Thursday, November 10, 2016

Donald Trump and the Birth of the Resistance

I watched the bloated fascist's victory speech, I heard his pathetic plea for unity.

Now it’s time for America to bind the wounds of division; have to get together.

It’s time. I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all Americans, and this is so important to me.

And I almost died. Laughing.

The Great Divider now posing as the Great Uniter? 

When there can be no unity or reconciliation with a fascist predator, only mass resistance.

So as Keith Olbermann says, let the resistance begin...

There will be no surrender.

And the resistance is already beginning...

Those are students and teachers at a high school in California, staging a mass walkout to make it clear that Trump is NOT their president...

These are thousands marching through the streets of New York... 

As they did in cities all over the Divided States, from Boston to Los Angeles.

A day after Donald Trump's election to the presidency, campaign divisions appeared to widen as many thousands of demonstrators -- some with signs with messages declaring "NOT MY PRESIDENT" -- flooded streets across the country to protest his surprise triumph.

This is a message to me from the The Midwestern National Fascist Party

Can you believe it? For that these American heroes died fighting the Nazis...

For that my grandfather flew side by side with them during the Second World War, and taught me to love America and its people.

You know, for eight long years those racists, those misogynists, those gay haters tormented the great black president Barrack Obama.

Now it's our turn to make life hell for Trump and his depraved followers.

On January 20th the resistance begins in earnest.

The fascist regime will be disrupted. 

And love will trump hate...


  1. You accuse other people of hate and post something like this. Many people who voted Trump aren't bigots and 25% of his own voters don't like the guy.

    Do you honestly think your behavior is helpful at all?

    Wouldn't it be better to try and push Trump to be a better person, to drop his worst policies, and show him the light with love and forgiveness?

    1. hi Gyor...I'm not saying that all of Trump's supporters are bigots. I'm sure many are just desperate people looking for somebody to save them, which is fine. And if Trump does manage to restrain his worst impulses, and does focus on fighting the forces of globalization and creating jobs, I will give him credit, and admit that I was wrong about him. But at this stage, after that campaign, I think the onus is on him to prove that he can be a nicer person. And the reason all those mostly young people are in the street is because they fear what he might do, so he also has to prove to them that he can be trusted. You know that old saying, it's always easier to start a fire than put it out. My fear is that the polarization is now so great in the U.S. it will be very difficult to do that.
      You know it might not seem so, but I do believe in the power of human redemption, and some of my friends say that I am too forgiving. So if Trump can surprise me, I'd be very happy. However, the day I start loving him will be the day I check myself into a monastery. And I'm an atheist... ;)

    2. 1. thedonald's worse policies are being retracted by his nannies already.

      2. love, compassion and forgiveness? absolutely - the poor American people need it.

      3. please, don't act like a coward, make your behaviour helpful and always refuse to throw pearls to swine.

      thank you. lf

    3. Anonymous10:15 AM

      Gyor, leftists and forgiveness are like oil and water. Repentance is something they don't understand, and so is mercy.

      Simon, stop lying to yourself. You seethe about Trump with rage and contempt. You invent all kinds of nonsense about how it's about misogyny, and racism, instead of the fact that Clinton was the worst possible candidate ever.

      You're not the kind of person who forgives; and you certainly don't understand love, or truth. If a person like me could talk to you, if we could talk about facts without resorting to recrimination, if you were interested in the perspective of another person enough to take the time to understand that it's NOT founded on bigotry, racism, and hatred, then, I think you could change.

      But for now... for now, I don't see that you're capable. I'll pray for you. Our Blessed Lady delivered Trump, and I confess, I was skeptical. Maybe her intercession can work enough grace to help you too.

    4. Anonymous10:48 PM

      Anon 10:15
      Why has there been so much death and destruction caused by religious wars throughout history and present day if it a fountain of forgiveness and understanding? Perhaps Trump woke up one morning in a "delivered" state of mind but before that his actions demonstrated he was certainly no champion of the average person. I can understand that for many it is about hope and the promises he made rather than bigotry and racism but based on his past track record I am very skeptical that he is nothing more than a con man who has gotten in way over his head. Hope I am wrong, time will tell.

    5. Anonymous6:10 AM

      RT - Simon doesn't normally like to post these rebuttals, but what the heck, I'll give it a shot.

      With regard to religion, the evidence may well favor your position... with one notable exception.

      As to the converse, however, I can't help but notice that the fountain of forgiveness and understanding which, I presume, your side always claims to be has been very busy burning things, and trying to start violence in this matter.

    6. Anonymous3:39 PM

      @Gyor Trump burned the currency of forgiveness on the first day of his campaign, the moment he called Mexicans "rapists."

      The rest just piled on the tire fire. The wall. Muslim bans. Crooked Hillary. Nasty woman. Punish women seeking abortions. Assassination fantasies.

      He's demonstrated he's not capable of compassion, let alone love. He gets none from me.

  2. The Trump regime will be disrupted but not extinguished until at least 4 years.

    Michelle Obama 2020 !!!

    1. hi's true it's mandate is supposed to last four years, but I honestly believe Trump is going to blow himself up long before that, and then there are the mid terms. I'm willing to predict now that is when the Republican Party will start to fall apart...

    2. I'd rather have crazy Ben Carson for 2020 instead of another Obama in the White House.

    3. Anonymous3:54 PM

      @Babe Ruth (to whom you owe an apology)

      You'd really rather have a sleepy-eyed crackpot who thinks the Pyramids are grain silos and has a picture of him chillin' with Jesus in his house than an accomplished legal expert and compassionate role model? Give me Michelle Obama any day of the week!

  3. Trump election greeted with a smile

  4. the ministry of peace (minipax) is in charge of armed forces that ensure internal 'loyalty' and keep up the many wars of the divided trumpits of emreeka (DTE).
    the ministry of love has no windows. it is the place where there is no darkness because it's interior lights are never turned off. in the bowels of miniluv, there's a room 101 where views are 'righted'.
    the ministry of truth is indispensable in the manufacture of facts and history. the minitrue administers truth via new lexico-grammatical turns and forms.
    there is also the ministry of plenty that facilitates the government's rule by providing breads and circuses (wait, ... was it guns and beer... or was it guns and p***y?)...

    those that find 'something' in thedonald's speeches are either unfamiliar with newspeak or see nothing wrong with it. poor wretches.

  5. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Sounds like someone can't stand the bitter taste of defeat.

  6. Trump could be impeached

  7. Democracy is coming to the USA

  8. e.a.f.4:36 AM

    Given Trumps statements during the election process I've concluded he is a bigot. In my opinion if you support some one who is a bigot, it doesn't say much about you, beyond, you support bigots. people could conclude you too have traces of bigotry.

    In a tweet this afternoon Trump denounced the protestors yet said nothing about the KKK which plans a celebration march in North Carolina. If he plans on being the president for all, you'd think he might have something to say about them marching, but no, so in this case I'd suggest he thinks they have the right to their free speech, even though he wants to change the libel laws in the U.S.A. to "reign" in the media.

    It will be interesting to see how it works out when they try to round up 11 million undocumented people in the U.S.A. As I recall, during an interview, he was asked how he would do that. His response: they would go door to door and job site to job site. reminds me of how Hitler rounded up the Jews, of course this time they will have guns and if he plans to use the military, well a lot of them may not be into rounding up their fellow citizens.

    Can hardly wait to see what clowns he will have in his cabinet.