Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Kellie Leitch, Donald Trump, and the Racist Rebel

I don't know from what diseased mind or minds those hateful posters came from. 

I don't know whether those racists were inspired by their Lord Emperor Donald Trump.

Or boosted by Kellie Leitch's emulation of him, and her politics of division.

But I must say I find this deeply disturbing.

The way the wannabe Trumpling Leitch insists she isn't a racist, but dodges a question about her racist supporters. 

So, saying you’re not a racist, are you worried that you may be getting support or you will be getting support from racists at all?” Cutrara asked Leitch. Leitch ducked the question. 

“Look, what was implied by the conversation was I’m not one myself. It’s not for me to speak about other individuals. But I will tell you is that — and we’ve spoken about it in this conversation — is that there have been some people who’ve obviously become upset because of these ideas that I’m putting forward. But I’m going to continue to talk about them,” Leitch said.

Because it suggests to me that she has so many racist followers, she can't afford to lose them.

And it must be said that when you're celebrated by racists... 

Or you lie with them..

You can end up resembling them...

Because let's be absolutely clear, this is Canada's alt-right site.

The only people who watch it are angry old white racists.

And no decent person should frequent it, or worse subsidize it...

With a big shiny ad at the top of its home page.

So Leitch is fishing in a stinky hole.

And what I also find disturbing is that not only is Leitch sounding like a squeaky voiced Trump, she's starting to tweet like him...

Because all those tweets need are some exclamation marks, and they could have come from the tiny fingers of Donald Trump himself...

And at a time when our neighbours are convulsing in the horror that he has created, the last thing we need in this country is another monster like him.

Kellie Leitch should be ashamed of herself, and should end her campaign immediately.


rumleyfips said...

Oh , I think KKKellie has ended her own campaign; she just doesn't realise it yet.

Anonymous said...

One would need the trait of being compassionate to have the trait to feel shame Simon. Feeling shame indicates a conscience to which Kellie is devoid of. Being compassionate and having a conscience would be a very important Canadian value to me.
So it looks like Kellie has already failed the test. Can we deport her now?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm what's wrong with saying "wondering why only white countries have to become ‘multicultural’?” and “figuring out that diversity only means less white people’?”

Last time I checked we still have freedom of speech here. And those are two very good questions. Why are only white countries targeted for mass immigration? Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, France, UK, US, Canada, Australia etc. I don't see any Asian countries, South American countries, African countries, Arab countries etc. being targeted.

You see the problem is if progressives like you Simon, and the media, just try to avoid these tough questions... and there's no debate... people will end up going to the likes of Kellie Leitch and Ezra Levant for answers.

People have genuine concerns and by shutting down conversation, they'll end up on The Rebel or The Alt-Right where they CAN potentially end up very racist or dangerous.

I understand this is a progressive blog but as long as everyone is polite and respect of one another, we should be able to have a dialogue.

One last thing... I'm pretty conservative on most issues but quite a few times I've read articles of yours and your arguments have swayed my opinion.


luceforma said...

You so right, rumleyfips... the elite leitch is against...um... elite?

hinofan said...

MC you overlook:
Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan that have sheltered MILLIONS of Syrian and Iraqi refugees after the unfortunate US military invasion of Iraq.
Iran has millions of Afghan refugees after the unfortunate US coalition military invasion of Afghanistan
Yes from that same Afghanistan Canadian forces saw action in.
Hong Kong, Malaysia and other countries assimilated lots of Vietnamese "Boatpeople" following the unfortunate US military action in Vietnam.
Mexico accepted refugees from Guatemala and El Salvador after the unfortunate US sponsored "dirty war" there.
The poor people fleeing Libya to Italy are from the destabilization of West Africa directly caused by the unfortunate coalition of the US Britain France and Canada bombing Libya to effect regime change (ie removing Gadhafi).
That is why Canada, unfortunately, is "Peacekeeping" in Mali or Chad now.

I'm beginning to wonder who the bad guys really are; no matter who their leaders.
And you are whining about Canada taking a few hundred thousand people.
Yeah MC keep it pure.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your response hinofan. All of the examples you used (good ones I might add) are all refugees. I was talking about mass immigration to white countries.

If you actually check the demographics and population change over the years, the way things are going whites will be a minority in all of the countries I listed above. It's already happening in many major cities. Toronto, Paris, London just to name a few. There's other reasons of course besides mass immigration. We have a low birthrate, many women want careers as opposed to children, abortion etc.

It's not racist to state facts. One only has to take a walk through Scarborough or anywhere downtown Toronto or Vancouver to see this. For example, I live in Montreal. I was at the TD bank on the corner of St.Catherine and Guy yesterday. There were 20 people in line and I was the only white person. What are our cities going to look like in another 20 years from now? I'm not saying it's a bad thing I was the only white person in the whole bank, but should I be silenced and charged with hate speech just for a casual observation?


rumleyfips said...

How to shut an alt right idiot up. Well done.

luceforma said...

MC, the countries you are calling white are not all that white and happen to be a consequence of historical choices. hinofan's reply is informative (cheers). i think what you mean by 'white countries' are mostly prosperous, first world countries whose one commonality is their democratic political organization. whether a good system or not, democracy is rooted in the 'notion of good' (besides other things) which is manifested in the justice system. if we agree that might does not equal right than we may arrive at a point of accord concerning power and responsibility. once powerful, you can be moral and choose 'right' or immoral and choose 'wrong'. letting people die at the doorsteps of the rich doesn't strike me as right or good or beautiful or harmonious... or moral. what the rich did to those countries from which people now run and seek refuge in the west had nothing to do with acting morally: conquest and colonization made many rich peoples poor and many greedy people rich. the chickens are coming home, MC. From long, long, time ago and it's about time the west rights these wrongs.

you are right about the debate - you get none with arzE. it's here that people talk, share and find out about things. cheers. lf

hinofan said...

Rufugees make up the bulk of immigrants.
Natives of former British, Spanish and French colonies had right of abode in the Home country and their descendents are now full citizens of those countries.
Recent cheap air travel has meant that tourism by foreigners has become popular and at any given time foreigners are visiting Vancouver or Montreal.
Maybe those people in the bank that alarmed you demographically were just tourists changing money!

Simon said...

hi rumleyfips...I'm sure you're right, but what I fear is that by beating her bigot drum she could encourage the racists to take out their frustrations on innocent Canadians. And one thing is now for sure, Leitch is not a hopeless idiot, she is really evil....

Simon said...

hi JD...yes you're probably right, she was shameless during the election campaign, and she is shameless now. And yes, she would fail her own test, but I'm afraid only Trump's America or Zimbabwe would take her....

e.a.f. said...

Poor KKKellie, a tad over the top, on the other hand it worked for Trump, so who knows it may work for her. If nothing else is working for her, then this might. However, given Canada did reject Harper, she might be in a holding pattern for the rest of her days. Canadians aren't Americans, we proved that in our last election.