Thursday, July 05, 2012

Julian Fantino and the Mediocrity of the Cons

I will never forget the look on Julian Fantino's face, the day he first took the loyalty oath to Stephen Harper, and became a Con cabinet minister.

He looked stunned, as if he still couldn't believe it.  

The Great Fantino, the Crime Busting Crusader, the copo de tutti, had been humiliated beyond belief.

Boss Harper had betrayed him.

He wasn't the new Minister of Public Security. The Lord Protector of Canada, and the scourge of the Liberals.

 He was the Minister for SENIORS !!!!!

And of course, I was so shocked to see him named Minister of ANYTHING, I felt like pressing my own emergency button.

So I can only imagine how he must feel about his latest appointment.

Former Toronto Police Chief Julian Fantino has been chosen as the government’s point man for foreign aid spending and international disaster response.

Once he was pushing jets, now he's pushing PABLUM.

And I'm sure you can imagine how I feel about the fate of the world's hungry...

And the way Stephen Harper continues to reward incompetence. 

Or the news that he's cancelling his cabinet shuffle, so other Con klowns like Vic Toews, Peter MacKay, Tony Clement, and Dean Del Mastro won't be following Bev Oda into retirement. 

And Toews can't follow his true vocation, and open a chicken restaurant.

Instead of trying to read our e-mails, or turn our prisons into violent jungles.

Where young chickens are regularly raped by being double-bunked with older convicts.

But of course that won't happen eh?

Stephen Harper just doesn't have enough Cons to choose from. The gene pool is too shallow. A cult is a cult. And most of the yokels in the clown caucus are so dumb, that if they lost any more I.Q. points you'd have to water them eh? 

So the same old scandal ridden Con hacks just play musical chairs, and go after other jobs.

Like these cute doggies go after the low hanging ball....

And the good news?

The more the same old Con klowns turn our country into a fascist circus. The more Canadians will come to hate them.

Their evil will bite them.

But their mediocrity will destroy them...

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Skinny Dipper said...

Under Stephen Harper's autocratic rule, his cabinet minsters and Conservative MPs do not get the skills to develop and improve their own leadership skills. It's bad that Harper cannot trust Canadians. It's insulting to his own party that he can't trust his own MPs and cabinet ministers. If he can't trust them, why should Canadians.

Simon, I believe you are correct that if Harper drops anyone from cabinet, they will resign their parliamentary seat so long that he/she has been an MP for a minimum of six years in order to qualify for a pension.

There will come a time when Harper's rule will come to a crashing end. Who in the Conservative Party will take his place? The only person I can think of is Jim Prentice who jumped off Harper's sinking ship last year. Prentice can challenge Harper's policies without any reprecussions. Unfortunately, there will be no MP with the skills to challenge Jim Prentice.

Kirbycairo said...

It seems to me that every leader with Harper's iron-fisted style crashes through an internal rebellion of one sort or another. The only question is where it will come from? Or, in the Queen's preferred English (and we know how Harper feels about the Queen), "from whence will it hail?"

ck said...

I don't think Jim Prentice is interested in returning to politics and is quite happy where he is at CIBC.

One possibility, though somewhat remote, is someone who would scare the heebie geebies outta Harper. This person was actually approached as a first choice to lead the newly merged PCs and Canadian Alliance back in 2003. It is none other than former New Brunswick Premier, Bernard Lord.

Unlike Harper, Lord is actually respected in Quebec in some circles, anyway.

When Lord was considering running in Riverview-Moncton-Dieppe for the Cons in the last election and then, nearly at the last minute changed his mind, citing "family reasons", I found that telling--I had a feeling Harper didn't really want him taking part in his reindeer games as he would be seen as a threat to him.

Anonymous said...

Simon again you have me ROFL......

Ottawa has become the clown circus of the world....

They are the champions my friend of deception and greed, we have to fight them if we are ever to succeed to get sanity back on track...

To bad 90% are in the great canadian snooze fest...

Beijing York said...

I concur Mogs! "I'm a cop not a cook" Fantino graphic is a scream. And then you follow with the pervo pesto Toews story. LOLOLOLOL!