Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Heroic Struggle of Kevin Page

It's an inspiring sight, and a chilling one. Kevin Page, the parliamentary budget officer standing up for the right to know the truth, in a country where the Big Lie rules.

As the Cons try to smear him and muzzle him as they have so many others. They have attacked him for a long time. Jim Flaherty has called him "unbelievable" "unreliable" and "incredible."

But surely this is the limit.

The Conservatives have taken aim again at one of their budgetary foes, accusing parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page of overstepping his mandate.

"I'd have to say with great respect, I believe that from time to time and on occasion the parliamentary budget officer has overstepped [his] mandate," Baird said Tuesday.

Can you believe that? The Harper Cons accusing others of overstepping their mandate? After this democratic outrage? 

Hundreds of procedural obstacles created by federal opposition parties have failed to stop the progress of an omnibus budget bill that will rewrite nearly 70 different laws, including those governing environmental assessment, Employment Insurance and Old Age Security.

This gross abuse of power that would poison our environment, turn our society into a jungle, and our country into a sinister petro state...

Or Harper's Tar Pit.

Without any mandate to do that, and without the support of most Canadians.

And what evidence do the Cons have that Page has overstepped HIS mandate?

Asked for examples of when Page overstepped his mandate, a government spokeswoman didn't respond.

Right. For what could they say eh? When Page has always acted honorably, he has been right over and over again, and he has exposed the Cons as incompetents and liars.

But then what do they care about evidence? When they are muzzling scientists. And the truth is what they say it is. Or what Stephen Harper says it is..

Speaking after question period, Mulcair said Baird's criticism looked pre-planned. "He had his document in front of him, he was reading. This is something sent in by the Prime Minister's Office, so it's a warning that Kevin Page has made the ultimate mistake. He doesn't tell the Conservatives what they want to hear. And he actually wants to be able to say the truth to the Canadian population...

Oh boy. One day this nightmare will be over. And those responsible will have to account for their actions, and will hopefully be punished for trying to change our country beyond recognition. Without a mandate, and without our permission.

But I hope people also remember people like Kevin Page, who stood up for the truth in the sinister darkness of Harperland. At a time when so many were silent.

For he is a Canadian hero....

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  1. Anonymous3:35 AM

    So far out of all the BS that descends from Toronto's turned 'red chinese' Calgarian, with no real ties to Alberta, Stephen Harper actually appointed Mr. Page, a credit to his scandal sheet of dissing reality.

    So now in act II harp will dis page, what else is new in clown-land?

  2. I hereby nominate Kevin Page for the Order of Canada.

    1. hi bcwaterboy...I'll second that one. Page should definitely get the Order of Canada, and a statue, for he is truly an inspiration in these dark days...

    2. I Second that!!

    3. hi sassy...I wasn't able to change that to me too, but because you're special I'm going to allow you to THIRD the motion !!! ;)

  3. hi anonymous...yes it would make a great movie eh? Harper creates a job to make himself look good. But instead of a monster he gets an honest man, and he destroys the Con regime. I'd definitely watch it... ;)

  4. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Right now Kevin Page is my number one Canadian, he is a brave man!

    Cheers Kev:)

    Believe in yourself believe in CANADA!

  5. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Oh my this man is a mere page his name says it all and I Stephen am king I say how dare he bring honesty and respect to my realm of terror off with his head!

  6. Anonymous2:00 PM

    The new OPEC: Oil Pit Economy Canada