Monday, June 04, 2012

Jean Charest and the Grand Prix Panic

Oh no. Somebody please stop him. It looks as if Jean Charest has finally, as we say in Québec, perdu ses pédales, or lost his pedals.

He's so eager to discredit the students, so he can run against them in a snap election, he's accusing them of plotting to sabotage the Montreal Grand Prix. And now look what he's done. 

The open house would offer Formula One fans access to Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Thursday, giving racing lovers a chance to see cars up close, tour the pit lanes and get autographs from some of the drivers. Instead, it was scrapped due to security concerns.

Even though the students are not plotting to sabotage ANYTHING.

Spokesman Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois tried to clarify his group’s position over the weekend, saying it would use the event as a forum to raise grievances with the province but wouldn’t prevent people from going to the race. 

Martine Desjardins, the head of another student association, said the threat to the Grand Prix was exaggerated. “I don’t think this was a real threat,” Desjardins said, adding that the Quebec government had blown the issue out of proportion to “discredit the student movement.”

They just want to hand out pamphlets and little red squares. And  Charest's fascist Bill 78 and his riot cops are the ones responsible for all the commotion in the streets.

I mean how can you say "This summer, if you are looking for friendly people, big festivals, a sensational shopping experience, or just a drink on a beautiful terrasse...visit Montreal.

When this is going on eh?

But of course it doesn't really matter what Charest says, or how much he plans to panic people, because NOTHING will stop the faithful from attending the Formula One Circus.

The jet set will watch the race from their private boxes, and watch the demonstrations from their luxury hotel suites, while quaffing champagne and caviar. Like Charest did at the Desmarais party.

And as for the other fans, they will probably find themselves dancing drunkenly in the streets, like they always do, this time to the sound of pots and pans. And with little red squares pinned to their Ferrari t-shirts.

And how do I know this? Because I've been a Formula One fan since I was five-years-old, and I've been to the Montreal Grand Prix many many times.

Yup. Jean Charest is a shameless scaremonger. Everybody will have a good time. And the race will go ahead with only minor adjustments.

Like swapping the traditional chequered flag.

For something more appropriate....

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