Monday, November 21, 2016

The Horror of Trump and the Amazing Rise of the Resistance

I must say I really enjoyed what happened to Mike Pence, the sinister man from GLAD or MAGA, when went to the theatre the other night to take in a performance of the Broadway musical Hamilton.

And got a stirring message from the cast, urging him to restrain his bigot instincts and respect the human rights of all Americans. As well as a rousing chorus of boos.

And I can only hope that somebody asked him that old and tragic question: 

"Apart from that Mrs Lincoln Mr Pence how did you like the show?"

And of course we know how the leathery orange oaf reacted, by blowing an angry stream of tweets out of every inflamed orifice. 

But while I found Trump's tweets amusing, just more evidence that maniacal man baby is unfit to be president.

This tweet from the reptilian Republican Newt Gingrich really annoyed me...

For it seems to suggest that the left is almost dead, or down for the count.

When in fact it's never been more alive, and the resistance is just beginning.

The rhetoric is familiar: the demands to take the country back. The railing against an out-of-touch elite. The anger at a rigged economic system.

But now the insurgent cries that propelled Donald Trump to the White House have been taken up by stunned opponents as they try to galvanise anger and fear over his election into a strategy to resist his policies and remake the left as a credible political alternative. 

“Now we are seeing a rising up of people to say it’s supposed to be our country. The government’s supposed to fear us, not the other way around.

That resistance will take many forms. There will be marches and rallies. Trump's businesses will be picketed and boycotted, as will states that voted for him. There will be social media campaigns. There will be 12-step programs. 

I WILL not lose hope. I will keep reminding myself that politics zigs and zags, and that I can do more than shout in the wind. I can fight for my values even between elections, and even at the micro level I can mitigate the damage to my neighbors and attempt to heal a social fabric that has been rent.

But one thing is for sure, it will be the most massive and creative resistance the world has ever seen.

It will be in Trump's face wherever he goes.

Like this sign projected on the front of a hotel in Atlanta...

Which since it's not illegal to do that, can't be taken down.

And yes, it will be loud. Like Green Day's song Bang Bang at the American Music Awards last night.

That had a stirring new chant: "No Trump, No KKK, No fascist USA!!!"

And out of the ashes of the old America will come a new and mighty movement for real change, that will eventually become a revolution...

The young will be leading it, for most of them don't believe in bigotry, and they must protect the future of the planet they have inherited, or perish in its ashes.

The wind is howling outside my window as I write this. It echoes my feelings, and sounds like the resistance rising.

The fascists will not win. 

And like the Trump Cons in this country, this beast is going down...


David said...

Is Simon finally going to allow me to post this article?

Anonymous said...

The Pence Hamilton story is a non-event hyped as a "controversy" by the press. It sure beats covering the far more important story that the pussygrabber paid out $25 million to victims of his Trump University swindle.

In other news not widely reported, we learn today from the Argentine press that when President Macri called Trump to congratulate him on becoming the next US president, Hair Furor used the opportunity to lean on Macri to approve construction of a large building in Buenos Aires. Needless to say, the building isn't a new US embassy, but another Trump monstrosity. Both sides, naturally, denied the story.

Anonymous said...

We got our first snowfall here yesterday in Montreal. Almost looks like magic, how pretty it is... reminds me of being a kid again.

Speaking of kids, I must remind you that many are naive and don't know much about politics. Head over to Ryerson University and ask a single one of them who is the leader of the opposition here in Canada, or what is the capital of Nunavut and most of them would look like a deer caught in headlights.

Now I admire the fact they are trying to get involved (no matter how misinformed). A couple catchy chants fed to them , some colourful signs, their Marxist teachers, liberal politicians, and mainstream media coaching them every step of the way.

They're making a fuss much like a child would if their mother wouldn't buy them a toy at the store. Kicking and screaming, Not My President, just because they didn't get their way. Waaaah!

You guys have been winning forever! You had a black president for the last 8 years. You have a openly gay premier in Ontario, a liberal premier here in Quebec, a female NDP leader in Alberta for christ sake, and to top it off you got Boy Wonder himself as the Prime Minister! All of our media here in Canada is very liberal, you got your 50/50 male/female cabinet, gay marriage, tons of social programs, all the refugees you could shake a stick at. What more do you want?

Why do you think 16 year olds aren't allowed to vote? The same reason a 12 year old couldn't vote, they are too young and immature to make important decisions. The same reason they aren't supposed to drink alcohol or buy lottery tickets.

This resistance is a farce, it's going to fizzle out faster than the Occupy movement.

One last thing... Much of the alt-right is young folks like myself. Who do you think are making all of those edgy memes? Tomorrow belongs to us.


Anonymous said...

Trudeau knew very well the Yazidi genocide was going on. Wait for the UN to call it genocide... Wait for them to call the shots.

While ISIS rapes and plunders...

This stupid liberal government is bringing in wolves instead of sheep.


John B. said...

The kids actually do remind me of much of the blind and radical elements of the followership in the 1960s protest movements that Reagan later credited with having made his ascension possible. But, based on the guns and pitchforks rhetoric spewed during the US election campaign, I'm sure that Trump or whatever it is that he represents has acquired, and not without effort, its fair share of that constituency.

Explain to me who "you guys" are. It seems to me that you're referring to a lot of different guys or at least you could be making some rather wobbly assumptions about what other people might believe.

Anonymous said...

MC, since young alt-right folks like yourself need a good Fuehrer, who are you backing in the Con race? The Beauce bumpkin whose GF was spit-roasted by Mom Bouchard's crew? Or the butch Trump impersonator?

Anonymous said...

So now that we know MC is a Nazi I would rather he posted elsewhere Simon. Not that I read his garbage I see his initials and move on but the alt right caught my eye. After seeing the list of Racist provinces and their list of who they hate I was wondering what is wrong in Quebec. It all makes sense now. Ban the Nazi Simon. Pamela. ❤️

Anonymous said...

And Rempel had to wait for a Liberal government in order to get anyone to listen.

Simon said...

hi David...Sorry about that, I only held it back because I was planning to write a post about it, but go ahead and scoop me... ;)

Simon said...

hi're wrong to put down the young, because they are part of the most educated generation ever. And in Scotland where 16 and 17-year-olds are allowed to vote it works out fine, and injects some badly needed energy into the political process. And let's be clear, only a left-wing revolution can reduce economic inequality, and save the planet. And one led by a corrupt billionaire like Trump will only help destroy the planet, and make him even richer. And I wouldn't brag about being a member of the alt-right here, because it's nothing to be proud about...

Simon said...

hi Pamela...this is the first time MC has bragged about being a member of the alt-right so it's probably just hot air. But if he repeats that claim, or repeats any of their racist garbage, I definitely will ban him...

e.a.f. said...

Trump just doesn't understand the First Amendment. either does old Newt. Perhaps they could have a read of it.

as to resistance, that is a little late. People ought to have gotten out and voted and voted Clinton. 43% of Americans didn't vote. Now they can live with the results. Perhaps after a few years of Trump they will learn to vote

Anonymous said...

Mike Pence before and after conversion therapy