Monday, July 16, 2012

The Cons and the Attack of the Angry Doctors

OMG. I don't blame the Cons for thinking that Canada's doctors are after them.

But that'll teach them to treat sick refugees as less than human.

“There is a new way of thinking in medicine, which is that doctors, because of their stature, privilege and expertise, have a duty to speak out and cannot remain silent when the government places conditions on patients that make them sick,” said Dr. Philip Berger, chief of family and community medicine at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

For let's be absolutely clear, the idea of denying health care to desperate refugees is nothing but naked xenophobia, and the closest thing I have ever seen to attempted genocide in Canada.

Which is why I am so grateful for doctors like these.

Who are not just trying to save lives, but are also doing their best to rescue the honour of this country.

As for me, I must admit that I'm not as polite or as noble as they are eh? Six years of living in the feral horror of Harperland have turned me into a wild animal. Just another beast in their Con jungle, crawling through the gutter after them. 

But even I feel compelled, in the name of sacred humanity, to issue this warning to the Cons:

Don't screw around with doctors.

For you can't win...

And that goes for your deranged leader as well...

OK. Who volunteers to give Great Ugly Leader an enema?

Hey you get back in line !!!! Hey you get a NUMBER !!!!!!!  F**k off Kenney, not TODAY !!!! Hey you put that fire hose AWAY !!!!! Security !!!!!!!!

Oh boy. I guess it will have to be a lottery. With the proceeds going to rebuild Canada's image after the Cons are finally defeated. Because that won't be cheap eh?

In the meantime, let me put on my white coat, and offer this diagnosis:

Canada won't be clean, healthy, and safe.

Until we pick up a sharp ballot.

And remove that Con CANCER....

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  1. Montreal Simon,


    I don't know about Harper but I like my ducks alive and un-oil-soaked. It is very sad that where the tar sands are now in Northern Alberta there was a huge and I mean bigger than big habitat for ducks, loons, pin tails, wood ducks and so many more I'm going to cry...

    Now when they come back home from their southern sojourn to find they have no nesting space...

    Now when they come home they get coated in Stephens Alberta Bitumen he want's to send to the...

    Wherever I don't care about the Alberta Crude I want my ducks and my wildlife alive...

    Stephen is cruel to animals...

    Can we put him in Jail over this?

    Wishful thinking....

  2. hi anonymous...I don't think we can put him on trial for being cruel to animals, but I'm hoping the way that horrible bully has treated people will put him behind bars some day...