Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stephen Harper's Most Horrible Day

Golly. Talk about a study in contrasts. There was Tom Mulcair flashing a winner's smile.

While in the other corner, there was Stephen Harper looking absolutely AWFUL. As if he'd just seen the grim ghost of his political future.

Or somebody had just asked him whether he REALLY likes handcuffs. Opening his mouth, showing his teeth, and grinding them gently together.

And who can blame him eh? It was his most horrible day.

Just last Saturday he was telling the cowboys at the Redneck Rodeo that the whole world must be like Harperland !!!!! Only to look out of the window this afternoon and see thousands of scientists accusing him of muzzling them.

Which he must know now places Harperland, in the eyes of the world, somewhere between Zimbabwe and North Korea. So much for Great Model Leader.

And of course not even a frenzied buttocks massage from Jason Kenney AND John Baird could take the sting out of this one.

Because now he must also know that building a dirty oil pipeline to B.C. will make him look like a Keystone Prime Minister, or a dangerous maniac.

Which reminds me, can you BELIEVE these poll results? 

So soon after these.

And at a time when Quebecers, and their pets, continue to make it known how much respect they have for Great Ugly Leader...

Or how little.

Gosh. No wonder Tom Mulcair is smiling so much, and Stephen Harper is looking so pale. And grinding his canines like a chainsaw.

Although it does make you wonder whether the NDP really needed to launch this attack ad...

When judging by the way he looks in the video, and the sweat pouring down his face, Great Ugly Leader is clearly imploding, or melting.

But then why not? It's always a good idea to remind Canadians that Harpo is not a real economist. Just a right-wing hack quack who wants to steal their pensions. 

And kicking a bully when he is down is no crime in my book.

In fact I'm making my own attack ad eh? Of course, it's not as classy as the NDP one, but one of my friends who saw the first draft said it gave him nightmares. Which pleased me immensely.

Yup. The universe is unfolding just as I hoped it would. Mulcair is on a roll, the country is slowly turning orange.

First we will degrade them.

And then we will DESTROY them...

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e.a.f. said...

and then the dutch cancelled their plans to purchase F-35s. They decided it wasn't a good deal after all. I guess Stevie might want to pay a little more attention to the Dutch. If they know anything, they know money.

sunsin said...

We don't even have to piss off the Americans much, since the makers of our present jets came out with a big shiny upgrade package for them.

Simon said...

hi e.a.f.....yes I saw that story, and I also read that Lockheed Martin still insists the deal isn't dead. Can you believe that? I'm afraid that just like the Harper government this debacle is going to need a stake through its heart before it disappears...

Simon said...

hi sunsin... if we must have jets, the Super Hornet upgrade is a better option. For not only do they have two engines, but all our maintenance superstructure could be maintained instead of replaced, and that would save a lot of money....

Anonymous said...

They do know "dutch disease"