Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Rise and the Fall of Bev Oda

Oh no. I see Bev Oda has taken her last long limo ride.

The kind of ride the Con mob gives you when you become a liability. First comes the horse's head, then the scenic limo ride, in the middle of the night. And then da cement shoes.

Bev Oda, the CIDA minister whose spending habits raised the hackles of the Harper government, announced she was quitting politics after insiders cautioned her she would not survive a cabinet shuffle, according to a source familiar with the matter.

And after that of course, come the flowers, the crocodile tears, and the touching tributes.

“She’s no Marie Antoinette but she’s just not sensitive to this stuff,” one fellow MP said. Said a senior Tory: “Some people have the ability to look down the road, and see how things will play publicly and then avoid the mistake. I don’t think Bev had that filter.”

Gawd. Can you believe those brutes? After all of Bev's YEARS of faithful service to Canada Boss Harper. 

For it does take a special woman to mow down women's groups, and whack the word "equality."  

Or deny funding to groups that provide safe abortions for poor women. Or take a chainsaw to a gentle humanitarian organization like KAIROS. As Tony Soprano would say, bada boom bada bing, Bev's my baby.

Still, despite her many human failings, I think I'm going to miss her eh? For it was quite a performance.

Her ruthless rise to power.

The glory days...

When no limo was big enough, and the world was her orange juice.

Followed by the screw-ups, and the scandals.

And the long way way down...

Wow. What a show. If she'd taken the cigarette out of her piehole, and sung, she might have been bigger than Evita.

Besides don't forget eh? If Harper can get rid of Oda for screwing up, surely he must do the same to Vic Toews, Tony Clement, Peter MacKay and all the other members of his Con good ol' boy's club. 

And two, Oda put more holes in the Cons than the Liberanos ever did. By the time she finished her orange juice, you could hear the wind blowing through them.

Bev, Bev, how can we ever thank you enough? And don't worry eh? We will keep your memory alive. At least until the next election.

Stephen Harper may want to forget you.

But we never will....

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Anonymous said...

Is Harper any better than Oda? His whopping $47 million dollar security bill, that is rumored to go even higher. The more Harper makes himself despised, the higher up his security has to go. He must have a damned good opinion of himself, to think he is worth that much. Did Harper really need, a $1 billion dollar stupid fake lake? Flaherty and MacKay, both wasted $1,300 for luxury hotel suites.

Never in the history of Canada, have so many, outrageous tax dollar abuses ever been known, as under Harper's government.

Anonymous said...

Only the female screw ups in the Harper clan get the boot when they tarnish the PM's party image...A helicopter ride surely cost more than the Hotel room, limo ride and orange juice. But boys will be boys, and girls, well......