Thursday, August 09, 2012

When Assaulting the Homeless is Funny

I don't know whether this video of some loser apparently urinating on an unconscious homeless person is real.

The video that lasts 27-seconds shows a young man approaching a man sleeping on the sidewalk outside what appears to be Toronto's Eaton Centre. 

With his back to the camera he appears to urinate on the sleeping man while his friends can be heard laughing off-camera. The victim doesn't react and appears to remain asleep as his head and hair are soaked. 

Or a sick hoax.

The Toronto Sun says the video has received numerous comments, some questioning its authenticity. “Sounded like he was squeezing a bottle of water if you listen closely,” 

But it doesn't really matter. Not when so many homeless people are routinely assaulted, and even murdered.

It's disgusting, and it made me so angry.

For what can you do with people like that, or those who think that kind of video is funny?

Except in my case, restrain the burning desire to beat them up. And say this to their smirking faces:

"Hey punks... bullies.... cowards.... morons. What the fuck do you think you're doing? Don't you think homeless people have suffered ENOUGH?"

Because I'll never understand how some can be so cruel to people who have lost everything.

Nor can I ever forget the story of Paul Croutch.The homeless man in Toronto who was sleeping on a park bench, in the rain, covered with green garbage bags. When he was beaten to death by two soldiers.

For the crime of being mentally ill and poor. 

Just a few blocks away from the place where this latest assault is alleged to have taken place.

And of course, I can never forget that many of the homeless in Toronto, or other Canadian cities, are LGBT kids.

Kicked out of their homes by parents like this one.

And for whom there are no shelters, just the dangerous streets.

Which is why I hate that video so much, and hope that the loser responsible is punished, or at the very least shamed.

And why I always end every post about the homeless the same way eh?

A country with so many suffering homeless people.

Can NEVER be a great one....

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e.a.f. said...

Even if the video is as "put on" it is in very bad taste. It is not funny to urinate on a homeless sleeping person or make it look like that is what is happening. Bascially our society is "pissing" on the homeless.

They don't appear to understand it could be them. You loose your job & most people in 3 months would be destitute. You become sick, can't work, you'll wind up on welfare & from there its homelessness unless you have friends or family who can and will take you in.

People need to understand, the homeless didn't choose for their lives to become what they are. They may have made poor choices but they didn't choose to do so. Many of the homeless are mentally ill & because our governments do not offer sufficient support it is up to charities & churchs to do the best they can.

Unfortunately when ever there is discussion of housing the mentally ill or the homeless all the good burgers don't want it in their neighbourhood. So if you don't want the homeless in your area & you don't want them to be unhomeless by having homes what exactly do people want? The majority of homeless at one time had a home & they were your neighbours & friends.

Anonymous said...

From Jack in the G.T.A.
It's all part of the great plan, boys and girls. Fire & Ice! Ethnic cleansing and therefore the perfection of the race! This kind of sick shit is public domain and has been available for perusal since the late 1930's. Oh, and by the way. If "they" can keep the low-brows preoccupied with this kind of shit long and well enough, the low-brows don't even care that "they" are stealing their very livelihoods and their children's and their children's children's future. "A feint within a feint." This is kabuki on a global scale. "They" actually have us to the point that we gleefully vote against our own best interests and will viciously defend our idiotic choices while "they" laugh like hell at us from up in their glass and ivory towers. The monstrous and murderous behavior exhibited by those 3 psychopathic excuses for soldiers is a perfect example of the kind of brainwashing that is being thrust into us every day. TV, video games, movies and even social media all worship and glorify this kind of behavior. I saw it in the u.s. while living there. We're about 10-12 years behind them but it's now coming to a neighborhood near you soon! Think I'm full of shit? I'm not the lazy, lame asshole that didn't vote or voted liberal or neo-fascist-con in the last 2 elections!!! I'm not the idiot that spends a couple of million on a made-made pond or a few million to hire half of the police in Canada for the g20 and I'm not the idiot that gives approbation to spending a few billion bucks on fucking warplanes that don't even fly!!! We made this bed and now we're damn well going to have to lie in it! WAKE UP, CANADA!

Anonymous said...

"Think I'm full of shit?"

Yup pretty much.

Anonymous said...

Government and politicians are no longer about, what is good for the country, provinces and the people. Politicians are all about, what they can thieve from the people, for their own selfish goals.

Our government to-day is all about, destroying our Democracy, our Civil Rights and Liberties, our Freedom Speech, and our Human Rights. Our government to-day gives billions of our tax dollars to, banks, mines, oil and gas corporations and huge businesses. They also get, huge tax reductions. Our tax dollars are thieved from us, to give to the wealthiest outfits in the world.

People who thought, they would never depend on Food Banks, now find themselves doing exactly that.

The "Harper government" government, has no morals nor ethics what-so-ever. Most Canadians believe, Harper cheated to win and used the robo-call election cheat to do so.

It isn't the first time Harper has used dirty tactics and dirty politics. Just ask Gordon Campbell. He had the highest number of children living in poverty. He refused to raise the minimum wage of $8.00 per hour. Campbell thieved and sold, everything he got his dirty hands on. While our BC children were going to school hungry. That s.o.b. Campbell gave his useless self, a $60,000 per year salary hike.

Campbell is Harper's favorite henchmen. For doing Harper's dirty work for him. Campbell was rewarded the post of, High Commissioner to England. Who said, crime doesn't pay? It sure in the hell does in Canada.

You are exactly right Anon 8:08. This country is a stinking cesspool of corruption. Harper is known as, the worst P.M. in the recorded history of Canada. He started out with a, $13 billion dollar surplus. Harper has Canada is the worst debt, this nation has ever been in. And we have the homeless, sleeping on the street, being pissed on while, billions of our tax dollars, are being abused by the "Harper" government.

Beijing York said...

My blood boiled when I first heard this reported yesterday. There was a real video awhile ago of a homeless woman in Winnipeg being taunted and beaten by a few young thugs who bragged about it and posted it on their Facebook walls, with their similarly crass, violent friends reposting and passing it around. I think they were caught but can't remember the details. There is a growing societal sickness that encourages this cruel and divisive behaviour. The media barely covers the issue of homelessness (and how much it has risen in just 2 decades) or provide a compassionate look at the struggles people on the street face. Rather, we have more interest in introducing bylaws to push people further out of our common sight.

Simon said...

hi Jack...I understand your anger. The Harper government is a rotten one, but Canadians have only themselves to blame for allowing him to get a majority. If we had done the right thing and put our country before our party, or if more of us had bothered to vote, this horror show never would have happened. Let's hope we have learned our lesson...

Simon said...

hi anonymous... and let's not forget that we have a Finance Minister, little Jimbo Flaherty, who when he was in the Harris government helped create so many homeless people, Jimbo wanted to jail them. And they're still doing that now. Making a situation bad, and then using that as an excuse to make it worse. It's madness, it's a nightmare, it can't end soon enough...

Simon said...

hi Beijing...I remember that years ago there weren't that many homeless people, and then the neo-liberals arrived and now they are everywhere. And the worst part is that Canadians have become so numbed by the sight of them, they accept this situation as normal. As for the hostility so many homeless people encounter it is as you say a societal sickness. In the case of the young I think what is making the problem worse is that people are being desensitized to violence by video games or YouTube clips. But it all ads up to bad news for the future of our society...