Monday, November 14, 2016

Kellie Leitch and the Con Leadership Apocalypse

Now that I've almost recovered from the shock of seeing a deranged orange zombie like Donald Trump elected president, I decided to check out the Con leadership campaign.

Which as you may know, I'm calling Conapocalypse 2.

Only to discover it's not quite as scary, but almost as creepy, and definitely more hilarious.

With the Con clown Kellie Leitch suggesting that she is under attack for celebrating Trump's victory and his values so loudly.

Or at least that her garage is under attack. 

The Ontario Provincial Police visited Leitch’s home near Creemore, Ont., on Friday and twice early Saturday morning after what Leitch believed was an after-midnight break-in to her garage, an event that came hours after what she described as threatening online activity.

Or not.

Once police arrived, they and Leitch reviewed the property and checked the alarm system. “We found that the lights had been turned off subsequent to my leaving the house and before the police arrived.” Leitch said the entry closest to the garage was found to have triggered the alarm. 

At that point, the police departed but returned when the home alarm sounded again at 3 a.m. “That appeared to be a fault in the system causing the alarm.”

But although there's no evidence that ANYTHING happened, that didn't stop Leitch's sinister campaign manager Nick Kouvalis from blaming the giant left-wing conspiracy...

“Appropriate measures are being taken,” Leitch campaign manager Nick Kouvalis said in a telephone interview Sunday. “Kellie’s not going to back down and she’s not going to wilt at threats. This is how the left operates and we know that.”

As only Big Nick could. For he will say ANYTHING to get his candidates free publicity.

And if you thought that was scary, then there was the Con debate that Leitch missed because of that "emergency."

Where the religious fanatic and grotesque homophobe Brad Trost got the biggest round of applause for calling the threat of climate change overrated, and demanding that the CBC be killed. 

“I don’t believe climate change is a real threat,” he said, eliciting applause and laughter. The biggest subsidy that needs to go, Trost said, was the $1.2-billion allowance to the CBC. The audience responded even more enthusiastically by cheering. 

And in another even more alarming version of the story, by claiming that he's heavily armed. 

“For the record, I own a .270 Savage and 12-gauge Remington. And I know how to use them,” Brad Trost said.

While Chris Alexander tried to match that, only to make a fool out of himself.

“I was shooting myself two weekends ago,” Chris Alexander said, before correcting himself. “I was myself shooting.”

In what can only be described as a Freudian slip.

And the only one of those candidates who seemed to make any kind of sense, sort of, was Michael Chong. 

But he supports a price on carbon.

Which means of course that he'll NEVER be the leader of the Harper Party...

Not when Steve Blaney, who was once compared to a mushroom by the Huffington Post, thinks he can become leader.

By making banning niqabs his main campaign platform.

But then as we all know, mushrooms have a VERY short memory, and so do Cons.

And as Alan Freeman pointed out the other day, we do know where Leitch is leading them. 

If the Conservatives want to turn themselves into the party of older, rural Canadians, fearful of the diversity that is the new face of Canada’s growing and successful cities … well, fine. That’s their option. They’ll be stuck at 30 per cent of the vote forever, perpetually in opposition. 

The Liberals must be thrilled. The next time Kellie Leitch’s beeper sounds, it will be Justin Trudeau urging her to fight on to victory.

So please, if you see a suspicious person with not enough Canadian values loitering in Leitch's neighbourhood, call the authorities, or a garage door repairman, or the nearest mental hospital.

And whatever you do, if you're out after midnight, never ever go near a cemetery...

The Harper Party Cons. Once they were a nightmare.

Now they're just an ugly joke.

Shoulder your shovels.

And bury them forever....


  1. Canada will need a clear vision and bold plan to create a carbon free society in the face of the climate clown show now playing in the USA. It was cogniative dissonace that made Hillary supporters cannon fodder, the same will happen to the climate deniers in four years.

    1. hi Steve...the problem is that Trump's plans will make it harder for Canada to come up with any kind of plans for a carbon free society, and the way the world is heating up, four lost years will never be recovered...

  2. Here is an article that explains the concept of the American Electoral College "faithless Elector":

    While it is highly unlikely, the Electoral College could still function as a roadblock to the Oval Office.

    1. hi political junkie... thanks for that, but don't raise my hopes, because with the U.S. in the state is is I can't see that happening. You know I read the reason they came up with that wretched electoral college, and surprise surprise it was racism. The southern states couldn't match the northern ones with the popular vote, so they engineered a system where the southerners could boost their influence, by counting the slaves who couldn't vote. Great eh?

  3. Anonymous9:14 AM

    But they won't be stuck at 30% forever because the young voters coming up, even in Alberta, will not support their social conservative values.

    1. hi anon...yes the So Cons are doomed on two fronts. One, their ranks are thinning, as they are both in Canada and the U.S. And two, the demographic weight of the millennial generation is growing, and they won't stand for that bigoted nonsense...

  4. oh gawd,
    this would be so funny IF Chong had a chance

    btw, getting into the debate is a big money and time investment. i find it really strange that leitch would blow it for a garage alarm.

    1. hi Luce...I'm afraid what is happening is starting to remind me of some of the things that happened when Nick Kouvalis ran Rob Ford's campaign. But no, I can't see Chong winning because he has no Reformer support, and if I was a betting man I would put my money on Scheer, because he is the SoCon with the smiling face...

  5. It is not funny at all. Trump was a joke and then he won. In this country just about any conservative leader would win an election if the conditions are right (pick two of strong ndp, strong bloc, and relatively unpopular government). Those conditions aren't happening now but in 3 years? Who knows. No matter who wins leadership they'll have a 30% vote share baked in. And Trudeau hate on the right is similar to Clinton hate in the US, irrational and deeply held. Issues and policy mattered not one little bit to the americans.

    I'd rather the liberals face a 40% (number completely pulled from my butt) chance of losing to a somewhat sane con leader than a 20% chance of losing to a nutjob. Country before parties...I want every party to have a reasonably well qualified leader even if I disagree with the party policies.

    1. hi I agree it isn't funny, when you stir up trouble in such a xenophobic world, you can reap a bitter harvest. But I only mock them to diminish them. And I do have faith in our country that it won't happen here. Tolerance is baked into us because of the way we have had to compromise to keep Quebec part of Canada. And the more Trump rages, the more popular our values will become...

  6. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Trost is right about selling the CBC. Did you know over HALF of Canada's journalists work for them? They even had a job position open on CBC kids where they published white males shouldn't apply. Screw cbc

    1. hi anon...well I disagree. Whatever its flaws the CBC is a precious Canadian cultural institution. And if they can provide jobs for journalists at this critical time for the MSM, so much the better...

  7. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Simon, my gut reaction to this perceived break-in is it was self inflicted. All to gain publicity as you suggest driven by that Con-artist Nick Kouvalis. Planting false narratives is a conservative strength. The whole pattern seems to parallel black ops. I also wonder if black ops were at work during one of Trump's last campaign speeches when the secret service dramatically apprehended someone from the crowd. If it really was a security issue, the media would still be chasing the story.

    1. hi anon...well I don't know that I would go so far as to say it was staged, although Nick Kouvalis likes to boast about his dirty tricks. I think the culprit is more probably a faulty circuit, or a hungry raccoon... ;)

  8. e.a.f.4:32 PM

    loved the sketch of Leitch. Now that Kouvalis, reminds me of a retread name in Con politics, oh well they too need a job.

    Besides Chong, none of them make much sense. It would be nice if he became leader. We need good alternatives in Canada and if the electorate ever became very upset with the federal liberals, and the Cons were returned to power, there isn't much of a check on a party once they have a majority in the House Best to have at least 3 viable parties in the country. Makes for a better democracy.

    We don't know what the future holds and we don't know if the electorate will turn on Trudeau at some future date. If he signs the TPP and there is a lot of unemployment in Canada, it would happen. If China makes too many in roads into Canada, other Canadians may become unhappy and vote for the party which will get rid of that influence.

    If the Americans raaise interest rates and Canada's economy falters, people will look at an alternative party. Better that the party has some principles because as we have seen in the U.S.A. a lot of people held their noses and voted Trump and 43% stayed home.

    1. hi e.a.f... Nick Kouvalis is a heavyweight operator, who worked on the winning campaign of Rob Ford and then John Tory. But as for Trudeau, the situation down south, and the state of the Cons, can only help him immensely. The TPP is dead in the water, the XL pipeline will take the pressure off the demands from Alberta to build another pipeline. And finally, Trudeau has the support of the millennial generation, who helped give him a majority last time, and will be an even bigger voting block next time...

  9. why is it that the people who should stay as far away from fire arms as possible show the greatest propensity to play with them?

    (now substitute 'fire arms' with 'politics').

    1. hi Luce...I don't know, but I find the thought of a heavily armed Brad Trust absolutely terrifying.... ;)

  10. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Leitch probably faked the whole thing so she didn't have to face the critiques of her adversaries. Someone could have checked on her "break-in" without her flying back or maybe she was worried they'd find something very embarrassing like a Trump poster or his biography.
    It's too bad we didn't get to hear the hypocrite repeating "I'm not a racist, boohoohoo".
    This "leadership" race should provide you with a ton of fodder Simon and I look forward to seeing your posts on the antics of this motley crew.

    1. hi JD...I don't know if she faked it, but Nick Kouvalis is blowing it up like a balloon. And if there is a culprit it probably has four feet and is padding around in the woods. As for me, I was hoping to take a little break from blogging, so I can work on the novel I'm writing, and still have a life. But we really are at a critical time in world history, and I do look forward to chronicling the final demise of those Con clowns...

  11. The Leitch break in and Kardasion robbery where both done by the same I person.
    Voter reform will keep the 20% Cons from majority rule.

    1. hi don't blame that poor raccoon for the Kardashian robbery. It might have wanted to raid Leitch's fridge, but it can't swim across the Atlantic... ;)