Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Donald Trump and the Death of the Republican Party

The day has finally arrived. The nightmarish U.S. election campaign is finally over. 

Americans are voting at last.

While we wait to see whether the day will bring joy or an even worse nightmare. One that could kill us all.

I'll have some final thoughts about that in my next post.

But right now just want to wish all the decent people of America, our neighbours, our friends, the best of luck in their desperate struggle to stop the monstrous demagogue Donald Trump.

And remind our progressive brothers and sisters that whatever happens today, the future belongs to them.

This could be remembered as the election where, once and for all, women took control of politics away from men. Where the young took control away from the old. Where people of colour took control away from whites. Where the more educated took control away from the less educated.

The worth of a person should not be judged based on gender, age, race or education. But politically, the day of the older, less educated white male is done. From this bitter election an emerging coalition asserts new strength.

A new coalition is rising.

It includes women who are rejecting the miserable misogyny of the sleazy sexual predator Trump.

In the latest Fox News poll, women favour Ms. Clinton over Mr. Trump by 13 percentage points. That difference could prove decisive...Republicans simply cannot win if more women favour Democrats than Republicans, in this election or any going forward.

Latinos who are fighting his bestial bigotry, and turning out to vote in record numbers.

LGBT Americans who are trying to stop Trump from murdering their rights on the altar of the religious right... 

Millennials who hate Trump more than any other age group. 

If only people over 65 voted, Donald Trump would win handily, according to the polling firm SurveyMonkey. But if only millennials were allowed to vote, Mr. Trump would be wiped out. There are now more millennials (people currently aged 18-34) than boomers (aged 51-69) and that gap will widen every year, thanks to the ravages of time.

And all kinds of other groups of Americans including the disabled.

Like 12-year-old JJ Holmes, who suffers from cerebral palsy and can't speak...

But programmed his computer vocalization device to send a message to the grotesque bully Trump: stop mocking the disabled, and "Dump Trump."

And although he was ejected from one of his frenzied rallies did get to meet the president. 

So remember that dear neighbours as you set out to bring down the monstrous fascist and his rabid followers.

The Republican Party is doomed. The future does belong to you, and goodness is on your side.

As are most Canadians who are hoping praying for your success.

Now go get those beasts, those bullies, those bigots.

And make America great again...


David said...

CNN's Dana Bash asked on Monday: "Why is Trump's closing song at his rallies: "You can't always get what you want?"

Let's hope the song title is foreshadowing for The Donald: Although he WANTS to be the president, most voters rejected him.

David said...

Donald Trump burned in effigy as part of Guy Fawkes Night celebrations in UK

Anonymous said...

Good times, Simon! Dave Grohl, Pete Seeger and Bruce Springsteen singing the ol' Woody Guthrie anthem. There was real hope at the beginning of the Obama administration, hope that hasn't entirely faded.

Like so many bad ideas, I bet presidential term limits looked real good at the time. They don't look so good now.

jrkrideau said...

Great video, but as a Canadian, I hold to the thought that if you are a

Canadian citizen then you are Canadian.

Anonymous said...

Certainly witnessing the death of journalism. But it will rise from the ashes and no longer be in control of the establishment.

In any case, tell a Republican voter, you know absolutely nothing about, he or she is witnessing the death of the Republican party because Trump is the leader they selected and they would laugh in your face.

Partisan neoliberals should really focus on the divisions among their own establishment parties, if they want to be less ridiculous. But they are fooling no one with their absurd attempts to manipulate conservative voters. Just preaching to the choir of neoliberal dittoheads who are too lazy to do research and prefer to be manipulated by their emotions.

Anonymous said...

Its interesting that you have referred to research and conservative voters in the same paragraph. Would like to know some of your sources so I can become more informed.Preferably it would be scientific, historic or current journalistic data confirmed by another independent source.