Monday, June 11, 2012

Drowning My Sorrows in Harperland: A Cautionary Tale

Oh boy. It was such a beautiful day. I went for a long bike ride, and this evening from a distance Toronto never looked so pretty.

At least the parts I could see through the thick haze.

Because there was a smog alert eh?

But then I remembered I live in a city run by Rob Ford and his brother Doug.

“You never know. You get the wild ones — you say one thing, and all of a sudden you get 4,000 letters. So anyways, we’re going over to your place for some Polish sausage, I guess, and we’re all good.” 

Who make rednecks sound classy. And morons sound like geniuses.

And I live in a country run by Stephen Harper. Who is waging war on his own people.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives may have the power to abuse Parliament by ramming their outrageous “omnibus” budget bill into law in the coming days. But they don’t have a mandate from the people to do so. They discredit themselves by trying.

None of this was in the Tory platform. And it hasn’t undergone anything like the scrutiny it deserves. It is being rushed into law by an arrogant majority government that’s in a hurry to impose its agenda on the country.

And is almost certainly insane.

Then for some strange reason it suddenly struck me that right now the two most famous Canadians in the whole world are Justin Beiber and Luka Magnotta. And that Harper like Magnotta can't feel the pain of others.

And it was too much eh? I just couldn't take it anymore. 

So at the beach party tonight I tried to drown my sorrows in a pitcher of beer. Even though I don't drink. And it was just like the first time I sampled the bitter brew.

And just like what happened to him...

Except that unlike him I don't dare smoke up eh?

Because Great Ugly Leader has made it pretty clear, that if you partake of the killer weed, you're going to be double bunked with a dangerous criminal, who will probably want to rape you.

And of course Great Ugly is a model citizen maniac...

And that's when I realized there is no escape from Harperland.

This is the nightmare before and after Christmas.

And  only thing we can do is unite to defeat those monstrous Cons.

Before they debase us further... 

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  1. Pretty soon, we'll be offering you refuge in Alberta. :)

    1. hi Mercedes...Well I don't know about that, I believe the Con posse may be looking for me there. ;) But I have noticed that Alberta is becoming more progressive, I liked the fact that Redford went to the gay pride festivities, and I'm willing to swap Nenshi for Ford any old day...

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    I am so grateful you are both in a position and willing to sacrifice your sleep and health to stop Harper and his mad crusade to destroy Canada as we know it. I live near Fort Erie
    No single government is to blame, but collectively they have taken a silk purse and turned it into a sows ear. I will not bore you with all the natural advantages this area has, but somehow ruled mostly by Conservatives for generations it has become Canada’s Cleveland. I don’t know if you have visited any lakes or similar natural wonders in Europe, Niagara Falls should be embarrassed at how they have failed to be good stewards of a natural wonder. Looking to the future the Great Lakes should be turned into gigantic self-sustaining (natural) fish farms. Its clear in the future enjoyable healthy food is going to sell at a huge premium. However successive governments have paid lip service but taken very small actions to repair this biosphere.

    IMHO Singapore is the best governed city/country in the world. Of course the culture that was created there is not for everyone. However even in this rich country the government protects its local business from cheaper competition from Malaysia. For example you cannot leave Singapore with less than ¾ tank of gas. The Harper government has gone out of its way to encourage cross border shopping. Not only have they loosened levy to bring back goods, they have doubled the plaza at the Peace Bridge so it is even more convenient to shop.

    Anyway fight the good fight, and if US fighter pilots are issued amphetamines to defend freedom, maybe you should go to your physician and stock up for your fight. I relish the view of army of Conservative warriors unable to defeat a single woman in a battle of stamina.

    Best of luck, and I believe all of Canada for this brief moment of time will support sleep deprivation as a method of torturing Conservatives.


  3. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Uh oh, someone hasn't heard about Harper and Gordon Campbell's filthy diseased fish farms, killing off BC's heritage, of our wild Salmon? Christy Clark, has now outlawed the media, to report on the terrible disease, that is raging now. Don't ever wish for fish farms.

    China has hacked into other country's secret files. Seems, it was a dire mistake by country's, to buy electronic components from China. The U.S. is very worried, of their country's security. Is this too a reason, the U.S. is pulling their company's out of Canada, along with the high dollar?

    Harper could care less, if Canadians shop in the U.S. The billions lost in revenue, is nothing compared to the billions Harper, thinks he will get from Communist China. Harper only wants, a one economy country. It's much easier to merge Canada with Communist China, with only one economy. China does own BC's mill industry and our BC mines as well. Everything of any value, Harper has given to Communist China.

    It doesn't matter to Harper about, Caterpillar, Bombardier, Aveos and now G.M. leaving Canada. Harper has the same attitude towards Canadians, as China has to their people. No jobs? T.F.B. for Canadians.