Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Cons and the Patronage Machine

Uh oh. I see the sign on the Con Farm barn has been changed.

Ignorance is Strength is still there.

But Patronage is Bad, the slogan that Great Napoleon Leader used against the Liberals, has been subtly revised.

Now it reads Patronage is Porky, as in normal. Or yummy. 

Since 2006, the general trend is to hire a vastly disproportionate number of people who have ties to the federal Conservative Party or its provincial allies. Stephen Harper once denounced this system as the Prime Minister rewarding his “buddies,” but while in office has been uninterested in changing the system. Instead he has continued to appoint party insiders and supporters at a frenzied pace...

Because that's quite a list eh? It not only makes Great Pork Chop Leader look like a crass hypocrite. Again. A man who says one thing and does another.

It also reminds me of the movie the Invasion of the Body Snatchers...

Because it gives us a revealing look at the way he is wielding power behind the scenes. And how although only about one out of three Canadians supports him, he is aiming for a total TAKEOVER.

So he can bend us to his will, and sell us out to foreign interests.

Which is why I'm surprised that David Akin should spend so much time criticizing the anonymity of the Sixth Estate. 

I still think Sixth Estate’s readers are owed a real name or an explanation why Sixth Estate cannot reveal his or her real name. Also: Where does the money come from for the blog or the time to research and write the blog?

Or asking such absurd questions. As if bloggers wrote for money, like he does. 

When he should be congratulating the Sixth Estate for doing such an amazing job, and wondering why a humble blogger is doing what the MSM should be doing. And why him and so many of his colleagues can't seem to see the forest for the trees.

For what kind of country does he think we're living in? Where elections are stolen, scientists are muzzled, and fear RULES.

Oh boy. Maybe I need to lend Akin and the others my Bandido Mugshot Machine.

So they can take off their rose coloured glasses. 

Stop treating politics as if it was just a game.

And see Stephen Harper as he really is...

The leader of the insane Con klown posse...

Who would reward his followers, like he said he never would. 

The thug who would punish his enemies, as only he could...

The brutish ideologue who is trying to change our country beyond recognition, without our permission.

Which is of course why we blog. On our own dime, on our own time, in our own way. And why we don't need any lessons from the MSM, when they have failed us so badly.   

Yup. Here's to the Progressive blogosphere, that can't be intimidated or bought.

Sticking it to the Con Regime, until the day of victory...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,

All Akins had to do, if he were a "real" journalist, was to check every single name provided by the Sixth Estate to see if it was a fact that he/she had contributed the stated amounts to the Cons party. After all, the blogger had done the investigative work and provided the ranks and serial numbers of them all.

Then he could have written a real article and either collaborated or refuted the claims of the blogger. Instead he criticized the anonymity of the blogger without so much as moving the story ahead a bit. I imagine Akin would have dismissed Deep Throat thus: can't publish this without you letting me tell the world your identity.

But then again, I wonder why Akin had joined that organization if he had wanted to be taken seriously as a journalist. I stopped reading his articles a long time ago and this just confirms my negative impression of his journalistic skills.

Anonymous said...

We were warned, if Harper some how got a majority, we could kiss Canada good-bye.

Harper is the scum of the earth, and millions of Canadians say, Harper used the robo-call cheat election fraud to win, his so called majority. Harper had Bruce Carson, a many times convicted criminal working for him. Some are saying, did Carson set up the robo-call cheat? Even the U.S. said, the robo-call cheat was very sophisticated and involved.

A friend said, read about these. Harper gives a speech in New York, at the Council of Foreign Relations, Sept 25/2007.

Harper's speech on, a global government for Canada.

Harper favors, a NWO.

Then I watched a program on TV, regarding those very subjects. I was stunned to hear how everything they said, is falling into place.

Harper is an, evil entity, liar, deceiver, corrupt, a thief, dirty tactics, dirty politics, and the worst P.M. in the recorded history, of this Nation.

And, as we all see, nothing is done about that monster, and I would like to know...Why???

Kim said...

It seems to me that lately, the "News" organisations are taking cues from bloggers and social media. We are actually doing the work for them. And they get paid! Nice work, if you can get it!

Simon said...

hi anonymous...exactly. All he had to do was fact check that list and write a serious story about it it, rather than sounding so petty and so absurd. I don't know what's going on. I used to think Akin was better than that. But as you point out, could a serious journalist work for an organization like that one, for anything more than the money? If I was him I'd leave as soon as I could, before his reputation is damaged beyond repair...

Simon said...

hi anonymous...short of having them convicted of some crime, which I pray for daily, the only was we can get rid of the Cons is to make sure we send them packing in the next election. However, we can also organize protests in the meantime to let them know what we think of them. It may not stop them, but at least we might slow them down, so we can limit the damage before we fire them. Because fire them we must...

Simon said...

hi Kim...I think you're right. Not only are bloggers and the social media going where the MSM dares not go. The kind of work the Sixth Estate did in compiling that list, puts them to shame. And shows what ordinary citizens can do to shake up the the powerful, and hopefully inspire the MSM to do better...