Monday, July 09, 2012

Stephen Harper and the Big Lie

Uh oh. Duck and cover.This could be embarrassing eh? Great Cowboy Leader is bragging about our economy again.Telling the WHOLE WORLD that they should be like Harperland !!!!!!

“Under our conservative government, Canada will not slip back the way so many other developed countries are slipping back,” he said. “To succeed what the world must become in the future is what Canada is today.”

OMG. Can you believe that eh? The man must be either completely deranged, or totally shameless. Because they must be laughing at him all the way to Norway. Which BTW is doing MUCH better than Canada.

But then Stephen Harper is just trying to fool Canadians into believing he's a "real economist." Instead of a grubby right-wing ideologue who is only interested in killing government. Even though his dismal record speaks for itself.

He had nothing to do with the stability of our banks. He inherited a massive surplus and turned it into a massive deficit. He used the stimulus dough to buy votes, instead of creating new green industries. 

He's putting all our economic eggs into the oil and commodities barrel, leaving us dangerously vulnerable to a recession. He's allowing the Dutch Disease to kill good jobs all over Canada. And selling us off to foreign interests like the Chinese Communist Party, and the uber-right wing Koch brothers.

Despite all his gaseous emissions, the unemployment picture is much gloomier than he would have us believe.

And even as he slashes spending, steals pensions, and kills jobs in the name of austerity, him and his Con gang are out there spending money like drunken sailors  hogs.

No matter that this government is cutting $5-billion from government spending. No matter that programs are being cut or reduced throughout government. No matter that out of one side of their mouths Harper ministers proclaim the virtues of frugality, because from the other come announcements, followed by more announcements, of more spending.

So why does Stephen Harper keep proclaiming that he's a good money manager or a "real economist?" Answer: because he knows that if you repeat a Big Lie enough times, you can fool dumb Canadians into thinking it's true.

Like Benito Mussolini was able to fool a lot of people into thinking he made the trains run on time...

Even though that was also fascist bullshit.

Like almost all the supposed achievements of Fascism, the timely trains are a myth, nurtured and propagated by a leader with a journalist's flair for symbolism, verbal trickery and illusion.

And that's the model Stephen Harper wants the WHOLE  WORLD to follow?

OMG. Please world don't listen to him.  The next time he tells you he's a "real economist" tell him what I do. No you're not you grubby Con FRAUD.

Canada's not back, we're going BACKWARDS.

And then get the hell out of there eh?

Before he steals your wallet .... or your pension.

And as for Canadians they should remember this:

The day we destroy Stephen Harper's phony reputation as a good money manager, the day we make people laugh at him. Will be the day we save ourselves.

And the day we destroy the Cons...

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  1. Hey Simon,

    harper will last long enough for his budget cuts to bite him on the ass. Unless something changes for the better in the USA or Europe, our exports there will fizzle and Canada's unemployment rate will start to creep up.

    Then, I think a citizens' movement will have forced him to call a new election.

    BTW: I know you don't mean to, but just pointing out that praise for mainstream "real" economists is misplaced, since this entire mess is their fault.

    1. hi thwap... I wish I could be as optimistic as you are, but I fear Harper is just slashing away so he can build up a war chest and use it to cut taxes and buy votes in the next election. And knowing how greedy some Canadians are, I fear it might work.
      As for the "real" do have a point.
      However, I want to make clear that I have about as much respect for economists these days as I do for those who would predict the future by rummaging through the guts of goats. Or a Ouija board like Jimbo Flaherty. The problem is they can't properly criticize the system because they are part of it. And suggesting the system be scrapped and replaced with a better one is a bridge too far..

  2. Anonymous7:32 AM

    "To succeed what the world must become in the future is what Canada is today" - Harper

    Very strange how Harper seems to paraphrase here, a line from an equally strange London Olympics commercial supposedly boosting Canada, but not really boosting either Canada, its athletes, or its most identifiable icon, our flag.

    1. hi anonymous... I must admit that every time I read that quote, first I cringe with embarrassment, then I laugh my ass off, and then I think Big Brother, or Charlie Chaplin in the Great Dictator. It would be funny if it wasn't so tragic....

  3. Maybe he just means that worldwide, the only way conservatives are ever going to win elections again is to steal them.

    1. hi sunsin...good one. Because I was running out of time and space I didn't mention the way the Cons are raping our democratic values. Because the thought of exporting those values to other countries is even more outrageous, and worthy of the leader of a banana republic. Which, when you think about it, is what we are becoming...

  4. Two legs good, four legs bad....

    1. hi mizdarlin... yes indeed...I have to fight the temptation to use Animal Farm all the time. But yes, the Cons are in the Big House, I mean the Pig House, Great Napoleon Leader has been spotted strutting around on his hind legs, and those of us who are not hauling rocks in the quarry, are on the way to the glue factory. Of course, I will have to change the end. Where we win, and the Cons end up in the bacon factory... ;)

  5. Anonymous7:08 PM

    But, but Simon!!

    Look at what Harper is doing for Communist China and the U.S. There are thousand of American veterans, coming to Canada to work the tar sands oil pipelines. They have an exclusive right, given by Alberta. I don't know if these American Veterans, are to fire on Canadians opposing the pipelines or what? We do know Harper has sold most of the tar sands to China. They are bringing their own people to work their tar sands projects. Communist China is supposed to bring swarms over, to build the Enbridge pipeline. So, I assume the American Veteran soldiers, are to fire on any Canadians that are in the way.

    I doubt Canadian soldiers, would fire on their own citizens. It's only scum like Harper, Enbridge, the U.S, Communist China and Alberta Premier Redford would do.

    1. hi anonymous...with the Chinese and the Koch brothers becoming more and more powerful I fear for the future of those who work in the oil sands. For I have nothing against them, just their filthy rich bosses. If the Chinese start bringing in their own people, and the Koch hogs wage war on unions as they are doing all over the place, working conditions which are already pretty bad will surely get even worse...

    2. Anonymous3:17 PM

      "American Veteran soldiers, are to fire on any Canadians that are in the way"

      Check it out people the guns have already been shipped and delivered to Edmonton the head of the Enbridge Red Chinese Stephen Harper Norther Gateway Pipeline, this is why Steve scrapped the long gun registry, they will and let me repeat that they will MURDER anyone that stands in their way.

      The chinese have already invested billions...

      If Stephen does not deliver the Alberta [crude] bitumen his head is on the proverbial chinese chopping block...

      That's why the environment minister in a stinging address to the press said:

      "...ordinary citizens concerned about projects like the Northern Gateway oilsands pipeline but who don't live or work near the project, shouldn't be able to participate in environmental review hearings, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver said Wednesday..."

      I see what they are up to, they have changed the law so spills are the responsibility of the citizens not the companies or governments...

      And like in any third world top down dictatorship we will be murdered by those weapons that have already flooded the streets of the GATEWAY[Read-Edmonton] to the Enbridge pipeline by the chinese and Americans if we intervene.

      You won't recognize Canada when I'm done with it? Screw you Harper and the beast you rode in on tom Flanagan...

      I want my Canada back...

      Tom go back to the US and...

      Before I get real angry Simon I gotta sign out..