Friday, June 29, 2012

The Con Regime and the Harper Button

Some days when I look at the horror of the Con regime, I find it hard to decide which of their ghastly actions disgusts me the most.

The absurd sight of Stephen Harper swaggering around the world telling political leaders that they should all follow his example. Because he's a model leader and Canada's back eh?

Even as he turns us into a backward petrostate, and sells us out and humiliates us like we've never been sold out or humiliated before. 

Canada’s terms of entry to the talks can only be described as demeaning...By agreeing to these unprecedented and humiliating restrictions on Canada’s ability to negotiate freely, the Harper government has also clearly telegraphed its desperation to be part of this agreement, whatever the ultimate cost to Canadians.

Or the ghastly spectacle of James Moore posing as a friend of Canadian artists.

“What unites us together is language, culture, the arts, the ability to talk, communicate one to another, and my God do we ever do that and do it well. We punch so far above our weight when it comes to the arts, culture and creativity,” Mr. Moore told the crowd of arts leaders.

Among his examples of Canada’s thriving arts scene were pop stars Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen (“She lives 20 minutes from where I live,” he said)

When he's just slashed the budget of the CBC, one of the country's most important cultural institutions, further mutilated Canada's little treasure the National Film Board, and thrown artists all over the country into the street.

Or the sickening sight of Jason Kenney defending his monstrous decision to deny health care to refugees. 

By pitting refugees against Canadians, and distilling hate out of every orifice. 

Yup. As I said, sometimes I don't know what to say when confronted with the horror of this Con regime. My parents raised me to try to be a good person, and Harper and his political thugs haven't a shred of human decency. Or an ounce of shame. So we live in different worlds. 

But I do know this eh?

They really are Con KLOWNS. Their Canada will NEVER be my Canada. I LIVE for the day we can drive them from power.

And in the meantime, I want one of these buttons.

For I'd wear it proudly. I couldn't imagine a greater honour.  

The way I see it if Stephen Harper and his gang don't hate you, you're obviously doing something wrong. You're not a good person or a good Canadian. You're on the wrong side of the fence, and on the wrong side of history.

Oh more thing, because it is Friday night, and I'm not perfect either.

If James Moore ever calls up Carly Rae Jepsen and asks if she'd like to sing with him or Stephen Harper. And leaves a message for her "Call me...maybe?"

She should just say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!

Oh well. I do love stories with happy endings eh?

The Con klowns WILL be defeated.

Have a great weekend everybody !!!!

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Beijing York said...

Enjoy your weekend, Simon. And thanks for all these amazing posts.

Having worked for Cdn Heritage in a past life in both cultural industries and the arts, I feel incredible sadness for those who have to work for the Harper Regime.

fem_progress said...

I wrote PSAC to ask them where I could get one.

Anonymous said...

Simon - You express so eloquently and so creatively what I feel about the hateful Harpercons. Thank you!

Kim said...

All of the above, Simon. Have a great Canada Day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the positive words about being on the good side if Harper hates you. I was starting to feel a bit desperate about being a Con object of derision (four reasons, including being queer), but no more. Love the blog. Happy Canada Day (?)

Simon said...

hi Beijing...I used to think that James Moore was half decent,for a Con. But the way he slashed the CBC budget was vindictive and unnecessary, and the way he slashed the little NFB is simply unforgivable. Considering all its great work, and the inspiration it has provided to artists all over the world. To paraphrase Goering, "when I hear the world culture, I reach for a chainsaw..."

Simon said...

hi fem_progress...good for you.I'm pretty shy, so I might have to make my own. Except I may have to add a few words own my own. After the "Harper hates me" I may have to add in smaller writing so it fits, "Almost as much as I hate him." ;)

Simon said...

hi anonymous...thank you for those kind words. But I'm afraid I can't claim any credit. When it comes to the HarperCons it just comes naturally... ;)

Simon said...

hi Kim...thanks a lot. And Happy Canada Day to you too !!!

Simon said...

hi anonymous...don't worry about Harper hating you. As I said in a tweet it's a badge of honour better than the Order of Canada. Especially these days when Great Patronage Leader is handing out tons of those tin medals to his grubby Con cronies. Talk about objects of derision. As for being queer, I consider that an asset, and Harpo should be so lucky. Happy Canada Day !!!