Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stephen Harper, Rob Ford, and the Deadly Game

It had to be one of the most  grotesque photo-ops ever. Rob Ford, the brutish Mayor of Toronto, gripping Stephen Harper's limp wrist in his meaty paw, in a police station. 

The two Cons carrying on like Laurel and Hardy, belching bullshit, and  playing cheap politics with tragedy. 

In his first statements on Toronto’s recent rash of gun crimes, Prime Minister Stephen Harper urged tighter government collaboration and tougher crime laws to fight gang violence.

And if the beginning was low comedy, the ending was pure farce. With the two men unable to agree on anything. Rob Ford muzzled like a rabid dog, or a just another Con stooge.

And Harper looking like an absolute bumbling idiot for beating his little anti-crime drum, on the same day this report was released.

Statistics compiled by the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics (CCJS) and released Tuesday by Statistics Canada showed that the crime rate in 2011 was at its lowest level in 39 years.

Talk about bad timing eh? Muahahahahaha.

Although that didn't stop the Con zombie Vic Toews from making a fool of himself on Twitter again...

By claiming the credit for this downward trend. And vowing to jail even more invisible criminals.

Which only made the Cons look even more crass and dangerous. Because let's be absolutely clear eh? It may be a game but it's a deadly one. Rob Ford may be a buffoon, but he has the gut level instincts of a monstrous demagogue.

When Ford says, as he did last week, that he wants to use the immigration act to exile convicted criminals from Toronto he is, at a rational level, talking nonsense. Unlike the old Soviet Union, Canada does not tell its citizens where they may live. 

But at gut level, Ford connects with many voters. They associate gun violence with recent immigrants, even though Ford didn’t exactly say that. And they just want this violence to go away.

By simplifying a complex situation, and whipping up ethnic tensions in a city as diverse as Toronto, he is only making the problem worse, and playing with fire.

And by rubbing up against him in such a grotesque manner, Harper is only encouraging that disgusting behaviour, which makes him equally guilty.

But then we knew that eh?

Stephen Harper is a monster...

Rob Ford is a racist hog...

And Canada won't be a cleaner and safer place until we are rid of both of them...

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  1. "Rob Ford, the brutish Mayor of Toronto, gripping Stephen Harper's limp wrist in his meaty paw, in a police station."

    Ya Simon of all places why the hell would you pick a police station for a photo op?

    Oh I know, I know they were there getting mugshots and fingerprinting to reserve an air conditioned cell for their up and coming trial...

    To be continued!

    1. hi Mogs...well you know that ever since Harper had a cameo role as a booking officer in an episode of the Murdoch Mysteries, he seems to be attracted to to police stations. No doubt hoping that Canadians will think he's their Lord Protector, come to save us from the invisible criminals who are swarming all over YOUR neighbourhood !!!
      Personally I think he should save it for his insanity plea at his trial for crimes against Canada...

    2. SIMON, Simon it is the only reason I keep returning to your blog...

      You make me laugh at the **** the harper [gang] regime is TRYING to get away with...

      No way Jose...

      Now my favorite movie I'm trying to get Spielberg and Lucas to get involved in is where the Mountie's in their red coated regalia rush in to the house of commons [parliament hill] and take stephen and PETER MACKAY away in a squad car....

      Straight to Jail...

      Its going to be called the 'Canajan twilight zone' ...

  2. Where did Toew's pull out that 208% number? And is 1962 (Diefenbaker's last year as PM) some benchmark of Halcyon Days? Days where southern and eastern European immigrants were considered uncultured but safe and hard working, French Canadians were second tier citizens and Aboriginal peoples were completely ignored by the public and abused by government?

    Their hatred for all the societal gains made in the 60s, 70s and 80s is more than obvious - it's an obsession.

    1. hi Beijing...I was extremely amused at the 1962 reference, because it made him sound desperate. Besides Toews was only ten back then, and had recently arrived in Canada from Paraguay. So is he seriously suggesting that he could have been part of some immigrant crime wave? ;)
      But yes, he is stuck in the past isn't he? What a horrible old reactionary...

  3. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Harper and his Conservatives, are the worst thugs in Canadian history. You can add Ford to that list. We can also add the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals

    Now the RCMP male members, deny there was any sexual harassing of the Female members of the RCMP. BC gets all of the degenerates. They shipped a degenerate RCMP officer to BC. As if we don't have enough of our own. The male RCMP, deny they do not grab their crotches and make lewd remarks to the Female Officers. They do not threaten the female officers, if they dare say anything. They are not demeaning towards the Female Officers. So the people of BC again see, the usual suspects of the RCMP male officers, lying and covering up for each other AGAIN.

    Toews seems to think, that is just fine to treat the female Officers in this manner. Of course he would. He isn't exactly a plaster saint himself. Now is he? However, they can't let this court case happen. Toews and the RCMP, absolutely have to cheat to win the case. Can you imagine the money they would have to pay these female Officers. The Male officers, have already told the usual fantastic lies. The RCMP male officers, are the scum of the earth.

    1. hi anonymous...the state of the RCMP is truly shocking, and it badly needs to examine, reform itself, and break the hold of the good old boys club. But with Vicky in charge I fear it can only get in to more trouble. For he's quite capable of using it to go after his enemies, real or imagined. And if that ever got out, nothing would be able to rescue the reputation of the RCMP...

  4. I was thinking you could use this picture for a good mash-up of Mammoliti and the Ford Brothers (re-Mammoliti wanting to be the Toronto gang and violence czar)

  5. Here's the pic

  6. hi Thor...thanks for the pic. The second guy from the left is sinister enough to be Harper, and the guy on the right is obviously Toews. However, there is a problem. The black guy in the middle makes the redneck Cons look too tolerant...

    P.S. however it should be easy to cover him up, and the guys on either side, with Ford in a fedora...