Friday, June 01, 2012

Tom Mulcair and the Tarry Bubbly

Whew. I see Tom Mulcair managed to gallop into Alberta today, cast his eyes upon the darkness of the Oil Sands, and make his getaway without dropping the dreaded T word.  

In his first-ever visit to the Alberta oilsands as NDP leader, Mulcair was about to substitute “tar” for “oil” when he hastily corrected himself.

“They’re bitumen sands because the chemicals are neither oil nor tar,” he said at a news conference hours after being taken on a tour of the mine and tailings pond reclamation process by Suncor Energy of its site in northern Alberta.

And without giving an inch.

“Unfortunately a linguistic cleanup doesn’t change anything about what we’re talking about in terms of the ecosystems.”

Not bad eh? And don't you love the word bitumen?

Bitumen is black, tar-like substance which will cause a fit of the giggles in Science lessons (depending upon ones mood), as it is pronounced, "bitch-umen".

Although I have to say that bitch-umen is my nickname for Joe Oliver. And for good reason.

Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver says oilsands tailing ponds are being cleaned up to the point "you'll be able to drink from them" and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair's only interest is in seeing the oilsands shut down.

Because distorting Mulcair's words is bad enough. But this is deeply disturbing...

Until you remember that poor old Joe, like all the Cons, and the oil pimps in Alberta, and the foreign interests that control them, is just DESPERATE.

Because Mulcair isn't easily intimidated, he knows what he's doing.

Politically, Mulcair’s oilsands riff is deftly machiavellian. It takes advantage of the Conservatives’ real environmental weaknesses. But unlike former Liberal leader Stephane Dion’s plan for a broadly-based carbon tax, it focuses any penalties on just one province — Alberta — which doesn’t vote NDP. And it could well win New Democrats votes where they do stand a chance — in Quebec, environment-mad B.C. and struggling Ontario.

And he's going to harness this mighty issue, ride it all the way to the next election, and use it to DESTROY the Cons.

Holy Bitch-umen. 

Who knew the Cons would drown in their own excrement?

Who knew that tarry bubbly could be so USEFUL?

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  1. i am stillso appreciative of your posts Simon!