Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The Day Fascism Finally Arrived in America

Well I have to admit that I never thought Americans would be so crazy to vote to bring down their own country.

Or that so many were so dumb to believe any of Donald Trump's promises...

But I guess they were, and now they've got what they wanted.

Their very own Fuhrer. 

For let's be clear this is fascism.

Trump supporters are the scum of the earth.

I think Warren Kinsella sums up the situation well...

And so does Daniel Dale...

Who I'm sure reflect the views of most Canadians...

As well as the views of most sane people in the world, who among other things just lost the fight against climate change. And must now face the horror of economic collapse and nuclear war.

And the consequences of treason.

As for me, I'll save what I have to say until after I get some sleep, and can read more about what Americans are saying, for it's their country not mine.

They were the ones who made a bigoted sexual predator president.

And they know who they are.

The old who would drag us all into the grave with them...

And the young and the dumb...

Who would cut off their noses to spite their faces, by voting for third parties... 

Only to help elect Trump, the precious little stooges.

And Bill Maher is right, shit just got real.

And this is what you get when you don't know what you're doing...

Which also applies to some of the so-called progressives in this country, including some of the ghastly old men in our own blogosphere, who are always wailing "Justin Trudeau is worse than Harper!!!"

When in fact, in a bigoted world Justin is now the shining anti-Trump...

And will after this probably be prime minister for as long as he likes.

For now the time has come to recognize that the Cons are the real enemy...

Recognize that they are our own Trumplings, the traitors in our midst. 

And that we must focus all our efforts on destroying the right-wing threat in this country, as I have always done, and always will.

I would also like to reach out to all the progressives in the United States, especially those who made so many inquiries about moving to this country, they brought down the Immigration Canada site...

And tell them that although we would welcome them with open arms, they should stay in their own country and fight the fascist and his deplorables.

For the conditions could not be better. Bernie Sanders has been shown to be right...

He would have been a better candidate than Hillary Clinton. 

And now he has a made in heaven opportunity to continue his revolution, and create a mighty movement that can bring about the real change we need to save the world.

For as I pointed out the other day, the future belongs to them.

I also want them to know that I will do anything I can to help them, and that I will never recognize this ugly monster as the president of the United States...

Not when even the victory cake they rolled into the Trump Tower reflects the fear he must be feeling.

And they shouldn't recognize him either.

Instead they should do all they can to make Trump's America ungovernable. And help discredit that bloated demagogue in the eyes of his own people, and in the eyes of the world.

Let them bring down the beast with the greatest campaign of civil disobedience the U.S. has ever seen.

While we Canadians boycott every Trumpling state, every Trumpling business, and help force them to their knees.

Fascism has indeed come to America...

But if we do what we must do, tomorrow will NOT belong to them.

We will invoke the sacred memory of all those who died fighting fascism.

And help bury it for ever... 


  1. Anonymous6:35 AM

    If Trump is going to cause a nuclear war, what difference does it make who the Prime Minister is?

    Me thinks that your regular bullshit just does not hold up to scrutiny...

    1. hi anon...well at least I get to live until then in a country much better than the nightmare on the other side of the border. And of course there is the strong possibility that Trump might blow himself up first....

    2. Anonymous12:17 PM

      That's not how this thing is going to play out.

      There are still unknowns with regard especially to the RINO's and NeverTrumpers in Congress. But, if Trump is given a mostly free hand with which to implement the tax cuts he's talking about, and if he does it by shrinking the bloat in the US government, in four years, your sanctimony will have fully changed envy of the worst kind. Canada will suffer a very harsh economic downturn, because that's what happens when you reward thieves like Kathleen Wynne with more power. And Trudeau's people are easily just as rapacious.

      Have you learned nothing? The media gave Clinton every possible advantage, breathlessly reporting each and every one of Trump's worst sins, and he has certainly uttered some pretty bad things. I have a photo showing at least 15 different headlines from the mainstream media saying that Trump was DONE, finished, final nail in the coffin.

      The media here is no different.

      Perhaps Canada is too far gone to manifest that kind of populist outrage, that could be. But we'll ask Canadians again when they see poor Americans lifted out of poverty by the unabashedly pro-American policies of Donald Trump.

      That and, if we make it to the 20th, I'm going to cry tears of joy again, because nuclear annihilation will well and truly have been narrowly averted.

  2. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Couldn't help but notice the look on little Barren's face. Shock, and holy shit I have to move to the White House and give up my floor in Trump Tower.

    Still digesting the rest. But you are right, Bernie could have done it.


    1. hi TS...yes the kid seems to be the only human member of the Trump family, and the least enthusiastic member of the audience. So give him another two points for that.
      But as for the rest, what a tacky little show....

  3. Trump is no fascist. American conservatives have more respect for liberty, freedom and democracy than liberals. Liberals sneer at democracy. They hate the people. They look the other way on bribe-taking corruption.

    But just look on the bright side: a Trump victory means 4 more years of blogging hysterical demagoguery.

    -Bernie Orbust (Oh yeah, biatches! Green New Deal coming down the pike for 2020, no thanks to craven neoliberals.)

    1. Anonymous10:47 AM

      Yes because nothing shouts democracy like threatening to jail political opponents, nothing screams love like exclusion, nothing promotes acceptance like segregation.

    2. I'm not a Trump supporter. But I will defend his positions against dishonest attacks.

      Trump said he would not let Hillary off the hook for her illegal email server like Obama did. He said he would call on a special independent prosecutor to reinvestigate these crimes that have put similar violators in prison.

      We're supposed to have equality under the law, are we not? So this is what he was referring to. You can watch the 2nd debate online and see that this is the context he established before predicting he would put Hillary in prison.

      Everyone knows she should be put in prison. I'm hoping they will investigate. If Hillary did nothing wrong, and it was perfectly normal to smash her old smartphones with a hammer, she has nothing to worry about.

      Of course, I can't imagine how anyone would not want to see a corrupt bribe-taking politician put behind bars if that person is found guilty in a court of law. Would people take partisanship to the level that they are protective of fraud and corruption, some of which caused the collapse of the global financial system in 2008? I.e., corruption which could be potentially dangerous enough to take down the entirety of civilization?

      Platitudes, group-think, fear-mongering, brow-beating, shame conditioning are not good enough at this stage of the game. We need the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    3. hi Ron...well who knew you were a Trumpling? Because if you don't think that his bigotry, his misogyny, his bullshit, and his authoritarian tendencies don't make hm at least a budding fascist you are definitely one of his supporters. You would defend that serial liar from "dishonest attacks" and I'm the demagogue? There is no reason Clinton for all her flaws should be in prison, while there are at least two dozen reasons Trump should be jailed for being a fraud and a con artist.
      But yes, I will enjoy the next four years watching that bag of excrement fall apart...

  4. Anonymous8:04 AM

    The worst part of Trump's win for Canada is that it will embolden the right to start ramping up their hate machines.

    Soon Harper will look like a wimpy moderate.

    1. hi anon...well I must admit that compared to Trump, Harper now looks like a mini nutbar.
      But I'm not really worried about the same thing happening here, because by reasons of history we are two very different countries....

  5. all that needed saying has been said.
    it's time for new strategies.
    stay here, Simon.

    1. hi Luce...I'm not going anywhere. I believe Trump will collapse under the weight of his own contradictions, and I want a front seat to watch that spectacle unfold...

  6. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Civil disobedience has had its day, Simon. With modern surveillance systems and a captured media, the state easily moves to contain civil disobedience, disrupt it and discredit organizers.

    I can't think of any recent examples where it worked. Millions in the streets in London, New York and Washington failed to stop the Iraq War. Yes, the Arab Spring and the Greek protests brought down governments, but that simply changed the play's actors, not the script.

    Even Micah White, one of the organizers of Occupy Wall Street, has written a book entitled "The End of Protest." He argues that there are only two ways to bring about real change, winning wars or winning elections.

    Progressives have been unsuccessful in winning elections pretty much anywhere lately. Don't give me any BS about Trudeau being progressive - his actions belie the happy talk. Trudeau has brought a refreshing change of tone and made some cosmetic changes, but his government continues to implement the worst policies of Harper, from stripping Canadians of their citizenship for the sins of their parents; to approving environmental disasters like the Site C dam and the LNG terminal; to selling arms to some of the world's most repressive regimes; to signing harmful trade agreements with investor rights provisions; to failing to roll back any of the provisions of Bill C-51, even provisions that are plainly unconstitutional.

    Trudeau was not progressive enough to get your vote, stop being satisfied with the half loaf he offers. If there's one thing progressives can learn from the right wing, it's that you need to keep applying the heat to your own side to get the change you want. Republican and Con leaders fear being called RINOs or CINOs and being primaried to the right. This pushes their policies solidly to the right. We have nothing similar on the left and it's high time we did.

    1. very thoughtful.
      however, unlike the United States of America, the united trumpits is not in the box you speak of. that box is broken and the cat is dead. we have an unknown paradigm.
      'progressive' is not just a handle - it's an action word and while it may take us a bit, we will adjust our resistance strategies and continue (no matter who may give up).

      btw, i hate the fact that you have a point about JT but i'd caution against sticking strictly to a pedestrian's perspective... people also fly and swim... i'm guessing that JT's decisions manifest awareness of those perspectives that pedestrians like you and me don't readily notice anymore than we'd be able to notice and correctly diagnose depression, mania and bipolarity. if you don't believe in the importance of nuances, give yourself 30 days to see what kind of a cold will the world catch now that the united trumpits is this sick.
      cheers, lf

    2. hi anon...I see civil disobedience not as an end in itself, but as a way to create a mass movement, which despite its failures in Europe recently, will be the only way to change the world. Trudeau is as progressive as he can be in a country like ours, and still the best time minister I have ever known. If you see a better one tell me, and I'll support him or her. But right now largely due to him, we are the envy of most of the world. And since so many prissy alt-leftists in this country walk around with their heads up their asses, or sit on their whoopee cushions and pronounce judgement from on high, that'll do just fine...

  7. I said all along Trump will beat Hillary like a rented mule. I was correct. Trump barely ran for President, no ground game, few offices, barely advertised. The media and establisment against him.
    The democrats picked the only person in America that Trump could beat. Any other choice would have won.
    America thought like me, what Hillary represents is so abhorent, Trump is the only choice.

    I am cautiously optomistic. Trump love him or hate him is a success in the real world. Its differant being a success politics or the military. IMHO the last President who was a great real world success was Eisnehowser.

    Day one the nuclear war with Russian is now off the table.
    TPP is dead. Watch for the Paris accord to remain. Before this election no one was suggesting Trump was a facist racist. He may have those tendicies, but he lived his life in the most liberal city in the world. The democrat machine demonized him and now I think he will prove it was mostly reality distorion field.
    Corruption, I expect a bunch of new crooks and this will spread the money around.

    1. hi Steve...yes you were correct, but enjoy the moment for it won't last long. Trump is surrounded by some of the greasiest low life bigots in America, he hasn't the slightest idea how to implement his fancy promises, and it won't be long before many of his own followers start turning on him. You made your bed, you will have to lie in it, but sooner or later I predict you will wake up screaming....

  8. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Bernie Sanders would have won against Trump. But alas, one woman motivated by blind ambition and bankrolled by Wall Street gave the free world to a dictator called Trump.

    We had this and the Democrats fucked it up. Now everyone will suffer - except the billionaire class.

    1. hi anon...well that's all true, Bernie would have made a better candidate, but the Democratic establishment couldn't see further than the end of their noses. But then that's how history works. Some people will never learn until they hit a brick wall, and as I said in my post this is an ideal opportunity for others to take over...

  9. France wants the Statue of Liberty back.

    1. thank you!!!!!

    2. hi UU4077...yes poor Mr Liberty, I'm sure if she could she'd be swimming across the Atlantic... ;)

  10. Anonymous11:21 AM

    And it will come here too, if our progressive parties don't take heed of the anti-neoliberalism wave sweeping the world. JT, U listening?

    1. hi anon...there is no doubt that there is an anti-neoliberalism revolt sweeping the world. But a lot of boomers have done exceptionally well from neoliberalism, so we'll have to wait until they limp off the stage, and a new generation takes over, before anything happens in this country. Countries like the U.S. have a history of revolution and civil war, we don't. And trying to pretend otherwise is absurd. You have to deal with the cards you have or end up living in a fantasy world....

  11. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Next time you find yourself backing the same candidate as that self proclaimed "Liberal", Warren Kinsella, it is time to reevaluate, Simon. Saw Kinsella and his wife on CBC confidently proclaiming how Hillary had a winning campaign and that they were campaigning for her (are they Americans as well?). This guy apparently has the knack for backing the losing candidates: Harper, Hudak, and now Hillary. I believe he also backed Chretien against Paul Martin. :)

    1. hi anon...don't be absurd, how is quoting a tweet from Kinsella make me one of his followers. Does quoting David From make me his acolyte too? I just thought Warren summed up the situation well, and I was to sleepy to write the same thing myself....

  12. At least Comey gets to keep his pension.
    Hopefully this will strengthen Canada's trade with the EU as the US becomes an uneconomical option T tariff barriers ).

  13. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Although the Trump win was an emotional surprise it was not a statistical surprise as polls put his chances at around 25%, equivalent to flipping a coin twice and if it lands heads both times he wins. Well he won and my crystal ball has gone dark but there are a few glimmers of light in various corners. More on that later.
    No doubt the Can Con base will be inspired at the same time some of the left is growing more restless. The serves as a reminder that the only way to protect our democracy is to eliminate the "first past the post electoral system" as promised. A simple ranked ballot system 1st, 2nd, 3rd preference where votes are rolled up until one of the candidates has more than 50% is all it will take. Although any voting system can be gamed to some extent this one is simple and results are determined at the ballot box rather than political coalitions.It will prevent the Con clowns from driving up the middle as the left split their votes between the Libs, NDP, Green, Bloc and any other parties we might form before the next election. We need a public outcry for Trudeau to keep this one promise in the simplest form possible. None of this kumbaya stuff where everyone has a representative and lobby coalitions manage to form tails strong enough to wag the dog(eg Italy). Just 50% plus settled at the ballot box. We are remiss in not insisting that this promise is kept and will have no one to blame but ourselves if the Cons drive up the middle in the next election and set progress back 100 years to "the good old days"

  14. Video: Donald Trump First 100 Day Speech in Gettysburg, Va 10/22/16

    Transcript: Trump's plans for his first 100 days in office

  15. Van Jones on a Trump win: This was a white lash

    VAN JONES, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Well, look, first of all, you know, congratulations. Both of you, guys, were --

    LORD: We're not there yet.

    JONES: Well, you're further than anybody said you would be. And I have enough class and I was raised well-enough when you...

    LORD: Yes, sir, thank you.

    JONES: ...outdo expectations, you know, good for you. But there is another side to this.

    People have talked about a miracle. I'm hearing about a nightmare. It's hard to be a parent tonight for a lot of us. You tell your kids don't be a bully. You tell your kids don't be a bigot. You tell your kids do your homework and be prepared. And then you have this outcome and you have people putting children to bed tonight, and they're afraid of breakfast. They're afraid of how do I explain this to my children?

    I have Muslim friends who are texting me tonight saying should I leave the country? I have families of immigrants that are terrified tonight. This was many things. This was a rebellion against the elites. True. It was a complete reinvention of politics and polls. It's true. But it was also something else.

    We've talked about race. I mean, we've talked about everything, but race tonight. We've talked about income. We've talked about class. We've talked about region. We haven't talked about race. This was a whitelash. This was a whitelash against a changing country. It was whitelash against a black president, in part. And that's the part where the pain comes. And Donald Trump has a responsibility tonight to come out and reassure people that he is going to be the president of all the people who he insulted and offended and brushed aside.

    Yes, when you say you want to take your country back, you got a lot of people who feel that we're not represented well either. But we don't want to feel that someone has been elected by throwing away some of us to appeal more deeply to others. So this is a deeply painful moment tonight.

    I know it's not just about race. There is more going on than that. But race is here, too, and we got to talk about.

    COOPER: Whoever wins tonight, I mean, there is such polarization in this country. Whoever wins is going to have a very hard time in convincing the other half of the country that they can be their president as well.

  16. Leonard Cohen - Democracy


  18. Leonard Cohen - Democracy

  19. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Looks like Old Stock Americans are trying to take their country back from the Globalists.

  20. hi RT...I have come to agree with you. I think that proportional representation is too complicated for many Canadians to understand it. I watched one of those hearings and I must say even I had trouble following it. It must be simple, and the ranked ballot seems just fine to me...

  21. hi anon...I'd say a lot of Americans are trying to get their country back from the globalists. But I see no racial component. In fact I suspect that many so-called old stock Americans are trying to go back sixty years when America was a whiter country, and there were many good factory jobs. But societies change, and the factories didn't just move to other countries. They also became highly automated, and require fewer workers to run. And I don't see how you can shove both genies back in the bottle. People are always looking for simple solutions, but sometimes there aren't any...

  22. e.a.f.4:49 AM

    as they used to say, when fascism comes to the U.S.A. it will come wrapped in the flag.

    Those jobs the American workers lost are not coming back. Some no longer even exist because of tech. changes. The fact life got more difficult for the average working American is because their wages did not rise as the economy recovered. it recovered for the wealthy, but not for them. Voting for Trump will just make things worse as he looks to have less regulation in the banking industry, which is how things got really bad back in 2009.

    It maybe that when Trump starts his tearing up of trade agreements and such, other countries may just turn their backs on the U.S.A. He wants to destroy the agreement with Iran. Well the deal with Iran is creating jobs in other countries especially as they go out and purchase passenger planes and oil industry equipment.

    American did well because WW II started. Prior to that a lot of the population lived in poverty and the country was a tad backward in many areas. They were isolationists. If they try to become isolationists once again, they may well return to the poverty they had previously.

    Trump wants to reduce corporate taxes to 15%. How does any one think the government can build all the things he has promised. If they dismantle the ACA, Americans will once again have to spend a great deal of their income on health care.

    well they voted for him and now they will have to deal with the ramifications of their decisions. The American the "angry whites" thought exsisted never really did. During the Eisenhower years when a lot of infrastructure was built corporate taxes were 80%.