'fallen' she never got up, but then we haven't heard from her for awhile eithers. She could do a whole comedy show all on her own. Good subject matter for shows like SNL if we had a Canadian version of it.

    At some level I feel sorry for her. Still carrying on as if she was a teenager when those years have come and gone. Just another sad case of not being able to grow up and get with the agenda.